Review: If Only by Cherise Sinclair

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Review: If Only by Cherise Sinclair
If Only

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Series: Masters of the Shadowlands
Genres: BDSM Romance, Menage Romance
Published by Loose-ID
Released on November 5, 2013
Pages: 426 (estimated)
Format: eBook

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If Only we didn’t have to wait so long between books…that is what I thought this book was about at first. Just kidding. I have waited so long to get Sally’s book. Who’s Sally you say? Where have you been if you haven’t been reading the Masters of the Shadowlands series. Don’t make me have a talk with Master Z just because you won’t read this series. Seriously. Cherise Sinclair is the MASTER of BDSM writing, so get with the program, subbies!

So for those of you who don’t know who Sally is, Sally is a submissive in the submissive training program at Shadowlands, a BDSM club in Tampa, Florida. Sally is young, spunky and quite the prankster. We met her around the time Master Cullen found his love, because Master Cullen at one time was in charge of the submissive training program. So we have gotten a little of Sally in each book and I  just couldn’t wait to see her find a Dom that was suited for her. Unfortunately, she finds a Dom, but he really isn’t a Dom. After a beating, she kicks him out and decides she doesn’t need a permanent Dom in her life.

See Sally is going to college to get her Masters in Forensic Computer things. You would think I could figure that out since I have a Computer information’s degree myself. Oh, well. She is currently interning for the police department, where Master Dan helped her get on. So when Dan (we are at work after all and can’t call him Master) needs  some help with a password, Sally stops by only to run into Master Z, who invites her back to the training program. But Sally also sees her name on a list sitting on Dan’s desk and while Dan takes Z out, she takes pictures of the files. Oh, the trouble this subbie can get into. She starts hacking into the Harvest Association’s email accounts (Harvest Association is the name of the group who kidnaps women and sells them as slaves) and sends the information anonymously to the police in New York where the association is still running.

When Sally finally gets back to Shadowlands, we see she is kind of depressed. The good Masters have all found the loves of their lives and no one else is doing it for her. So when Master Nolan assigns the submissives, he takes the request of Galen and Vance to dominate Sally just fine. Galen and Vance are the two FBI agents we have seen since Master Marcus and Gabi took on finding Gabi’s friend, Kim, when she was kidnapped. Still with me? So Galen and Vance are like brothers and they dominate submissives together. Like brothers, but these two are not gay and have no other love for each other besides being brothers.

So the two Doms take on the sassy, mouthy Sally and rock her world. But when her boyfriends shows up at her apartment one night and brutally beats her up, these two step in and take her home. But they too aren’t looking for a long term relationship, but they noticed a bad habit Sally has and decide it’s time to take on this little subbie and make a few changes to help her.

I was leery going into this one about two FBI agents dominating sweet little sassy Sally, but can I say, wowsa! These two work in tandem to bring a subbie to heaven and I couldn’t be happier Sally has them now. Galen is the darker of the two Doms and has a little sadistic side, but nothing like the sadist Master Sam (yes, read the books before this one, please). Vance is more laid back but you can get him to spank when necessary or put those nipple clamps on. Slowly over time, each one works themselves into each others hearts, but they all have issues to work through before that can happen.

There there is the Harvest Association…they won’t just lay down and die. We get to see just how truly evil they are and that probably was the hardest parts to read. Just how they can kill or brutalize a woman for fun. I often kept turning the page thinking they would show up, jumping if someone go hurt and we didn’t know by what yet. I applaud Cherise for making me almost wet my pants a few times in terror when nothing was there to be terrified of.

As always, Cherise introduces us to a new kink she hasn’t written about and I will say, nope, not going to happen to me. That’s it. We have seen fire scenes, totally sadistic pussy spreader scenes, but this one while not as cringe worthy as the pussy spreader, makes me shake my head… Nope, no, no way, nada, never.

There is a lot of BDSM scenes throughout the book, but also there are scenes with each characters family, and other parties or gatherings. Even just hanging around the house. There was a balance that left me calm and cool, but also ready to heat up with the next scene. This definitely was a must read and one of my favorites for this year.

Ok all you subbies out there…if you haven’t read this series…you have an order from me to do so – the first book is free so go get it. Second, if you have read this series, but no this book….get off your butt and get it now. Finally if you have read it, or finish it soon, comment letting me know what you think. Because damn, this book had me sweating in more ways than one!

Review by Shari

About Cherise Sinclair

USA Today Bestselling Author, Cherise Sinclair is renowned for writing heart-wrenching stories with laugh-out-loud dialogue, devastating Dominants, and absolutely sizzling sex. And did I mention the BDSM? Her awards range from a National Leather Award to a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice nomination to a Goodreads BDSM group’s Best Author of the Year.

Cherise currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her beloved husband and writes full-time under the supervision of a merciless feline.

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  • Sophia Rose

    Yes Mistress! LOL! Great review, Shari!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      LOL, see, I knew I could get someone hooked on this series…start slow with book 1 which is free. She was just starting to write then, but she gets better with each book. The first two are just BDSM stories, but by book 3 she branches out to more suspense along with the BDSM, which I love!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      LOL, see, I knew I could get someone hooked on this series…start slow with book 1 which is free. She was just starting to write then, but she gets better with each book. The first two are just BDSM stories, but by book 3 she branches out to more suspense along with the BDSM, which I love!

  • Kitt Crescendo

    I was dying for this release, too. Gotta love Cherise. She never disappoints. Just when you think things can’t get hotter, she builds a bonfire. 🙂 Great review!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Ahhh Kitt, we love the same authors. Cherise and Lissa Matthews were my first BDSM authors and I stick with them through thick and thin! Such a wonderful book and I was happy to go lighter than a sadist in this one, lol.

      • Kitt Crescendo

        LOL! I’m finding I have a fondness for the loving, dominant sadists. Shoot, Sam was the man! He cracked me up. You never know what to expect from them. I’ll always support Cherise and Lissa. Lissa was one of my first discoveries, too. Cherise, Joey W. Hill, Michele Zurlo and Joely Sue Burkhart were close behind.

  • I’ll get back to this series ma’am I promise! Awesome review Shari.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      You won’t regret reading more of this series. It is awesome!

  • I’ll get back to this series ma’am I promise! Awesome review Shari.