Review: Hot Scot by Kate Eden

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Hot Scot by Kate Eden
Hot Scot

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Series: The Murdoch Vampires,
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on April 11, 2013
Pages: 282
Format: eBook
Source: Author

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This was my first time getting to know Kate Eden through her books. Hot Scot probably wouldn’t have been on my TBR pile because I wasn’t exactly a fan of the cover. I know, I am a cover snob, but then again, with so many books to read I have to use something to cut the pile. So when I got the opportunity to read Hot Scot, I thought what the heck…let’s take a leap of faith. And I am glad I did.

Hot Scot is actually Royce Logan Murdoch, a 400+ aged vampire scientist, trying to make the world a better place for vampires to integrate into. All he wants to do is work in his lab, but everyone keeps pulling him out. Born in the 1700s, his father painted a picture of him on his steed in a kilt. I wanted to swoon just thinking about this. In current times the painting has gone missing, but shows up in a local museum. Kira, Logan’s mother, tasks Logan with retrieving it since that is one of the few paintings they have left by her late husband. So Logan goes off to the museum to get the painting back only to catch a lovely woman when she falls off a ladder. Oh, and vampires can read mortals thoughts…except Logan can’t read Sydney’s.

Sydney recognizes Logan as the Hot Scot right away, but he claims to be a descendant of the late Hot Scot. When Logan makes claims on the painting, Sydney feels disappointment as she could lose her job. In fact her job is her life, but her boss is something else. Caught in Logan’s arms from her fall, she instantly feels the attraction between then, but knows it can’t go further. The two agree to look into the Murdoch family claim to painting causing Sydney to spend a lot of time in Logan’s house going through paperwork.

As one of Logan’s inventions starts to ship, an enemy starts causing havoc, taking the first shipment and stealing the painting. Now the two are in a race to get back the painting, stop the attraction they feel for each other and save Sydney’s career.

Now I don’t want to put a dark spin on this story because it is anything but dark. In fact, is light, sweet, and comedic at times. Everyone can read Sydney’s thoughts except for Logan, which has him doubting the attraction. Throwing himself into work at times was his only way to escape. Sydney is that strong kind of woman who won’t let little things go when she picks up on them. The two have a lot to overcome as Sydney doesn’t know about the vampire world.

Throw in Raven, the bad girl vamp, who wants the world to return to biting people and ruling like gods and you have a funny, evil and campy bad “guy”. Kira, Callum and Alaric round out Logan’s family of vampires, while Jorge, Sydney’s assistant, left me wanting to know him better.

Overall, this was a fun romp through modern day vampires who walk in the sun, drink from a bag, and can read thoughts…unless they are you soul mate. I highly recommend you give this a try. It will suck you in and before you know it the story is over and you are begging for the next book…Rebel Child.

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  • Sophia Rose

    Oh, it totally has my attention! Glad you took a chance on the cover. They’re such tricksy things as are blurbs when it comes to decision making.

    • Yeah, the covers have the whole 70s, spy look to them and I would never have tried it unless asked. Glad I did, because it was a really cute story.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      You really have to read these books! They are light and easy with some laughs along the way!

      • Sophia Rose

        I love it when a book makes me laugh and its not a comedy.

  • Oh, it totally has my attention! Glad you took a chance on the cover. They’re such tricksy things as are blurbs when it comes to decision making.

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  • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    I grabbed this one for my Nook not to long ago when I found out about it. It sounds like a fun read.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Jennifer, you will love this series! The Hot Scot was my favorite, but I did enjoy Rebel Child as well.

  • Natalie Westgate

    I’m part of the Murdoch Vampires blog tour too! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading both books – I haven’t had a spare second to even think about it yet lol. Great review (and I’m a bit of a cover snob too hehe).

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Oh, you will love these books. I had to push a few books out of the way to get to them, but it was worth it. Thanks for stopping by Natalie!

  • These look good, I do not read this genre but who knows, you have me interested! Thanks for sharing #getsocial17