Review: Drowning in Fire by Hanna Martine

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Review: Drowning in Fire by Hanna Martine
Drowning in Fire

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Series: #3 The Elementals
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on April 1, 2014
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

Fiery female and cool like water hero have unresolved business from the past.  Griffin and Keko have been at odds for three years and I couldn’t wait to see how it all resolved in what seems to be the final book in The Elementals series.  Unique paranormal world, lots of action, moderately gritty and loaded with passion.


Drowning in Fire is the third of The Elementals series books.  It builds on what came before coming right off the big events at the end of book two, Taste for Ice.  I would recommend getting them out of order, but at the same time, if someone knew they were starting in the middle and didn’t mind there would be enough backstory to get them mostly up to speed.

So, yes, this book had promise right out of the gate.  I really enjoyed book two and realized at the end there that a couple secondary characters, Griffin and Keko had a history- a really bad history making them enemies now who have some regrets of what could never be.  There were some big misunderstandings in the way of their diverse cultures and backgrounds that caused much of the rift.  There’s is an instalove story which wasn’t impressive for me, but it was doable with all the action stuff going on besides.

I jumped in and, for the most part, I enjoyed the story.  I didn’t feel that strongly about any of it.  It had exciting parts, emotional parts, reflective, and passionate, but I couldn’t seem to find my stride until near the end- that was pretty good stuff and I was reading fast to get what was coming next.  It was a quick read and not a very complex book so I guess that worked for me under the circumstances.

I will say that this is an interesting unique world from the usual out there for paranormal fans.  There are people- some from another world- with powers connected to the air, earth, fire, and water.  There are humans with magical gifts, too.  There’s a council for all the elements, but the water group who were so power mad and nasty they were excluded until book one of the series when there’s a coup and now the Waters are under new management and seeking to repair the damage their predecessors did.  All the groups have the potential to get vicious and do. All this is hidden from the mundane humans.  Pretty neat stuff, I thought.

If I have any niggles, it was the unresolved feeling to several minor plot threads.  Some I wish hadn’t been brought up if they weren’t going to get addressed since they didn’t add anything to the story really.  And I’m not sure, maybe I missed something, but I’m pretty sure one of the good gals let an innocent guy get tried for murder to keep folks from going to war, but then a few days later the truth comes out anyway.  That just didn’t set well with me.  In the end, I felt like there were some peripheral issues and the need to address the future that was just sort of left open- not in a cliffie way or obvious hint that there would be more, but just let go by the wayside.  And if there was going to be more, its been three years so probably not.

All in all, I liked it.  Book two is my favorite.  I think those who enjoy action plotted paranormal romance in a unique world would be the best audience for this book/series.


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  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh this is new to me Sophia Rose and looks really good. Thanks

    • This series slipped under the radar I think. I didn’t hear about it until one of those GoodReads boxes off to the side of my homepage showed one of those ‘since you read this one, you might like this’ suggestions. So I tried the second book (b/c I didn’t realize I had it out of order, LOL) and liked her stuff. 🙂

  • This does sound like a unique read. I’m pretty sure it’s not for me, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • It was a nice unique world she made there. Yeah, it was nice and I’m glad I read it. Thanks, Quinn!

  • gah annoying unresolved unnecessary side plots, I hear ya

    • No kidding, Lily. Had me laying there in bed a few nights ago pondering possibilities and driving me nuts. LOL

  • Oh yea, I like UF in my PNR. 🙂 This one looks like I would like this series.

    • Oh good catch, Melissa. That is exactly how to best describe the worldbuilding. It was just like what you find in a well drawn UF setting.

  • I haven’t read this series but it does seem to have elements that I might like.

    • I stumbled across it by accident on a GoodReads recommendation or I would have missed it, too. But I was glad to try it and liked what I got.

  • I haven’t heard of this series before but it sounds like one I might like. I do wish that things that aren’t important to the story and aren’t going anyone would just be left out all together.

    • I think it must have flown under the radar for a lot of us. Yes, it was annoying to me that it spent all this time on a secondary story line with another character and then just sort of let it drop. It had lots of scene time throughout too so it was odd. And there were other little ones that had me pondering afterward because I was still curious about the answers. Grrr, don’t tease me, right, Carole? 🙂

  • oh I have never heard of this author before. Too bad that it didn’t completely work out for you though. At least it had some good positives though too.

    • I hadn’t either until I noticed it in a recommendation post. I wasn’t into this one as much, but I was with book two. I enjoyed the series as a whole. Thanks, Renee!

  • I just finished a Paranormal Romance too and I’m so up for another round. I’ll definitely keep an eye for this series. The cover just screams HOT! Great review Sophia Rose 🙂

    • Oh cool, Vanessa! What did you read? Ah, just saw you reviewed if on your site. That looks like a fun one. I’ll have to read your review. 🙂

      Yes, it is so fiery and sensual just like the couple in the book.

  • I am glad that you ended up enjoying it. I have found myself reading quickly through a book as well to get to the end to see what happens! Great review, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I get spoiled most of the time because I engage with a book right away and needed to be patient with those occasional ones in which I don’t. You’re welcome, Cindy! 🙂

  • I’m sorry this wasn’t as good as you’d hoped, but I’m glad you enjoyed the world. I love it when the author builds a world I love.

    Great review!

    • Yeah, it wasn’t a bad one, but I was having trouble connecting with the writing somehow and all the different paths that were going on that later didn’t end up going anywhere. But yes, that was a creative world she made up. Thanks, Angie!

  • Oh I like the sounds of the Hawaiian setting! I’m glad you liked it even though it didn’t jump up to be a new favourite. Sounds like a good series! Lovely review, Sophia Rose!

    • The Hawaiian setting and nod to historical Polynesian ties was a great part of it. Yeah, won’t be my favorite of the series, but was definitely worth the read. Thanks, Cyn!

  • This sounds good, and of course the setting is cool. Not sure how I feel about starting another series especially since this doesn’t sound like a true standout.

    • Yeah, it was definitely a cool world she created and I liked the overall series plot, but it just didn’t pull me in that well. Its a maybe one. 🙂