Review: Nathaniel by Dianne Hartsock

Review: Nathaniel by Dianne Hartsock

One Star

Genres: M/M Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Etopia Press
Released on February 29, 2012
Format: eBook
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From the moment Taden rescues Nathaniel from the Sutherlin soldiers’ torture, he finds himself caught in the gaze of the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen; amazing eyes that hold him thrilled and confused. The Sutherlins are planning to invade the beautiful Tahon Valley, but as Taden secrets Nathaniel from their reach, he finds himself drawn to the young man. Not only does he feel the urge to protect him, but he feels an ache he hasn’t felt in many long years.

Nathaniel claims to be a traveler from a distant continent, saying he comes in peace. True or not, the youth has powers beyond anything Taden has seen—control over men and animals and the very weather. Taden falls hard for the strange traveler, protecting him not only from the Sutherlins but from his own mistrustful people, who don’t understand Nathaniel’s powers and accuse him of being a witch…

As the book started, I immediately had a hard time understanding what was going on. This is a different world with different “lands” and they don’t exactly get along. So when Taden finds Nathaniel being abused by Sutherlin, I was confused later when it seems Nathaniel’s cousin is hunting him and a young woman down.

Taden seemed like a very upstanding, older gentleman who wants to find love after spending so long taking care of others. Nathaniel seems to return the feelings, but then his cousin threw images into Taden’s mind and I just got plain confused as to what was going on.

After a while I just started skimming the book and eventually just put it down. Sorry to say, it just didn’t grab my interest. The story was more complicated than could be held in a short story and without back story I just found it boring to read.


Taden’s scalp prickled, a shiver running through him. He twirled, hand on his belt knife, and found Nathaniel standing inches from him. They were almost touching, and Taden watched, fascinated, as Nathaniel’s green eyes darkened under his stare. The heat from Nathaniel’s body wrapped around him, caressing him in that intimate moment.

“Miranda’s finally asleep,” Nathaniel told him shakily.

“That’s good. She appeared exhausted.” Taden didn’t ask who she was. At that moment, he didn’t care. He touched Nathaniel’s gold-flecked curls, as silken as he’d imagined them to be. Enthralled by the dimple at the corner of Nathaniel’s luscious mouth, he impulsively cupped his cheek, stroking the alluring hollow with a gentle finger. His pulses hammered at the contrast of pale skin and his own sun-darkened hand, picturing the exotic tangle of their bodies.

He slid an arm around Nathaniel’s waist as desire seared him. “Come with me,” he said huskily, aching to love Nathaniel as gently and tenderly as he could and drive the anxiety from his lovely eyes. Nathaniel lifted his shoulders but didn’t resist as Taden urged him into the trees.

Nathaniel remained silent as Taden spread the blankets on a fragrant carpet of pine needles. Taden gave him a close look. With a pang he realized that the young man stood passively, waiting for whatever Taden chose to do with him. As much as he hungered for him, Taden didn’t want Nathaniel like that, unresponsive. He reached for Nathaniel’s hand and pulled him down beside him on the blankets.

“I would never hurt you,” he said as he leaned into Nathaniel’s body and slid his tongue over his full lips. He played with the laces of Nathaniel’s tunic, loosening them further. Fire licked through him as Nathaniel’s chest rose on a quick breath. Taden slipped two fingers inside the soft fabric to stroke the lean muscles of Nathaniel’s chest.

He nudged Nathaniel’s lips wider and groaned as the young man’s tongue darted into his own mouth, jolting him with lust. He caught the tongue with his lips, sucking, wanting to swallow Nathaniel whole.

Taden lingered over his kisses, slowly undoing the rest of the ties on Nathaniel’s tunic. He shifted on the blankets and thrilled at Nathaniel’s sigh as he bared his chest. Taden slid his tongue along Nathaniel’s chin with a fond murmur, savoring the saltiness of skin and the prickle of unshaven hair. He kissed the slim column of his throat and paused to suck gently on a vein pulsing in the heated skin.

He glanced lower and suddenly leaned on an elbow, his eyes ravaging the intoxicating sight of small nipples sitting like jewels on white skin. A single mole, innocent, utterly provocative, lay within kissing distance and drew his lips. Taden teased it with his tongue, smiling slyly when Nathaniel made a startled sound and gripped his shoulders.

Taden circled each hardening bud with his tongue, tenderly kissing the fading bruises. He slid a hand across Nathaniel’s abdomen and felt his muscles tighten. He slid a finger along the edge of Nathaniel’s pants, then moved his hand upward to brush his thumb over a sensitive nipple. Heat slammed through him as Nathaniel arched his back with a guttural cry. Unable to resist the temptation, Taden dropped his lips to the free bud, flicking it with his tongue, nibbling and nursing on it until Nathaniel was panting, a pleading note in the sound.

The tone changed suddenly to panic, and Taden jerked his head up in surprise, clashing with eyes wide with fear and arousal. He watched a trickle of sweat follow the curve of Nathaniel’s cheek. Surely the Nathaniel wasn’t afraid of him?

“I won’t hurt you,” Taden assured him again. Unexpectedly, Nathaniel gave him a tentative smile and touched Taden’s hair. The shy, heated glance undid him, and he had to fight the urge to strip Nathaniel then and there and thrust his arousal deep into the enticing body.

Taden dropped his head on Nathaniel’s chest. “Give me a moment,” he whispered hoarsely, concentrating on control. He wanted their joining to be perfect. It was hard when Nathaniel continued to thread his hands through his hair. With a growl, Taden straddled him, pinning the wandering hands over his head. “Careful, or I can’t promise to be gentle.”

Nathaniel’s eyes were hooded, and Taden watched, enchanted, as the tip of his pink tongue slid across pale lips. “Do anything you like,” Nathaniel invited.


She says Oregon’s raindrops are the perfect setting in which to write her tales. There’s something about being cooped up in the house while it pours rain outside and a fire crackles on the hearth inside that kindles her imagination. Dianne lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon with her incredibly patient husband, who puts up with the endless hours she spends hunched over the keyboard letting her characters play.

Currently, Dianne works as a floral designer in a locally-owned gift shop. Which she says is the perfect job for her. When not writing, she can express herself through the rich colors and textures of flowers and foliage.



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  1. Nathaniel sounds like a fantastic read!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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  2. This sounds like it’s will be a great book. I can’t wait to read it.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  3. Oh, that’s too bad that it seemed so confusing. It’s so hard to focus on character and plot when that dizzy feeling of wondering who is who and why are they doing such and such kicks in. I’m intrigued now. (-;

  4. Hello Dianne,

    Thank you to Delighted Reader for hosting for hosting Dianne Hartsock as she is on tour with her current M/M Erotic Fantasy Romance release, “Nathaniel”.

    Thank you Dianne for taking the time out of your busy day to spend with Us in sharing about yourself & your new release, “Nathaniel”. You are a new Author to me & I’m glad I came upon your Book Tour.

    I read your posted Excerpt here & I have to say WOW!!! If your Cover Art didn’t already catch me, the excerpt sealed it & reeled me in!!!! Dianne, you were able to just reach out & grab me with that Very Sensual Teaser. When I was at the end, I was saying Noooooooo!!!!! I want MORE!!! I can’t wait to read Taden & Nathaniel’s Story! I even went to your website so I could get another Taste of “Nathaniel” (Hmmm double meaning???? LOL) & was treated to a GREAT Excerpt of Chapter 1, I HAVE to get this Book!!!

    I would very much appreciate if I could be entered into your giveaway for your very generous gift of “Nathaniel”. I filled out the Rafflecopter as much as I can, unfortunately I’m not a member of Facebook or Twitter, but I filled out what I could. Hopefully I still can be considered in your giveaway.

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  5. Oh wow, this book sounds sooooo good. I can’t wait to read more.
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