Review: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Review: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
The Kiss Quotient

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Series: The Kiss Quotient #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on June 5, 2018
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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The Delight

A unique story about a woman with Asperger (high functioning autism) finding her true love with a male escort. This was fascinating and at times, laugh out loud goodness.


This book was amazing. I could stop there after telling you to run and buy it, but of course I won’t. It’s the story of a woman with a life wrapped up in mathematical statistics and algorithms. The life suits her and she only rarely takes a day off, working through weekends. Because of this, she is very successful in her work. She owns a sparsely furnished beautiful home and is rarely there, only to eat a lonely dinner and sleep. Her parents want grandchildren and her mother is on her to get married and have babies. To that end, she decides to hire an escort to teach her how to be a better lover and partner. It’s like trying to learn Greek would be for me.

When Stella Lane meets male escort, Michael Phan, her life is turned upside down. Stella doesn’t do well with upside down. All she knows is that she trusts Michael, something she has never afforded any of her other dates. He’s the epitome of patience and understanding. For Michael, it’s a job, one that he only does once a week in order to pay massive bills due to his mother’s illness. He never sees a client more than once due to complications. When Stella breaks through and he allows himself to see her several times-but still once a week-both of their lives will never be the same.

I felt for both of these characters. Stella was beautiful, but didn’t know it, and she truly can’t figure out human behavior. She knows how she should react, but usually she only pretends her reactions. At times, when she shows her real reactions, she really messes up. With men, it’s even worse, especially the few that she tried out sex with. She just doesn’t get what the big deal is. Michael on the other hand, looks like a movie idol, and could have any woman he wants. He comes from a large, wonderfully real family, one that gets by without any help from his cheater of a father. His family knows nothing about his secret life.

Of course, other things happen in this story, but I will leave it for readers to find out. The author wrote what she knows. She was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2016 and that just made the story even more interesting to me. I found this book to be well written, with humor and a bit of honest angst on both main characters part. There’s drama and a fair amount of sensual scenes, but it does take awhile to get there and that was perfectly fine. And did I mention that this is her debut book? More than worth 5 stars, for me!

Highly recommended to adult contemporary romance fans, especially ones that like a unique, heartwarming and at times funny story.



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  • RO

    I absolutely adore these type of love stories, and plan to run to Barnes and Noble to grab this one later this week. Thanks so much for an awesome review! Hugs…RO

    • Oh, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • This looks so great. Love seeing your high praise for it, Lorna. I definitely want to read it.

    • I couldn’t not highly praise it. It was just so fantastic!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Ooh this looks really good. I’m so glad to hear you loved it, and how nice it’s #ownvoices in regards to Aspergers.


    • Yes, and now I have two favorites that feature Aspergers. Have you read Puddle Jumping? A favorite book of mine.

  • I know the moment I saw the cover and read the title that it’s going to be an amazing book and I’m glad I was right. Finally adding this one to my list. Awesome review 🙂

    • Thank you. I hare heard about it well before I saw it on Net Galley. I was so glad I found it. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Debbie Haupt

    Wow Lorna what an interesting premise for a romance. Great review

    • Thank you! I really loved the whole thing.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Wow Lorna what an interesting premise for a romance. Great review

  • lots of people are gushing about this book 😀 cannot wait to try it

    • Hope you love it!

  • I have been hearing great things about this book. I cannot wait to experience it for myself.

    • It’s so good! Hope you get the chance to read it!

  • Northwomn

    I loved this too. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • It was great wasn’t it? Thanks!

  • I have seen some great reviews for this one! I am hoping to get it soon! Great review!


    • Yes, I have too and the book deserves them. And thank you!

  • I adored this to pieces and I am so glad you did. I <3 Stella! I think this is the must read romance of the summer.

    • I do too. I just loved the whole thing.

  • I have this one sitting on my shelf and can’t wait to read it. It seems like everyone is loving it. Great review!

    • Yes, I don’t think I’ve seen any bad reviews for it yet. I hope you love it. Thank you!

  • Karen

    Everyone is in love with this one! I think I’m going to wait a month or so to read though. Hype is my mortal reading enemy. lol I go in with too high of expectations. But I do want to get to it.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • I actually thought about that and this book a couple of days ago. Hype can do that to your expectations I know. But I wouldn’t worry as long as you get a chance to read it someday.

  • Oh, I loved this too! Stella’s character was refreshing and sweet and I agree, Michael was so patient Loved them together! Wonderful review, Lorna! 🙂

    • Thank you and you are right she was refreshing and Michael was totally swoon worthy.

  • This sounds really good. I haven’t read any books about someone with Asperger from what I can remember and it sounds like her point of view is pretty unique. It sounds like a great romance. That’s good to know the Asperger’s part is handled realistically as the author herself was diagnosed with it. Great review!

    • Thank you! It was one of those read you can’t put down.

  • I really enjoyed this one, too! I found Stella and Michael to be so endearing.

    Great review! 🙂

    • I know, right? And Michael’s family was fun too, I thought. Thank you!