Review: Nudging Cupid by Kerri Williams

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Review: Nudging Cupid by Kerri Williams
Nudging Cupid

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Caliburn Press
Released on February 7, 2012
Pages: 162
Format: eBook
Source: Giveaway

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The Delight

An Australian The Bachelor-style reality TV show is the setting for a romance between the show’s producer and the bachelor.  She’s fatalistic that she can’t have love and he’s stuck between his plan for revenge and his feelings for her.


Nudging Cupid was a giveaway win I had from a few years back and I was happy it won a TBR pile vote since it sounded like a fun and cute contemporary romance.  And, it was to a certain extent.

Ivy is finally in the middle of her dream job producing her own show and helping couples find love.  She sincerely wants this for them and has this skewed notion that she can’t have it for herself.  But, one accident on set where she is saved by Owen, the show’s Bachelor, and she is now rethinking her decision and fighting off attraction.  Meanwhile, Owen falls for Ivy just as quickly, but now has a dilemma since he’s there under false pretenses.  He’s out for revenge against this type of show that hurt his sister.

From the beginning, there was a tug o’war for me.  I had moments I enjoyed the story and others that were a struggle.  Ivy was all over the place for me because she kept swinging between extremes it seemed.  She was also something of a damsel type with tears and fainting and choices.  Her emotions, decisions, and actions would be influenced so easily.  I felt sorry for her because she got involved with a real manipulative jerk who was an expert gaslighter and had her by the shorthairs with her show.  But, Owen was the same.  He kept putting off telling her the truth and was also hooked in Manipulative Matt’s net because of his original intentions toward the show.

There were lots of sweet moments and it was fun to see this all happening while set against the backdrop of the show, but the romance pair had me distracted more than anything else with their gushing thoughts about each other and their situations and their back and forth.  Although, hey boy was I thrilled when Owen gave Matt his comeuppance that was long deserved.

So, it was okay.  I was glad to try it.  It reads quickly and was fairly light for those looking for just that sort of thing in a contemporary romance.


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Mt. TBR #77
COYER Summer #3




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  • I do like the contemporary romances. I think I’d have a little bit of a struggle with some parts too with some the of holding things back from one another. It still sounds kinda sweet.

    • I think my biggest struggle was the secrets and the attraction that she fought so hard, but yes, it was on the cutie side of things and the TV set background was neat, too.

  • I understand how you would feel about the keeping of secrets from each other. I took would have had a hard time with it.

    • Yes, that was pretty much the conflict source, too, so I just kept waiting for the fur to fly. And, it did. LOL

  • Not sure I would like either one of these characters.

  • the love in this seems to be a bit too quick ;/

    • Yeah, like instant they clap eyes on each other.

  • awww I really hate it when this happens with characters especially when you have that whole you drive me crazy but I like them too. But I have a feeling these two would drive me crazy 🙂

    • Yeah, they had me irritated, but I didn’t hate them. It was a lighter story.

  • I am glad that this one did have some high points for you. I can understand why other parts weren’t so great for you though.

    • Yeah, overall, it was a fast and light read that was average, but I was only moderately engaged with the actual characters b/c they were so all over the place.

  • Too bad it did not work as well as the premise sounds. When it works it can be so fun to read.

    • It was a cutie overall and I love the reality show setting, but, yes, the back and forth emotions and actions was distracting. 🙂

    • It was a cutie overall and I love the reality show setting, but, yes, the back and forth emotions and actions was distracting. 🙂