Review: Freedoms Shore by Adam Arkin

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Review: Freedoms Shore by Adam Arkin
Freedoms Shore

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Genres: Erotic Romance, M/M Romance, New Adult Romance
Released on June 20, 2017
Pages: 228
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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The Delight

A summer in the south of Spain teaching English turns into a remarkable encounter with a handsome young Spaniard, several heated experiences on a nudist beach, and most of all a journey of self-discovery.


The story is told first person point of view and flows like a journal for young nineteen year old Adam.  In a true confessions-style, he begins his three months summer job expecting merely to get over a recent break up, but then impetuously and daringly begins letting his inner desires out to play.  First it is learning he has a naturalist tendency and the freeing feeling of nudity, but then more shocking he discovers that he is no longer bi-sexual in spirit, but gay in actuality as he crushes, unrequitedly it seems, on his student of the same age and steadily ups the ante with each beach encounter.

The story takes its time and I admit that my mind drifted occasionally particularly through Adam’s each and every sexual encounter.  They weren’t bad and in a way they furthered the plot, but they were numerous- young, energetic man on a journey of sexual discover so this was not a shocker.

There is a romance in Freedoms Shore, but it was the bittersweet sort of Adam’s unreturned feelings for another handsome young man who seems to blow hot and cold in his friendship.  The reader catches on before Adam- or at least I did- and waits for their interrupted conversations to lead some place interesting.

The book ends on a happy for now scenario which makes sense after what came before it.

I enjoy coming of age and self-discovery type stories so I was glad to read this one.  It is erotic in that Adam’s kink is exhibitionism and voyeurism and he has several progressively more heated encounters as he explores his new-found sexuality and self so it will not be for everyone.  I would recommend it for those who would appreciate a New Adult M/M Erotic Romance.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  • Yeah this isn’t for me. Unless it’s TReisz, I can’t read erotica anymore lol. Thanks for the review though, it sounds great!

    • Understandable. I go through seasons in my reading, too. Still haven’t picked up any of Reisz’s yet. Need to do that eventually.

  • This is not my kind of story but it sounds like a great read. I love coming of age and the self discovery that comes with it like you mentioned in your review. It’s always fun to read.

    • Yeah, its a niche read because of some of the elements, but there are some good universalisms like ‘coming of age/self-discovery’ that give it some good depth. 🙂

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