Review: Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones

Posted January 24, 2017 by Sophia Rose in Reviews / 33 Comments

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones
Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

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Series: #11 Charley Davidson
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by St. Martin's Press
Released on January 24, 2017
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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Funny, clever, and sometimes lucky, but sometimes not Charley Davidson returns in the eleventh installment of a captivating and humorous urban fantasy suspense series.  Charley has her usual private investigator work, her usual worries over her daughter’s safety, but now adds a few more tasks to her always-long to-do list.

She laid her pen across her notepad and gave me her full attention.  “Tell me about him.”

“My husband?”

“Yes.” Her voice was very soothing.  Like elevator music.  Or summer rain.  Or Darvocet…

“How much time do we have?” I snorted, cracking myself up… “Just kidding… He’s kind of awesome.  He’s from down under.”


“Hell.”  Loc 92  Charley Davidson to a psychiatrist from Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight is part of an ongoing series and must be read in order to figure out what is going on.

Private investigator Charley Davidson also happens to be a Reaper, yes the Grim sort though she is never grim.  Charley is also married to the son of Satan.  I do mean that literally, but Reyes is more than meets the eye and that is quite something already.  Charley is joined in her escapades by gal-pal Cookie, Uncle Bob, a ghostly hound, a sexy teen ghost, a slave demon, a skeptical associate, and a wide assortment of other colorful characters.

In this installment, Charley is called upon to help a man discover his true parentage.  This becomes problematic when his case involves Reyes who wants her to stay out of it.  Cookie wants Charley to help figure out why her husband is acting oddly, Amber is having troubles, and a powerful god from another realm is on the loose gunning for Charley.  All the while, Charley is trying to get her newly discovered powers under control under Reyes’ tutelage since she might have to use them sooner rather than later the way matters are shaping up.

With each story in this series, I continue to enjoy Charley’s humor, being along as she solves her cases and handles the encounters with the quirky posse in her circle of acquaintance.  Things are still sizing up for the big conflict of epic proportions.

Charley’s need to do things for herself even when it would be better to call in the cavalry or even back down and come at it another time or from a different angle does make me groan a few times, but she has good motivations.

Have I mentioned before in my reviews of this series how much I adore Uncle Bob?  Ubie is the bestest.  Whether it is how he is with Charley or now with his step-daughter Amber, I find a lot of good-guy adorable-ness.  He may not have any powers and he’s only human, but he is there in all the tough moments and comes through for everybody.

Charley is at a learning point and this is the first time she really starts to grasp just who and what she is.  The reveals show her that Reyes was right to be cautious with knowledge because once known it can never be unknown or go back to a time of innocence when she wasn’t burdened by the knowledge.

For all that is going on, I did enjoy all the tender and passionate moments tucked in there between Charley and Reyes.  They are a couple that don’t work on paper, but don’t let that stop them from being so right for each other.  I really needed all their special times of connection because wow, do they really get challenged.

The ending left things, yes, sigh, on the edge of a huge cliff so be prepared going in that you’ll be needing book twelve STAT when the last page is turned on this one.

All in all, this was a solid one and proves why this series is still going strong.  The stakes are getting higher, but I love how the humor is still ever present and Charley works to keep it light for everyone.  Definitely recommend these books to anyone needing a new urban fantasy series to start and love.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I’m kicking myself for not starting this series yet. Maybe I’ll try it on audio.

    • Oh yes, good idea to get it on audio. I love Lorelei King’s rendition of these stories. Although, it might have you so distracted that you’ll mess up your craft project. LOL

  • I skipped your review because I haven’t read this one yet. Well, I’ve only read book one but I loved it and need to read more. I’m so glad that you’re still loving this series!

    • I don’t like to read reviews from a series that I haven’t started yet, either because of series spoilers, but yay, glad you’re started and loving Charley and the books.

  • So glad you enjoyed this one. This is yet another series to add to my list. Maybe after Fever!

    Great review.

    • Oh yes, Angie! I think you’ll love these. Funny and fun action suspense along with the UF elements.

  • I cannot wait to get to this one. I have done them all on audio so I cannot wait until that one comes out. LOVE this series. Loves me some Reyes too. *ROWR*

    • You are really going to love the Scottish Highlands and their date day then, Melissa. 🙂

  • While I’ve heard great things about this series I haven’t read of the books yet. It does sound interesting though.

    • They are a hoot, Mary. Charley is a very different sort of UF heroine and it’s fun that she’s a grim reaper and a PI.

  • Debbie Haupt

    I’m on book three in the series 🙂 Thanks Sophia Rose

  • Yeah I adore Ubie. 11th really shone for me, her last couple books were 4’s for me. I cannot wait for the next book!!

    • Yes, this one had so many gem moments. Groan, that year long wait feels forever. 🙂

  • Braine Supie

    Gosh I should really get my butt working and keep up with this series. Maybe audio is my best option right now since reading has been challenging for me.

    • That might be a great idea. I listened to book seven even though I read the rest of them. Lorelei King did a great job on the narration I thought.

  • I am really looking forward to reading this series. I have the first 10 books loaded on my kindle and ready to go…hopefully later this year! I am glad to know that you are still enjoying it after 11 books.

    • You are in for a treat, Carole. I think I read the first three back to back. Charley will have you roaring with laughter. Looking forward to your thoughts on the series.

  • Ohemgeee! Can’t wait to try this one. It goes to my list for now 🙂

    • Yes, this series is worth getting excited about Vanessa.

  • that ending right? I cant get enough of this series!

    • Seriously, I just knew things were going along too well. Another year to wait… 🙂

  • I skipped your review a bit because I just started it yesterday but I’m happy to see you had a good time! curious to know the whole story!

    • Oh, you are really going to have a good time, Melliane. Looking forward to your thoughts on it.

  • I love Ubie too, especially his relationship with Charley. Some of the best, most heartfelt parts of the series have been between them. <3

    • Yes!!!! Exactly. I just felt compelled to give him a shout out after his scenes in this one.

  • I’m almost done with this book. I have about two hours left. We just finished at the food court. I felt so bad for the shrink. Can you imagine being the one that Charley is telling all of this to? It would be hard not to call her crazy.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Oh man, no way. I think I’d start wondering which one of us had the mental health needs. LOL

    • Cant wait what you think of the ending.

  • Been seeing so many good reviews, glad to see you enjoyed this too! Charley sounds like a great character. Happy to see this series is still going strong! Lovely review!

    • She should be so over the top, but I end up laughing and loving her antics. 🙂

  • I love Uncle Bob so much! He’s stolen my heart since the very first book. I need book 12 ASAP.

    • Oh me, too. That ending had me feverish for what comes next.

      Ubie!!! I just had to give him a shout out.