Review: The Color of Love by Sharon Sala

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Review: The Color of Love by Sharon Sala
The Color of Love

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Series: Blessings Georgia #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Released on February 6, 2018
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

I met hair salon owner, community matchmaker, and all around deep-hearted Ruby Dye in the prequel to this series and giving, competent and caring lawyer, Peanut Butterman nearly as early.  Their shy and sweet little friends to lovers has been building through the whole series.  Finally, its their book.


The Color of Love is the fifth installment in the Blessings, Georgia series.  Each book introduces a new couple from the small town group, or at times, a newcomer to Blessings stirs things up.  Each book has the built in flexibility to be enjoyed best in order, but also plucked out as a standalone.  Until… yes, until now.  Because of the build of this couple’s romance, it really does work best to be read at least after the last few otherwise it looks like the most awkward case of instalove out there.

The Color of Love begins on a bang.  Ruby has seemed like the most open woman in town, but she had one really dreadful secret- an abusive ex.  And Jarrod Dye has found her and it all goes wrong when his once timid ex-wife fights him.  A kidnapping and assault and an APB later and Peanut realizes he might lose Ruby for good before he ever screwed up his courage to tell her how he feels about her and Ruby is busy having her own share of regrets, too.

As is usual, the author fills her book with a handful of smalltown happenings besides the main romance.  There is poor Melissa getting fired from her job and losing an old friend at the same time.  There’s a destitute family in town needing to catch a long overdue break.  And three sisters who ignored a mother’s dying wish.  Peanut and Ruby are in the middle of it all.

Now, I wanted this story sooooo badly I could taste it.  But, this is a gently-paced laid back series so I was reasonable about my wants.  This is good because I felt Ruby’s character slid off the rails somewhat in her own book.   I didn’t hate this particular incarnation of Ruby, but I missed the sage, heart of gold and touch of humor woman I’ve come to know. I get that she’s had an up close and personal with trauma and the character responded to this in genuine ways, but- it might just be me- I had only rare glimpses of a familiar Ruby.  This one was resentful if she even imagined someone’s face or words showed care, angry and bitter, ‘I am an island’ attitude, and oh so dramatic.   And Peanut- he was a doll, but if he used one endearment he used a thousand once he and Ruby had an understanding.

So, I liked many aspects of this book, but I didn’t love it mostly because I felt I was reading about a very different heroine from the one who has been the mainstay through the whole series.  That said, this one was suspenseful, heartwarming, and lovably small town.  I will be back for more- we have some worthy and lonely widows and a prodigal son back in town.

My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  • Too bad that the main character was so different in this book than in previous books in the series. I still need to try this author.

    • It was a really good story, but after knowing the character through all the previous books, it just felt weird to see her acting so different. Love the series and hope you get the chance, Carole. Or, the chance at her wonderful suspense stories. 🙂

  • Despite your problem with the heroine, it looks good!

  • I can understand the author wanting to change the heroine’s demeanor after going through a trauma like that but I completely understand wanting to see the same heroine that you were used to seeing.

    • Yeah, you’re right, Mary. That sort of trauma does something to a person. I really did miss the Ruby who was present in all the other books. It doesn’t make me hate the overall story and I definitely love the series.

  • I love a good friends to lovers romance and that’s great when you can see a romance building throughout the series already before it’s time for their book. And I like the sound of the small town happenings that take place besides the romance plot. That sounds a bit disappointing how the heroine felt like a different character in her own book :(. Even with how it makes sort of sense with what she went through. She sounds more fun to read about when she was a side character. Great review!

    • Yes! Exactly. I saw what caused her words, moods, and actions, but I missed who she was when she was off to the side being supportive, wise, and fun. It was still a wonderful book and I do love the small town setting and happenings in each story.

  • What a shame the character changed in her own story. I adore the cover though.

    • It was an overall really good story, but yes, I was not prepared for having such a change because of her experiences. Definitely an adorable series of covers- and the series too. 🙂

  • I’ve read a few books by Sharon Sala and I love a good romance. Maybe the change in the main character will be an opportunity for growth in another book, maybe. I’m glad you still enjoyed the story overall.

  • I’ve read a few books by Sharon Sala and I do like a good romance. Maybe the changes for this character are an opportunity for growth in another book, maybe. Great review.

    • She writes wonderful stories whether contemporary romance or romantic suspense and thrillers. This was a good story, too. I think I was expecting the usual Ruby I saw in all the earlier books, but this one dug into a facet of her that was new and threw me off.

      Thanks, Cricket!

  • OK – props to you for being able to get past the name Peanut for the hero. I think that would have been enough to deter me from reading it. I’ve only read one Sharon Sala book, and it was a DNF for me. 🙁 I’m sorry this one didn’t work out for you. It is frustrating when you are waiting for a character’s book, and then they don’t feel familiar when it’s their story.

    Great review.

    • Yeah, his parents had some sense of humor. I think his legal name was like P. Nutt Butterman or something like that (just the P without it standing for something).

      I really was disappointed. I saw why it was, but it didn’t make me feel better after waiting for this story. Oh well.

  • RO

    I really like Sharon Sala’s writing, but it’s changed a little over the years when I read some of her earlier books. I would pick this one up though to add to my collection. Hugs…RO

    • Definitely worth it if you already love the series to pick it up. I might have been a little disappointed in Ruby, but the overall book is fab. 🙂

  • that cover tho… so gorgeous. Story sounds cute, albeit a bit slow?

    • It’s a very cute one. And, yes, good catch, it moves along gently. 😉