Review: My Life As a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

Posted June 10, 2018 by Sophia Rose in Reviews / 33 Comments

Review: My Life As a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
My Life As a White Trash Zombie

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Series: White Trash Zombie #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by DAW
Released on Julu 5, 2011
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

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The Delight

I decided to jump on Velvet @ vvb32’s Zombie theme this month with a Southern-fried sometimes humorous urban fantasy featuring an underdog zombie heroine that many love and are addicted to the series.


A few months back, on a whim, I decided to try a book from a series that several of my book pals who love Urban Fantasy rave about.  I was behind because I can’t keep up with everything, but also I took one look at the book and series titles and chickened out.  Zombies… not a fan, generally.  I quickly discovered when I got into White Trash Zombie Unchained that the zombies of this world were less horror and more like people with extra abilities and a special diet much like the vampire books I read.  I had a good time with Angel as the heroine, the humor, and the fun suspense plot.  The brains thing is still an iffy element, but I could deal with how it was handled.

So, I finally took the opportunity to head back to the beginning of Angel’s story.  It began on something of a low point in Angel’s life.  She was hospitalized after being found by the side of the road, naked and high.  She has weird nightmarish memories that make no sense, but also blanks from the drugs.  She also has a mysterious benefactor who left her a cooler of weird iced coffee nutrition drinks, change of clothes, cab fair, and a warning note to take a job that would be waiting for her at the Coroner’s Office, stick with it for thirty days and keep her nose clean or her probation officer would learn of the drugs in her system.

The book follows along as Angel accepts this mysterious offer of a new start, highlights her sad home life and past, and the squeamish yet hilarious moments as she adjusts to work as a van driver for the bringing dead bodies from the scene of death to the morgue.  Meanwhile, she slowly figures out that something happened to her out on that dark road and she’s got a new craving for brains.

The build of the White Trash Zombie World, the characters, and the mystery were great.  It was slower paced, but this was due to introductory book issues rather than poor writing or development.  I definitely want to press forward with Angel the zombie’s story and see her do a lot of growing as a person while getting involved in some squeamish and exciting zombie adventures.


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  • RO

    YIKES! Could never wrap my arms around the zombie world (lol), but glad you enjoyed the story! Hugs…RO

    • It took me quite a bit of time. LOL Still not able to do most of them.

  • I have this one for a while but I still need to read it!

    • Glad I’m not the only one who is behind. LOL

  • I loved Angel and this series on audio! Enjoy my friend it’s addictive.

    • Yes! That audio of book six is what finally sold me. Definitely catching up on this series. 🙂

  • I loved Angel and this series on audio! Enjoy my friend it’s addictive.

    • Yes! That audio of book six is what finally sold me. Definitely catching up on this series. 🙂

  • I love that striking cover art and this looks like a different take on the zombie genre. Might still be too gory for squeamish me though?

    • There are a few queasy moments in the Coroner’s lab when they’re dissecting the bodies and off course the brains part, but I just made it through. Maybe try it through the library and see if its doable for you before you invest in a purchase.

  • I read some books in another series by this author and always was curious about this one, but just like you I am not big on the zombies. So that’s good to hear you liked how that was handled here. That sounds good how the slow paced worked here and it had a good mystery too. I might pick this one up eventually. Great review!

    • It was touch and go a few times with the autopsies and the new dietary needs she had, but yes, it was a good series starter and I liked the mystery, too.

  • I listened to this one on a long drive a few years back and really enjoyed it. I bought the second one to listen to right after that but never listened. After reading this, you make me want to dive back in. Glad you are enjoying!

    • Ha! Glad to remind you, Lorna. I probably won’t get to more for a few months, but then I need to finish two-five since I’ve already listened to one and six. Then I’ll be caught up for the next release.

  • I love this series and the audio really makes the story come alive. I do agree that this is a very different take of zombies. I actually didn’t think it was all that squeamish but I tend to have a pretty high tolerance for that kind of thing. Glad you enjoyed it, Sophia Rose!

    • Yes, the audio give it a whole extra layer to love and I will hear her voice for Angel in my head even if I read them.
      LOL, yes, I have a low tolerance for horror elements so the post-mortems about did me in. 😉

  • Wait, you read the last book in the series first? Omg, Sophia, you’re making my eye twitch! Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! lol. Glad you decided to go back to the beginning, though. I love this series regardless, but the audio is phenomenal. I’m super picky with audiobooks and this is one of my favorites.

    • It’s a terrible habit. Usually I get a book out of order by sheer accident and just read it anyway. This time, I knew I was doing it and crossed my fingers. It’s probably like reading the last pages of a book since its UF.

      Yes, the audiobook narrator, Allison McLemore, was an instant sell and her voice is the one I hear for Angel.

  • I’ve only read two books from this series, but I love it so far! I’m glad you do, too. If you get the chance to listen to this in audio, the narrator is fantastic. I recommend even just listening to a snippet if you aren’t going to go the audio route. Her voice for Angel is perfect.

    Great review!

    • Yes, I did get the chance to experience book six on audio. You are so right. Allison McLemore is fabulous- the voice of Angel. 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    I have this one and I’ve been meaning to finally start the series. I think I’d really enjoy it, and I’m glad to hear it was a hit for you!!


    • It took me forever to get enough gumption to start. Worth it, Lauren! 🙂

  • I love this series so much. I have to highly recommend the audio. Allison McLemore does an amazing job as Angel. I started off reading the series, but quickly switched to audio after my first listen. This series is very high on my revisit list too.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    • You know me. I started the series backward with book six. LOL I got that one as audio and you are so right. I think it was the audio that really put me head over heels in love with the series. 🙂

  • Karen

    I really enjoyed this one but never made it past the first book. The covers are amazing!

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • Dan DeSantos is one of my all-time favorite cover artists, too.

      I’m definitely pressing forward with the series, but who knows when I’ll actually get to it. 🙂

  • Adore this series! Especially in audio. It is a great listen!

    • I agree, Tanya! I listened to the most recently release and I was convinced that I had to get the whole series read or listened to. 🙂

  • Wow, I’d not heard of this book! Honestly the cover would have been a turn-off for me but the story actually sounds pretty cool. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sophia!

    Have a fantastic day. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • I totally get it. Each cover in the series has a gruesome aspect. There is some of that in the story, too, but I got caught up in all that was going on and could get past it. Thanks, Alyssa! Just a few more days until weekend. 🙂

  • Northwomn

    I know lots of folks who enjoy this series, especially on audio. I think I got a paperback of this first one at RT last year. Maybe. Signed even. I’ll have to go dig it out. It’s another series I want to read or listen. Well, none of my libraries has the audio but they all have the ebooks so I will start there. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • Yes, definitely a big winner on audio. I listened to book six, but I found book one at a library sale so I decided to read that one. The library has the others in print so that will probably be my method of catching up on the series. I like that its only at book six so I can catch up easily.

      Hope you enjoy them, Anne!