Review: Dangerously Divine by Deborah Blake

Review: Dangerously Divine by Deborah Blake
Dangerously Divine

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Series: Broken Rider #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on November 28, 2017
Pages: 302
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

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The Riders: Three immortal brothers who kept the Baba Yagas safe, now stripped of their summons to protect. But fate is not finished with them--and their new callings are even more powerful...

Though his physical wounds have healed, Gregori Sun, the eldest of the Riders, remains in spiritual turmoil. His search for his mother, the one person able to heal his soul and save his life, is failing--until he crosses paths with a beautiful and fascinating librarian who might be the key to his salvation...
Ciera Evans's bookish ways are just a guise. The product of a difficult past, she has dedicated her life to saving lost teens--by any means necessary. She works alone, but when a dark, brooding stranger proposes they team up to solve both their problems, she is tempted--in more ways than one...
After Ciera and Sun's plans are derailed by dangerous enemies, they find themselves entangled in an ungodly affair--one that will force them to either find new strength together or be forever haunted by their pasts alone.

The Delight

The second of the three former Riders gets his story.  Gregori Sun, the calm, logical, and oldest of the three brothers is unraveling at the seams.  I wanted to bundle up each of these guys and heal them with a hug.  But no… they have to make their own way back.  Gregori’s story and his extra special lady was captivating and emotional from the beginning.


There was something extra special about this story that took it up several notches even from the first book, Mikhail’s story.  I suspect it was the themes of broken people, broken families, abuse, surviving and thriving, and paying it forward.

Gregori and Ciera both are hanging by threads when they encounter one another.  Ciera is in a better place from her past, but she is stirring up things in the dark she won’t be able to handle when she puts herself on the radar of a drug cartel leader while Gregori is literally going to pieces and must find a way to control the supernatural gifts that are emerging since he was tortured and lost his immortality.

Both have a hard row to hoe, but I loved how the author made this a romance story of two survivors finding each other and helping each other finish finding their strengths and that they can reach out to others in trust and have a chance at love.

Things are pretty exciting and come at the pair from a few different angles.  Both have enemies they aren’t even aware of that are after them and both are on separate quests.  It was neat and got in some great action moments along with a few Baba Yaga Bella and cat-dragon and Rider scenes which made me grin.

Oh the feels I got from this book.  There were bits of humor slipped in to make me chuckle, sweet ahhhs, passionate ohhhs, suspenseful page-turner scenes, and heartwarming triumphs.

And now we’re down to the last Rider, the big larger than life bear of man, Alexei.  Can’t wait to see what and who is in store for him.

Dangerously Divine is probably my favorite book between both the Baba Yaga and Broken Riders series.  Incidentally, my recommendations is to read them in order from the first Baba Yaga and on through in order because they work best that way.  Those who enjoyed action, suspense, a bit of witchery, humor, and slow-burn passion in their paranormals should definitely pick these up.


Romance Roundabout #297 PNR
New Release #176 


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  1. ‘…he was tortured and lost his immortality.’ Ummm…this sounds like early Kenyon, and I LOVE early Kenyon! I should probably check this one out. Plus, just the name Gregori. Swoon. LOL

    Great review, Sophia!

    1. I still need to read her stuff.

      The torturing took place in the third book of her Baba Yaga series and now this series is about the aftermath of all that. It’s only a little gritty compared to Kenyon, I’ll bet. But still good.

      I get all excited over characters with certain names, too. 🙂

    1. Never say that. You’re about to see some really whacked out stuff now, Debbie. LOL

      Actually, the biker aspect is low key, but there are tons of other great quirky parts to this. I do enjoy her books.

  2. 5 stars! That’s great. The last one wasn’t a favorite for me so I had decided not to go on with the series. But you have me intrigued! Glad it was so good for you!

    1. Heh heh, then my work as the book temptress is done. 😉 But, for real, it was one of the best PNRs I’ve read. Hope you get the chance to hit up her books, Evie. 🙂

  3. I have the first book requested from my local library, so just waiting on that one. Sounds like a great book though. its really a true testament to the talent of the author when they deliver all the feels and I have had this author on my wishlist for like ages!! hehe