Review: Spring Forward by Catherine Anderson

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Review: Spring Forward by Catherine Anderson
Spring Forward

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Series: Mystic Creek #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on January 2, 2018
Pages: 448
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

This author does slow-paced, down home family, hurting people, and easy going lightly spiced romance like few other’s can.  I feel like I’m settling into a comfortable pair of jeans or getting a mug of thick velvety hot cocoa when I pick up one of her books and Spring Forward was no exception.


As the fourth installment in the Mystic Creek series, this book has stepped away from the Sterling family for a bit and takes up the story of two new characters.  Not that it matters because Spring Forward, like the other books in the series can standalone just fine.

Spring Forward is actually the story of two couples- an older pair in their winter years and a middle aged pair with some mileage on them.  Crystal had a horrific childhood until her crusty grandpa, Tuck, takes her away from it all and raises her on his ranch.  Now Tuck is recovering from a bad fall on his hip at an assisted living home where he raises a ruckus because of the marshal-law manager there, his dog Rip is giving Crystal fits, and now she’s gotten Tuck’s friend into trouble for doing a misguided but kind thing.  This event leads Crystal and widower with two kids, Tanner, to start a tentative friendship in their shared care for Tuck and Tuck’s stay at the assisted living center gets easier when he makes overtures to a lonely lovely Essie.

Through the story, Crystal is forced to slowly come to terms with her past.  She is gunshy of relationships because she has the idea that she’s incapable of not killing or harming any living thing she touches whether its people or animals.  She tries to push Tanner away and refuse responsibility for a stray kitten, but its time to face her past if she wants any chance at the future.

For the most part this one would appear to be a string of little scenes and events though there are a good amount of conflict high notes spread throughout.  I was cheering Tuck and Crystal on against the Hitler type running the care facility and holding my breath when Crystal was home alone against an intruder.

The romances were sweet and tender, but had their spicy moments that were not quite closed door.  I loved following the growing relationships of both couples and loved them together.  That said, I felt like this was more a women’s fiction story because though it was prominent, the romance only felt like one of the central elements instead of The element, if that makes sense.  I don’t say this because I didn’t like it, but more to give others an idea of what to expect if unfamiliar with the author’s writing style.

There is emotional depth and good development through and through.  This book gave me the feels.  Rip and Tuck’s antics cracked me up, Tanner had me swooning with his handsome looks, hardworking responsible single dad self, and Crystal’s pain and internal scars nearly broke my heart.

All in all, I enjoyed cozying up to this story and spending many delighted hours engaged between the covers.  This is good heartwarming, humorous and very touching small town contemporary romance.

My thanks to Penguin for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  • I do love small town books!!

    • Her Mystic Creek series have me wanting to move there. 🙂

  • That sounds really good.

    • It was so adorable and I loved all the characters.

  • This author is so wonderful to read here. She always delivers on ‘all the feels’.

    • Agreed. She really does. Laughter and sighs in equal amounts. That dog was a hoot!

  • Debbie Haupt

    I’ve seen this series around Sophia Rose and I think its time to try her again. Thanks

    • I still love the first book, Silver Thaw, so much. Hope you get the chance, Debbie!

  • I haven’t read this author before so it is good to know that it is a series that can be read as stand alones. It sounds like a nice romantic read.

    • Yeah, I started with book two, one, skipped three, and now four. LOL I think you’d be okay to pick up whichever one grabs you.

  • Aww, this sounds like a very sweet read. Plus those cover <3

    • Yes, it is. The cover is a good tone for the story inside. 🙂

  • Karen

    Dog on cover – I’m in! lol

    But the idea of older couples intrigues me as well.

    <a href="http://

    • Oh that dog, Karen. He is such a personality. He pinches people with his lips if they don’t pay a doggie treat toll to enter his yard and leave. He goes to the bar and drinks beer and gets drunk. He defies the average invisible fencing. Rip is a hoot.

      And Rip’s old man owner, Tuck and his lady love at the senior assistance home are so great. I found myself just as interested in their romance as Tuck’s granddaughter’s.

  • It’s great when you have that comfortable feeling when you pick up a book. I have a few authors like that as well. The cute dog on the cover caught my attention when i was visiting your blog. That sounds lovely how it features two couples and how they’re related. Sounds like a good solid romance book for sure! Great review!

    • Yes, I call the comfortable ones my cozy reads b/c I can get cozy and relax with them between other books that I feel edgier or am just trying for the first time.

      That dog is a scene-stealer and makes me laugh through the whole book.

      This is the second one I’ve read by her where she chooses to do two generations having their own romances. I really like it.

  • RO

    What a brilliant way to describe Catherine Anderson’s writing style. I just love her books! Happy Friday Super Sophia! Hugs…RO

    • Yeah, I probably went a bit descriptive, but I wanted folks to get how I felt about her books. Yay for a fellow fan. 🙂

      Have a great weekend, Radiant Ro!

  • You know me and that I’m not a huge fan of contemporary romances. But, the dog in this one really has me intrigued. My dog is a heeler and I know how mischievous they can be. This breed tends to be too smart for their own good. I do love them though.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads & Books of My Heart

    • Well, you describe the dog Rip quite well. He’s extremely intelligent. I swear he’s the star of the book.

  • I saw another good review for this one and he cover is sooooooooo cute

    • Very adorable cover. I am not surprised that folks are loving on this book. It leaves you smiling and happy most of the time. And let’s not forget the laughter.

  • Grandpa and his dog sound hilarious. That sounds like a good one.

    • Oh man, between Rip the dog and Tuck at his senior home I was cracking up. Poor Crystal was driven to distraction keeping up with the pair of them.

  • I like the older couple aspect in this one. Love lots of fun and funny moments when reading 😉

    • I like how she did that with this story, too. She did it in her The Christmas Room and I thought it was a nice extra layer to have multigenerational romances going on.

      Oh man, that dog, Rip, and Grandpa Tuck had me laughing hard a few times. 🙂