Review: Being Prince Charming by D.L. Jackson

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Review: Being Prince Charming by D.L. Jackson
Being Prince Charming

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Series: 1NS series, #2 Military Romance
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Decadent Publishing
Released on January 10, 2014
Pages: 67
Format: eBook

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A second chance at romance for a middle age military couple nearing retirement years and an empty nest who each stubbornly refused to be the first person to make amends after a fight and now have one last chance the eve of her wedding to someone else.  With the help of friends, Madam Eve, and a bit of luck, things might smooth out and work for this middle-aged rough and ready Prince Charming and the woman he can’t live without.

This is directly connected to another story, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots, by the author though it’s not listed as a sequel of a series.  It would function as book two.

It moves through the paces quickly because of its brief length.  A lot of pieces go into making it bittersweet, cute, funny, hot, and full of a surprise with the over the top grand finale.  It has many of the components of a novel just all squished up to fit. I loved all August’s steps to win back his wife and it was hilarious the way he reacted to his friends’ advice about romancing Lissa.  The Prince Charming get up was off the hook hilarious.

While I enjoyed the story for the most part, there was one thing that really upset at me- a lot.  Her name is Lissa and she was the heroine.  I found Lissa’s thinking and decisions not making a lick of sense.  She leaves her husband of many years even though she loves him, but he won’t give up a career in the marines for her to retire early (a career she knew about from the beginning and signed on for that is almost over) just because she’s freaking out over empty nest syndrome.

Yeah, so she then proceeds to agree to a marriage to a rich guy who just has to give her some pretty words and doe eyes to make her feel appreciated.  Yes, granted August definitely was clueless and didn’t go all in for gushy words and he lost his temper during her emotional break down.  He said some thoughtless words that hurt, but she hurt him first with her plans to walk out.  I get it that all those years when he was deployed and away were rough and I respect the women and families who tough it out while their marine or soldier is serving.  It was what she chose to replace August and her life with him for that I found unsettling.  Fine, walk away because it gets to be too much and you doubt his love is strong enough, but then don’t turn around and dive right back into a marriage where you don’t love the guy and the only thing you like him for is his money and smooth words.  How can what she is planning to do to some other guy not strike her as using him and not about the love and appreciation she spotted off about?

Her little pout about August never coming for her was another thing that, again, left me scratching my head.  Really?  You walked out; if you want it, you can walk back in.  Why does he have to be the one to chase?   I can only think this was stubborn pride and still not having her head on straight.  Was his letting her go that long when he didn’t want her to go right?  Nope, but at least he spent the time pondering and working how he could fix things to make her happy when he finally did come for her and not giving up and taking up with a replacement woman a decade younger who says ego petting things like she did.

Still processing here, but not coming up with anything good.  Maybe this was an issue for me that won’t bug other people.  I don’t know, but it kept me from fully enjoying the story.

In the end, I enjoyed the story and will definitely go back to get Cori’s story.  She was one of the best parts of this story.  This one’s for those who are fans of the 1NS series or military romances who love a second chance romance with a middle-aged couple who show that passion only gets better with age.

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  • Oh boy, Lissa sounds pretty annoying, I dislike passive aggressive heroines (although I can be one in real life but that’s our secret) especially how you described Lissa. She’d get on my nerves too! At least you soldiered on, hopefully Cori will be a better heroine

    • Yeah, sorry! I went on a rant a bit. I was very annoyed with her. Cori’s book was like night and day from this one. She was hilarious and awesome. And, the Lissa in that book was a whole different woman from this one. Weird!

  • Oh Sophia. This one sounds good in theory but I don’t know that I could deal with Lissa. That’s my least favorite heroine behavior right along with the ones who force the heroes hand then are upset when he does exactly what they wanted because…how could they! I’m glad you were able to find some enjoyment out of it at least. The hero does sound like a great guy. I love when they try so hard. Maybe not the one for me to start with? Cori is sounding a lot more like what I’d go for from your comment.

    • Yeah, this one…I liked the idea of dealing with what empty nest syndrome can do to a marriage or even just middle age fears that things are getting a bit routine, but replacing your hubby with a younger, richer version had me very disappointed in her that I never got over even in the end- not stuff I was comfortable with in my heroine who came across more as a teenager than a fortysomething marine wife of 20 years. After reading Cori’s story (which is the first book…I got confused and read out of order), I loved it and I loved the Lissa of that story. What a switcheroo!

      • And not a fun switcheroo. I totally see being upset over that. I don’t know that I’d be able to get over it myself. Have you read Sun, Sand, Sex? It’s an antho and the first story in it is by Linda Lael Miller and it’s a married couple with grown kids going through a divorce. Their lawyer (who is also a friend) makes them take one more weekend together before calling it quits and they get stranded during a storm and it’s them dealing with drifting apart after kids leaving and such. Was an interesting dynamic.

        • I haven’t read that one, but thanks. I’m going to look it up on GR and wish list it b/c my curiosity is up and I’d like to read a different book that didn’t have a disappointing heroine.

          • The antho as a whole got a 5 from me. It had a Shelly Laurenston one in it too that was a riot. And a new author Apodaca? I’d never heard of her but it was excellent too. I don’t usually love anthos but they did a nice set.

            • That is saying something to give an antho a five. I’ve only enjoyed one out of all of them enough to do it, but I do love being introduced to new authors that are good. I haven’t read anything by Apodaca either.

          • The antho as a whole got a 5 from me. It had a Shelly Laurenston one in it too that was a riot. And a new author Apodaca? I’d never heard of her but it was excellent too. I don’t usually love anthos but they did a nice set.