Review: Heart of the Incubus by Rosalie Lario

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Heart of the Incubus by Rosalie Lario
Heart of the Incubus

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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Entangled Edge
Released on December 30, 2013
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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I have enjoyed the secondary character of Cresso all through the series and I was so excited to see that he was getting his own story alongside the brothers.
Cresso is an incubus demon, but he is also a dedicated scientist, a loyal friend and someone who can be counted on. Like every other sex demon, he hasn’t had much of a choice about appearing promiscuous because he needs to feed or die though now that he’s come up with a vaccine the ‘who’ he needs to feed with has broadened to include more than succubus and it allows him to fulfill his mother’s dying wish.

Into Cresso’s life comes Dr. Genevieve Russell who also works at the lab. He sees her at a Christmas party and from then on she has his full attention. Not only has he been unable to feed because he wants only her, but he has fallen in love. Too bad, Genevieve can’t even stand the sight of him and only looks on him with disgust.

Genevieve was glad for the opportunity to leave home to come work at the lab. She is a gifted human who can scent when a chemical mixture is off or perfect and has a little magic that can make the adjustments needed. When her fiancé cheated on her and slept with two of his nurses, moving and burying herself in work was a real godsend.

One look at Dr. Taylor is all she needs to see that he is the same sort as her ex. No matter that he is nice and good on the eyes, men like him will never be faithful. She wants nothing to do with him until she finds out she has a stalker.

This is Cresso’s big opportunity to prove himself to the woman he loves. He does whatever he can to help with her stalker problem. She is still prickly and tells him exactly what she thinks of him, but at least he can help her. Cresso knows that his kind are monsters and he doesn’t deserve her, but he will protect her and keep her safe though the stalkers actions are escalating.

The plot on this one worked well for the novella-length framework. The intrigue of the stalker offered the excitement and the catalyst for a tentative relationship to form. The speed of the relationship worked because they already had some grounds established having worked together for six months.

The book does assume that readers have already read the earlier books in the series as it references back to events in the earlier books and it also gives only a slight intro to the Demons of Infernum world. It could be read as a standalone as Cresso’s story doesn’t carry over, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My only irritation for the whole story is just one thing and that’s Genevieve’s character. I do understand how much it tore her up to be the victim of a cheating fiance and how gun-shy it would make one to go into another relationship. I also understand how it would color her perceptions too. But- for all that, Gen came across as just plain mean for me. She was totally ignorant of the nature of incubus and succubus demons even though she seemed to accept the fact of their feeding habits. Cresso bent over backwards to prove his worth to her even nearly starving himself to death, but she still spewed hate and vitriol deliberately hurting him multiple times. She hypocritically attributed her attraction to his incubus nature and blamed him because she found him attractive. She comes onto him twice and then shoves him away. It was only near the end that she finally got a clue. Honestly, I couldn’t see what Cresso found to love in her.

Cresso was the redeeming part of the relationship. I tolerated Gen’s attitude and behavior because it only showed just how truly wonderful Cresso was. He pined after the woman for six months getting shot down time and again knowing what she thought of him. Then in her time of need, he came to rescue like a shining knight. She was ugly and hateful to him and he just lavished his care and love on her while agreeing with her feelings of disgust for him and what he was. This story truly was aptly titled because Cresso has the biggest heart. Now no lie, the guy is an incubus and he has a passionate nature, but since he met Gen, she is the only one he wants to share it with.

So in the end, to have the heart-melting Cresso, I tolerated the intolerant Gen. It was cool to see Cresso going into full fight mode to protect his female in that grand finale scene and to have Taeg and Maya in on the act too. I enjoy the series and was glad to see Cresso get his story too.

The series is good and I recommend it to Paranormal Romance fans who like a bit of spice in the romance and good fight scenes.

My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I’ve not read these! Will have to hunt down book one. He sounds like an amazing hero!! Glad you enjoyed spending time with him even if she was a bit of a blip in the romance.

    • If you like PNR, this is a decent and creative series. I liked book two the best, but all the brothers and Cresso are great.

      • I do really like PNR I just haven’t read much of it this year. I binged on it in 2012 then this last year seemed to be a historical binge. lol Trying for some balance in 2014.

        • I’m a binger too, but sharing the pile of review requests has helped me to balance things out more. I don’t mind b/c I usually end up loving the books I commit to reading.

      • I do really like PNR I just haven’t read much of it this year. I binged on it in 2012 then this last year seemed to be a historical binge. lol Trying for some balance in 2014.

  • loved this series…although with this book, I really didn’t care for the heronine…she was really hard to like.

    • I know! I really tried to see where she was coming from too and really I got it, but the way she talked to him and acted went beyond hurt and trying to protect herself (for me at least). Which was your favorite of the series so far? Or are you holding out for Dagan’s book? 😉

      • Yep…I totally agree Sophia. Felt the same way. I’m holding out to Dagan’s book to tell you the truth. I want to see who she hooks.him up with, he’s such a likable character in his brothers books.: )

  • I want to read this series.. actually Rosalie Lirio. One of my blog resolutions this year is to read more and binge on good series. I think that’s doable so long as I don’t do a lot of tours. I need to quit the sign up habit.

    • I had heard of this series a while ago and didn’t get to it until recently. She’s a decent writer and I like her heroes. I have the first book in her angels series, but haven’t started that one. I know what you mean about committing to too many other things that interfere with the actual reading. Balance is a good resolution. LOL! I’m bad at self-control though.