Review: Sweet Home Cowboy by Marin Thomas

Review: Sweet Home Cowboy by Marin Thomas
Sweet Home Cowboy

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Series: Love at the Chocolate Shop #9
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Tule Publishing
Released on 1 June 2017
Pages: 252
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley

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When Marietta newcomer Elena Puente is coerced into attending a speed dating event at the popular Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop, she’s blindsided by a serious attraction to local cowboy, Wesley Banks.

Still recovering from a broken engagement, the first-grade teacher from Las Vegas isn’t looking for romance. She’s in Montana to get to know the great-grandfather she never knew existed until she found some hidden family letters. Judge Kingsley is a grouchy recluse and he’s far from welcoming, but Elena is determined to stay in town long enough to give his neglected estate on Bramble Lane a facelift.

Elena’s resolve to avoid romance is tested when she discovers Wesley is the caretaker of her grandfather’s rural property. Soon, she and the cowboy are attending more speed dating events at the chocolate shop and she’s seeking his advice on how to deal with his ornery boss. Local gossips wager the old Judge will run Elena out of town before anything serious develops between her and Wesley. But Wesley’s a determined man, too, and he’s betting Elena belongs in Marietta forever…with him.

The Delight

Sweet Home Cowboy was an impulse snag.  Would you believe it was the title of the series that grabbed my attention?  Yep!  Love at the Chocolate Shop struck a chord and I was immediately interested.


I learned that Sweet Home Cowboy is book nine in a fun series written by multiple authors.  The books are loosely connected by a chocolate shop in small town Montana.  I would guess that they all work as standalones because this one certainly did.

The story opens when the heroine discovers unopened letters from her deceased dad’s grandfather that her mom hid away.  Coming off a relationship break-up and being off work for the summer, he takes this as a good time to hunt down the great-grandfather she knew nothing about until now.  She ends up in a quaint small town in Montana ranch country and is inadvertently pulled into a Speed Dating event at the local chocolate shop.

The story could have gotten deep and broody, but actually remained on the light and humorous end of the spectrum.  Elena is a determined woman on a quest, but gets sidetracked by a kindhearted sweet cowboy.  I enjoyed this story and its perfect when one is in the mood for a lightly engaging sweet diversion without a lot of conflict.  Elena could get a tad bossy and opinionated for my tastes as she basically confronted a grieving old man not giving him time to adjust then takes over his life (all for the good of course).  She meant well and it probably needed doing the way that lonely, grieving old man was hiding away so I’ll give her props for that.

The romance was a fun one since it began at a speed dating event and then progressed from there.  It’s fast in actual time and especially after she just ditched a cheating ex, but it worked for this story.

All in all, the romance was as sweet and light as the chocolate and the reunion between family was heartwarming so I was glad to have spotted this one.  I can recommend it to contemporary romance fans who want a small town easy-going and light romance.

I rec’d this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


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    1. Yes, it was nice that they work standalone. I suspected when I saw the multiple authors that they would. And I could not pass up a Montana small town chocolate shop for a romance. LOL

  1. I’ve read the whole series and found this one enjoyable, too. Roxanne’s might still be free if you want another one.


    1. See? Its irresistible. LOL It was a cute story and I was glad it stood alone fine. I suspected it would be alright since it was a multi-author series.

    1. Yeah between a chocolate shop in small town Montana and a speed dating set up, this one definitely grabbed my attention.

      It was an easy peasy pick for my tune. 🙂 They danced to it in the book and it stuck in my mind b/c it was a favorite when it first released back in the day.

  2. That series title also got my attention when I clicked on your review! Nice it stayed light and humorous, it’s nice to have one of those once in a while. The romance sounds well done too! Great review!

    1. Yes, chocolate shops… I definitely noticed that one. Haha!

      It turned out to be a really good one and now I have anther series to follow. 🙂

      Thanks, Lola!

  3. What a cute cozy romance cover. It matches your description and review with appeal. I like your music hookup. When it comes to country music, Randy Travis is one of my faves.

    1. Yes, it really does match well. I love that when covers, title and story all mesh like that. Ha, me, too on Randy Travis. They were dancing in this one and that song was playing so it was a piece of cake to know what tune to pick. 🙂