Review: His Submissive Jewel by Lara Valentine

Review: His Submissive Jewel by Lara Valentine
His Submissive Jewel

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Series: The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club #3
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Siren Publishing
Released on February 1, 2013
Format: eBook

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Noelle Carter is in Montana to help with her sister’s wedding. She didn’t plan on needing to be rescued from a dangerous storm, nor did she plan on falling for the sexiest man she’s ever met. When she finds out he’s the head of a family of Dominants, she knows she should move slowly, but her feelings are too great. She plunges into a relationship with him, reveling in the passion he can arouse with just a simple touch. Cam Hunter knows he’s a strict Dom. He never thought he’d find the perfect woman and submissive, but Noelle has stolen his heart. She’s turned him inside out and upside down. One minute he wants to kiss her senseless and the next he wants to spank her bottom bright red. When Noelle is hurt, he knows it’s no accident. Someone is targeting her, and if Cam wants a lifetime with his woman, he’ll need to find the person responsible. 

I want to join a book club like this one! They read some of the best books and then talk about them. Where can I sign up? Unfortunately, I have not read the first two books in this series, but I will be fixing that soon. But I didn’t need to have read the first two book to enjoy and understand His Submissive Jewel.

Noelle Carter heads out for Montana to spend some time helping her sister prepare for her upcoming wedding. A few weeks R ‘n R with her sister. Bliss. But when she continues driving in a storm after her sister warns her, she gets hung up in trouble. She wasn’t expecting them to send a sexy man out to save her, but now she is so happy she got hung up in a Montana storm.

Cam Hunter is a strict Dom in a family of Doms. Noelle’s bubbly personality and red hair are giving him some thoughts about making a move on his son’s bride’s sister. But he isn’t looking for a one night hook up or even vanilla sex. He wants his one true submissive to love and he thinks he has found her in Noelle.

There isn’t a lot of drama between these two. They are attracted to each other from the start and she is willing to learn if he is willing to teach her for the duration of her stay. They don’t make a lot of promises about the future, but agree to commit to each other for the duration of her stay, which is around a month. Slowly he takes her step by step into his world, doling out punishments and awesome sex to her over the course of her stay.

Noelle is a jewelry designer and maker with a business that can be moved quite easily. So that isn’t a stumbling block. The two also have an age difference, which Cam basically discounts because he is a very fit 49 year old to her 29 years. He wants more kids so that isn’t a draw back, even wants to take them to Disney World. The one thing he does have is an ex-wife who is out to make his life Hell. She causes some accidents to happen that has Cam worrying about Noelle a lot.

The entire Hunter family is part of BDSM. Not that they are sharing everywhere or even making their relationships a family thing. Each has a private life within their relationships, it is just well known they are all Doms. Cam often gags Noelle so she won’t scream and alert the house of what they are doing. Although I wasn’t quite sure which family members lived in the house.

There is one scene where Cam’s son and Noelle’s sister fix up a cabin for their scene. Kind of creepy, but they aren’t there when it happens. I think I would rather not have my kids doing something like this for me….ewh.

Other than that one scene, I quite enjoyed the story. There wasn’t drama between the two and they grew in their relationship quickly but also steadily.

The book club makes several appearances through out the story. Noelle used Skype to join the book club where we see characters from the first books and characters yet to have a book. I loved these women and want to join up to discuss some awesome books. And drink wine…well, I don’t drink wine, but I could find something else to drink. It looked like a blast.

I recommend this one to anyone looking for a romance where the hero and heroine are honest to each other, and don’t hold their love from each other. They mesh but don’t grow boring. A family that is made up of Doms…oh how I want to read more about them. Just a wonderful love story with a BDSM slant to boot.

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