Review: Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks

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Review: Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks
Mind Magic

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Series: #12 World of the Lupi
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Berkley
Released on November 3, 2015
Pages: 418
Format: Paperback

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Mind Magic was one of those books that slowly drew me in and had me pondering what the various plot threads were leading toward as this story built speed and intensity to that amazing suspenseful ending.  Government conspiracy, a new team of gifteds, dragon mystery and magic, and adorable, but shouldn’t be under-estimated brownies surround Lily, Rule, and the Lupi as they seek to get answers and stop a new and dangerous plot.

Mind Magic is the twelfth installment to the World of the Lupi series.  This Urban Fantasy series must be read in order.  There is the strong tie to the ongoing story, but also an assumption that the reader is very familiar with the world of the series by now even if each book colors in a few more details and surprises to enjoy.

Sam the black dragon has been training Lily to fully utilize her mindspeak gift.  The training has seemed futile until recently.  She is temporarily on leave from investigative work because Sam has explained that the hallucinations she is experiencing is her mind in the final stages of adjustment that will allow her to use her gift.  This makes working cases for the FBI Magical Crimes Unit problematic.  Taking advantage of her leave of absence, she and Rule return to DC so he can do some Shadow Unit work with Ruben and also so they can spend some time with Rule’s Leidolf Clan of Lupi.

But before Lily has much time to get bored and antsy, things start happening fast.  There are whisperings that the DC dragon, Mika, has gone missing.  Sam inexplicably sends Lily to Ohio where she finds a dead body and is brought back on active duty to investigate since magic was used to do the murder.  Rule and Ruben are suddenly arrested for crimes they didn’t do.  A mysterious girl who has been on the run has quite the story to tell and someone wants her dead.  None of them believe in coincidences, but now they have to figure out how all the pieces fit together and quickly before the persons behind it all complete their dark agenda.

There was a whole lot going on in this one and the pieces don’t make sense at first.  I love how this author does that with her stories.  There is an obvious path to the story and then there is an undercurrent that hides beneath the surface waiting for the right time to come into play.

The narration is shared by multiple people so that the reader is getting all sides of the equation, but while this helps build the tension and allows the reader to see what is going on with all parties concerned; this doesn’t mean there aren’t surprises and big reveals throughout.  Lily and Rule along with a newly introduced character get the spotlight, but also there is the perspective of one of the villains.

I found the dragon part of the story just riveting.  And there is dragon cuteness.  I know, I know, Eileen Wilks’ dragons are NOT cute and they are alien and deadly, but there’s this moment.  Loved that and loved the new reveals about this mysterious race.

But if the dragons had a cute moment, the brownies are the ones that had me chuckling.  They are incorrigible, but pull their tricks in such a way that they have to be forgiven.  And oh how I enjoyed watching them prove that they are not to be underestimated by the big baddies with the guns.

I always love a Lily and Rule adventure and this is no exception, but Demi was a nice new addition.  Demi is a touch sensitive like Lily.  Unlike Lily, Demi has had a hard road between losing her family, taken in by one who used her for her gift, hiding because she knows too much, and always living with Asperger’s.  I loved the way Rule swept into Demi’s life and was her hero.  He protected her, he cared, and he made her feel valued for the first time.

This was an action-packed intense story, but I still had one little niggle.  I was somewhat hazy on motive for some of the villainy.  I felt like I missed something or needed more clarification during the resolve.  And maybe more will come out in the next book as there was one thread that didn’t get tied up.

All in all, this was another fantastic read.   I jokingly have pointed out that this is the urban fantasy series for the analytical thinker because of the way the world building is laid out methodically as are the actions and motives of the cast of characters.  It’s not a matter or knowing magic is done or something paranormal exists, but how and why.  But I also need to add that the action is fast-paced, intense, and breathtaking.  The situations are dire by the time they are fully revealed and these characters are all impressive.  Highly recommend this book and the whole series.

My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • There be dragons? Sign me up! lol I enjoy books that are methodical in world building and actions, so I’m eager to give this series a go.

    • Yep, big, power, and wise dragons. 🙂 But the focus is on the wolves mostly with the dragons, demons, fey, and other races getting a strong second billing.

      Yes, these explain things and really get into the how and why b/c Lily the heroine is a questioner and needs her answers. 🙂 Hope you like them, Angela.
      Oh, and if you like, I think if you go to her webpage there are some free short stories you can sample to see how you like her writing.

  • I love Dragons! That alone almost makes me want to add this series to my wishlist…but I am so trying to finish series I am already in the middle of!

    • You’re speaking my thoughts, Melissa. I’ve said that several times. 🙂 This series is worth putting on the list for later and her dragons like the rest of her paranormal races are worth it.

  • LOL at your dragon-cute moment. I love when those are slipped in even when they’re usually fierce. Her writing sounds wonderful. I’ve missed that lately in a number of reads that just don’t have the layering and depth. Awesome that 12 books in these are still good!

    • Yes, I just wanted to gush about the cute moment, but it’s a spoiler so had to do a quick mention. These are old and dangerous and think so differently from people that the cute moment was a fun surprise. 🙂
      I agree that its great when a series is still going strong that late in the game. I think with these it’s because she took the trouble to offer a huge cast of characters and a huge, well described world that has plenty of potential stories and places to tell about.

  • Im going to have to try this serie…heard really good things about it.

    • Oh yes, Sharonda! Hope you like them when you try them. I was iffy on the first book and then I adjusted to the writing and the heroine so now I love them.

      • its awesome when you can adjust with a story 🙂

  • Dragons, magic and murder. Sounds like a good one to me.

    • Oh yes. So much to love in these, Mary. Always a murder case for Lily to solve and a big paranormal thing going on that keeps the whole group busy.

  • I do love Dragons and you are tempting me with the characters are moments!

    • Ha! Love that I’m tempting you. All her paranormals are fascinating, but she has great dragons who act, think, and feel like what you expect of a different race.

  • I really wanted to start this series, I love dragons and I love UF so bah kind of kicking myself for not, it has so many books out now o.o

    • These are great books and the dragons are only one of her unique races. She focuses on her werewolves, but each book turns the spotlight on the others out there and they get big parts to play, too. The dragons are consistently there because of Lily’s background. I think you’ll enjoy how different this Urban Fantasy world is.

  • JenM

    I love this series, but somehow I got really far behind (I’ve read through book 6). Knowing how layered the world building is, I feel like I don’t just want to start with book 7, I want to go back to the beginning and reread, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon given the size of my TBR mountain. I should just take the plunge, maybe read book 6 again, and then go from there.

    • Oh yes, I get that. I read a few books in the series and then set it aside for a couple years. Then I was determined to get caught up so I picked it for my series challenge this year. So glad I did. It might be a little rocky jumping in but I’m sure it will smooth out for you as things come back plus I found that she referenced back several times to help me remember incidents early on in the series.

  • Totally missed this series! I love how her Dragons are manacing, that’s always a good thing!

    • Yes, this is a best selling series, but yet it isn’t talked up much for some reason. I love it. Oh if you like menacing dragons who are nothing like the humans then you’ll love hers. 🙂

  • It’s great to see it’s still that good after so many nivels! I haven’t really tried the series, well I did read one book in the middle but it’s complicated as I didn’t know the basis but I should try from start

    • Oh yes, that would be confusing. I’ve done that before and I was lost for the whole book. Definitely want to start at the beginning. 🙂

  • Haven’t heard of this series before, and look at you, you’re already on #12, yay! I’ll be stalking more about this series and I might join the gang. Awesome review Sophia!

    • I know, woohoo that I made it to number twelve, Vanessa! Hope you get the chance. These are pretty good.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh the cover of this would definitely draw me in, your review makes me want it more!!

    • I love the covers for this series. They always have something to do with the story and are so intense and colorful.

  • Not sure if I’ve heard of this series before, but it does sound like a good one. I like the sound of the different plot lines and hints that don’t make fully sense until later. Sounds like the author handles that well. I hope the stuff surrounding the villain gets cleared up in the next book. Great review!

    • I like hers because of the way she details out her creative world in the books, but also because there is a suspense/mystery plot in each book to solve. Yes, I have the next book and hope to read it soon so maybe I’ll get some closure on the open thread about the villain.