Review: Crossing Quinn by Gail Koger

Review: Crossing Quinn by Gail KogerCrossing Quinn by Gail Koger

Series: Coletti Warlords #8
Genres: Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Loose-ID on December 26, 2017
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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Quinn Jones is a formidable Coletti warlord. His mission is to capture Xenia and bring her back to Tanith to be mated with a warrior the Overlord has chosen. Problem is, Quinn finds himself falling for the beautiful Farin. Her unusual “psychic powers, combat training, and berserker abilities” make her the perfect mate for him. How does he convince Xenia and the Overlord that she’s meant to be his?

Xenia and her parents are relic hunters who just discovered the fabled home world of the Nabateans. She isn’t about to leave the greatest find of the century to hook up with some Coletti. Not happening. Ever. No matter how many threats the Overlord makes or that he’s sending his best hunter to apprehend her. Okay, she’ll admit she’s drawn to the handsome warlord and she loves the way Quinn’s heavily muscled body fills out his black battle suit, but the egotistical jerk is about to get his ass handed to him.

When the galaxy is threatened with annihilation, Xenia and Quinn join forces to stop the murderous Tai-Kok. Fate has brought them together and nothing will stand in the way of their victory or their love.

The Delight

A cunning and clever Faren warrioress relic hunter joins forces with a fearless and ruthless Coletti warlord to rescue her father from relic thieves and save a powerful relic from getting into the wrong hands. Sci-fi action, spicy characters, a quirky cast of alien characters, a mouthwatering hero and a sassy heroine round out some of the reasons I grabby hands each new entry in this series. Light and fun yet seasoned with some sizzle.


Crossing Quinn is the eighth of the Coletti Warlords series. It could be read out of order, but works best in order since the hero, Quinn, has been a regular as have several of the minor characters. The plot itself will stand alone nicely.

Xenia is the daughter of a Berserker and a Faran. She has the best gifts from both races and loves her quirky parents and their family relic discovery work dearly. Betrayal nearly takes it all away from her and now Xenia is on the path of retribution while working to keep her parents and the galaxy safe. This requires her to finally give in to the Coletti Overlord’s demand that she join with one of his warlords and help the Coletti Empire. Quinn the Overlord’s hunter is ruthless and unshakeable and she needs him now. Xenia discovers he’s not quite what she thought and might actually be the male of her dreams.

I enjoyed Xenia’s spunkiness and her clever wit as well as the banter between her and Quinn. Quinn can be a domineering hot head, but he seems to have matured quite a bit over the course of the series and now is a great blend of tempered strength and restraint. He quickly sees the treasure that Xenia is and seeks to both follow his orders from the Overlord and help her with her quest. Now, its not so easy for this pair of strong-willed types and of course some of the dregs and baddies of the galaxy are set on getting the powerful relic no matter what and will destroy her family to have it.

This was exciting, but perfectly paced. I read it quickly and was engrossed the entire time. I wasn’t sure how it would go since a major story arc finished out in the last book, but this new one was fantastic and captivated my interest right away. Loved the comedic moments mostly provided by Xenia’s oddball mother and, yes, Adan gets big screen time to wreck his particular brand of havoc. In fact, though Xenia and her parents are new additions, the story brings a few fun regulars into the mix. Fist pump for Uncle Saul (incidentally, we need a bit of silver fox romancing there, some day).

Speaking of romancing, I loved that though this was a very action-oriented piece that there was some good development of why Quinn and Xenia were great for each other. They are both fighters and have guts, but they share a love for history and preserving it. It was sweet, but the pair were also pretty combustible together, too.

All in all, this was a fantastic installment of the series and might have passed up Vexing Voss and Wulf and the Bounty Hunter as my favorite story. I recommend this book and series to those who appreciate light comedic sci-fi romance.

My thanks to the author and Loose ID for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


 Romance Roundabout #314 Sci-Fi R
New Release #193


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  • because it’s sci-fi I’m not sure it’s for me but it’s nice to see you had a great time with it!

    • Oh, it was definitely a fun one. The language is tech-lite so it might be okay for you, Melliane. 🙂

  • Love seeing a character grow over a series and finally get their book. These do sound good 🙂

    • They are utter fun, Anna. Total light-weight stuff that just makes me laugh so much. 🙂

  • Debbie Haupt

    I haven’t heard of this author before thanks Sophia Rose and its a genre that I love too

    • She’s growing a fan base and its harder I think because of complications with publishing houses closing, but I still get a kick out of her books and am happy to get the word out.

  • Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check out the series. Thank’s for putting it on my radar.

    • Oh, you bet, Angela. Always happy to make the introductions. 🙂

  • This sounds like it has a lot of great elements. I am so glad you enjoyed it, Sophia Rose!

    • Loaded with over the top antics and fun in an action-packed alien romance series. I enjoy these to give me a pick me up when I want something light-hearted. 🙂

  • Strong-willed characters and good banter … yep, that’s what I look for. 😉

    • It’s a great blend for me. I laugh at their back and forth antics. The heroines are pretty strong and smarter than the heroes most of the time. 🙂

  • I’m not familiar with this series, but I do love sci-fi with humor. This sounds like something I would enjoy. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • I’m glad to introduce you. I would put her books in a similar tone and spirit as Eve Langlais’ earlier alien series. Just fun with some adventure and spice.

  • I hand’t heard of this series before, but it sounds good! It’s nice when a character who was a side character in previous books gets his own story. I love some good banter. I actually read a contemporary romance book this week that had some great banter. It can be hard sometimes to find a book with really well done banter. Nice to hear Quinn’s character matured a bit over the course of the series. Seems this book has a good story, action and romance!

    • You are so right. It’s great to get some good banter and see a character really grow over the course of a series.