Review: Maverick by Lisa Bingham

Review: Maverick by Lisa BinghamMaverick by Lisa Bingham

Series: #3 Taggart Brothers
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Published by Berkley on November 1, 2016
Pages: 319
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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four-stars      two-half-flames

I came late to the series…like the last book of the trilogy. Three ranching brothers finding love, well, I missed the first two, but overall I didn’t feel that impacted my love of the current couple.

Competing in a shooting competition Bodey Taggert opens the story as an adrenaline junkie that is been benched after a series of accidents and concussions. The fun part? The competitors and shop owners were time appropriate clothing, which at times is sexy, but also hot and stuffy. Women fall easily for Bodey’s charm, but when he suffers a migraine and stops by the tent of Syd and Helen (friends from back home), he encounters a no-bullshit kind of woman that instantly intrigues him. Beth puts up walls, remains secretive and screams trouble to a man who doesn’t want trouble. Well, that changes and now Bodey has to work to win her trust.

Beth Tivoli just needs a no drama, short time job to provide for her younger siblings, who are all on the run. Helen and Syd offer a no questions job, for cash she desperately needs. Riding her bike to and from the event to the hotel, she keeps to herself, trying hard not to draw attention to herself. Drawn to the handsome Bodey, Beth knows she can’t get involved even if he is one tempting morsel of a man. Slowly Helen, Syd and Bodey all work their charm and giving ways on her. Beth isn’t used to this even as she replicates the love to her siblings.

The romance is mostly sweet with Bodey realizing maybe he is tired of the life he has led. Beth realizes that she doesn’t need to do it all on her own. The two learn that maybe the life they planned isn’t going to happen they way they planned. The suspense builds slowly as you uncover more about Beth’s situation, but the ending happens in a bang of action.

This may be the last book in the series, but it was a good one to end a group of brothers I would really like to have as neighbors. The romance is sweet, but also kind of sensual at moments. Family is family and once your in, it’s for life. I loved every minute of this story and wished I had started at the beginning with them. I guess, I could read them backwards?

Sophia’s Review

Review: Maverick by Lisa BinghamMaverick by Lisa Bingham

Series: #3 Taggart Brothers
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Berkley on November 1, 2016
Pages: 319
Format: Paperback
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Three ranching brothers all get their romance and this is wild adrenaline junkie Bodey’s story.   I’ve loved the Taggart Brothers’ series since Elam jumped on the pages in book one bringing along his brothers and a fun western small ranch town setting along with an exciting Wild West Competition.  Bodey is a competitor and now the story swings full circle for another Old West Competition and the third Taggart to get the final story in the series.  This was an exciting blend of romance and suspense, family, and western fun.

Maverick is book three in the trilogy and works best when read in order, but it would also be fine as a standalone.

The story opens with Bodey Taggart competing in a shooting competition in Cheyenne, WY.  The competition is unique in that the competitors must use period weapons and dress in authentic gear.  Bodey is somewhat disappointed that he’s not out on the rodeo and cow cutting circuit, but a concussion and adamant older brothers have him restricting his competitive spirit to less hazardous challenges for the moment.  Bodey loves seeing his older brothers happy after finding their special ladies and settling into family life and he wants that, too, but a part of him is constantly restless and can’t settle on one woman or staying still.  It has earned him a reputation and he can tell by the steely-eyed expression he gets from the new woman working Syd and Helen’s booth selling authentic clothing.  He’s never had to work so hard to get a woman to go out with him and he certainly hasn’t met one as closed off as Beth that has him reassessing his care-free life.  For the first time, he wants to be with someone and know them.  He senses that Beth is in trouble and sets out to win her trust.

Beth Tivoli was desperate for a job and money to help support her and her younger siblings who are on the run.  Kind-hearted Helen and her equally generous husband are great employers.  Beth might not get this crazy group who like to dress up and pretend for a Western-style shooting competition and festival, but they all seem good people.  An encounter with Bodey Taggart has her heart racing and her internal alarm going off, but not because she thinks he’ll try to hurt her.  No, he’s the first man that she has a spark of interest in and he’s interested right back.  This is dangerous.  She can’t get close to people or let them get close.  When this week-long gig is over, she will snag her paycheck, grab her siblings, and run.  Staying and accepting help from others is not to be considered.  So why is she dreading the end of the week.

Alright, Maverick was another good one.  Bodey has his issues and Beth certainly does after her past situation.  I love how the author slowly brings out the mystery surrounding Beth and develops Bodey’s story as he learns about himself as he’s growing close to Beth.

Bodey was a fun hero.  He was so cocky, but underneath he’s a solid guy.  He’s a good match for Beth because he doesn’t let her push him away and he is a gentle man who still shares the same tough protective streak his brothers have.  Seeing him step up in the latter half of the book and take on what he did had me melting in adoration for him.  Beth has had to stand alone for so long and she’s at the breaking point.  I loved seeing care for her younger siblings as best as she can and slowly open up to first Helen and Syd and then Bodey.  She honestly had no idea what to do with generosity and people who wanted to help.  Sad, but then sweet when she had happiness beyond her dreams.

The backdrop is a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the festival setting with the shooting competition, and Old West trappings, loved the addition of Helen and Syd, and that sure was fun to have Elam and PD and then later Jace show up in the story.

The book starts out straight up Contemporary Romance, but then after the half-way point, the suspense slips in.  That was good stuff and things got exciting for all concerned.  It was a slam-bang finish, for certain.

Saying good-bye to these brothers, the little community, and their romances has me a little sad.  Loved this series and hope others who enjoy Contemporary Romance will take the opportunity to pick them up.

My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I’m not super into western/cowboy romances, but I’m glad you liked this.

    • Thanks, Quinn! I do have a fondness for the rugged Western type- or cocky playful and protective ones in this instance. 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I am so-so on cowboy romances, but this was a sweet one.

  • My review posts tomorrow, and like both of you I had fun with this sweet romance. I loved the little people and I’m sad the series has ended.

    • Oh neat! I’ll trot around to read your thoughts.

      The cast of characters and the stories were lovely and I’ll miss them, too. Might need a reunion follow-up novella a few years ahead to check in on the Taggart Brothers and their families at some point.

  • it’s nice to see that you can jump to book 3 like that. It sounds like a nice one again, a sweet romance.

    • Yes, these all work alright as standalone. Very sweet and heartwarming.

  • While I haven’t read this author this does sound like a good book and a good series from what I’ve read. Thanks for the great review.

    • Loved it! Brothers, cowboys, fun settings…yeehaw!

      Thanks, Mary!