Review: The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki

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Review: The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki
The Highland Duke

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Series: #1 Lords of the Highlands
Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Forever
Released on March 28, 2017
Pages: 384
Format: ARC

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The Delight

It’s been a bit since I read a highlander romance so when this one was offered, I was ready to give it and a new to me author a go.  The historical setting and other elements including the first Jacobite Uprisings tearing through Scotland, the Clans, and the class difference romance of Scottish Highlander aristocrat and illegitimate gypsy healer was the grounds for a fantastic story beginning an exciting new series.


This one was pitch perfect with all that it offered up.  It nailed the historical background and situation and struck it good with the characters and their unequal romance.  This was not just aristocrat and commoner, but ventured into taboo territory because she was a hated gypsy and he was a divorced man who would never be able to petition for a church marriage to Akira.

They were an interesting pair of characters.  Geordie isn’t so much a surprise.  He’s commanding, honorable, and tough, yet has his thoughtless moments.  But it is Akira who really takes up the characterization and romance elements a notch.  She has a strong sense of duty and honor to her profession and that’s why she ended up on the run with Geordie in the first place.  She also has personal honor and respect which is why she is tempted to come to him on the only terms he offers that will be comfort for her destitute family as well, but she wants more and needs to know that she is not a fling or disposable to him.  To be fair to Geordie, he was committed to Akira and offered what he thought was all he could and she never understood this, choosing to believe the worst (and understandable because all her life she had been given no reason to trust).  She had a villager’s eye view of the world around her, but she was suspicious when he tried to make her see the greater state of affairs.  I think that was the hard part for me with this unequal romance and it gave it a fairytale quality rather than realistic.

So, all in all, I enjoyed this outing with new to me author and new series.  I can’t wait to get the next installment.  This is for those who enjoy moderately spicy, exciting historical period highlander romance.

My thanks to Forever for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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Literary Pickers #77 kilt
New Release #42
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  • wow this has a lot going on and I love the sound of how complicated the romance is, boo I feel like I am missing out

    • It did. It told the broader history of Scotland at this time, but also the story of the gypsies and also an adventure and a romance.
      It is so hard to keep up with all the new releases. I see reviews on books and I know I missed out. 🙂

  • I saw this one on NetGalley (I think it was NetGalley) and I was interested, but I passed on it at the time because I had too many eARCs to get through (honestly though, when do we not…). I think I would like this book! Highland romances for the win — and Geordie seems like my type of guy. I am so glad you enjoyed this book, Sophia!

    Have a wonderful weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Yes, it is so hard not to click all over the place when I’m on NG or get a list from a publisher. So many sounds so good. Geordie is sigh-worthy. 🙂

  • oh I am so glad that you liked this one too!! I really love this author and she did great with this book. I do like reading this period in the Scottish setting, and I had a blast with these characters.

    • Yes! It’s exciting and makes for a good action plot to have Highland Romances during this era. I enjoyed the added element of the gypsy situation and her healing arts along with their class differences.

  • Oh, I wish I had grabbed this book when it was offered to me. It sounds really good. This is a period of time and seeting that I really enjoy. I think the characters in this book sound really interesting as well.

    • So hard to predict which ones to pick and sadly we can’t pick them all. It hit just the right spot for me b/c like you, I love the time period. Hope you like it, Carole!

  • Oh, I wish I had grabbed this book when it was offered to me. It sounds really good. This is a period of time and seeting that I really enjoy. I think the characters in this book sound really interesting as well.

  • Ahh this is on my list. I ran out of time for it in March. Oops! I’m glad to see it was pretty good (and had some spice). I’m going to try to get to it this coming week 😀

    • Yeah! I think I had about a dozen that all released within a few days of each other so it made it tough to get to them by release day. But, not like I can fit them all in to post on the same day so that makes the dilemma easier. 🙂

      • LOL This is very true. There were a ton released this last week of March. It was crazy. Part of it was my fault on this one. I read another highlander and needed something between them and to refresh myself and that’s what made me run out of time. Bad blogger girl. lol Glad you made it to all of yours!

        • Nah, that’s not bad blogger stuff, that’s smart. You’re working out a way not to set the poor Highlander book that came second up for a fail b/c you know your limits. 😉
          Seriously, I’ve had to really factor in ‘my reading limits’ when it comes to reviewing so I don’t burn out or go stale on perfectly good books. So it makes perfect sense to me to juggle the reading/listening schedule like that.

  • it’s been age since I have read a highland book like that! I used to like them a lot but I don’t know I stopped. I should go back to them

    • It’s been quite a while for me, too, Melliane. I was ready to really enjoy this one b/c it has been some time.

  • Bookworm Brandee

    I’ve read about many Highlanders but I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like The Highland Duke, Sophia, so I’m curious to say the least. I love that Akira is a gypsy and therefore someone Geordie shouldn’t deal with on any level. It is too bad that their romance was portrayed that realistically though. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I put it on my tbr. 🙂

    • Yes, it was most definitely a different situation. They were so much more than opposites that I actually had a tough time believing they could make it work, thus the fairytale feel to it. Though the rest of the story was quite authentic feeling and their individual situations felt quite realistic. Hope you enjoy it, Brandee! 🙂

  • I’m always looking for new Highlander reads and this sounds like a great start to the series! Lovely review, Sophia Rose!

    • This one is a great one for Highlander romance fans, Cyn. Hope you get the chance.