Review: Wet Heat by R.D. Hero

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Review: Wet Heat by R.D. Hero
Wet Heat
Narrated by Nick J. Russo

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Genres: M/M Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Riptide
Released on January 2, 2018
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

Omegas, Betas, and Alphas… werewolves have their particular natures and roles in life, right? But this past his expiration date Omega rebels against all that and lives life on his own terms.  It sounded like a light and fun paranormal novella and I was all ready to enjoy it.


Wet Heat has a bratty Omega werewolf hero who has the sole narration of the story.  Lee is snarky, cunning, and unrepentantly goes after what he wants- a freewheeling night life and few responsibilities.  He fakes it through real life and lives to party though his age has forced him to look to chemical assistance to draw in the betas and alphas.  Meanwhile, his mom and everyone else wants to see him settled with a good mate save his equally wild and loose nephew whose so much like him down to their handsome looks and need to party.

While I found this story and Lee amusing, I will say that I was left somewhat wanting.  I blame the author for crafting such an intriguing world and background that was left underdeveloped so I was left with so many questions.  I might have resigned myself if that was it, but I also felt that the other characters around Lee were not really filled in.  I was confused by the power dynamics in the werewolf relations.  Lee is supposedly an omega and Cain an alpha, but much of the time, I felt they were both a blend of those- a brazen omega and a timid alpha, I guess.

Also, this was a shorter piece that was left at a happy for now type of ending.  I can guess where it will end up based on where it was going.  At first I was dissatisfied, but then I thought about it and felt that the ending was actually true to Lee’s character.  He’s got some issues and he’ll never be easy.  And, when all’s said and done, he’s still very much the wild child eternally young omega looking to tease Cain to distraction.

One of the best parts of listening to this book was getting Nick Russo as the narrator.  He did a great job making me really see Lee in my mind and I had a good time listening to him share Lee’s escapades and the adorable bumbling Cain trying to make sense of Lee and Cain’s reactions to sassy male he’s attracted to.  I think Russo got this story just right.

So, all in all, it was fast and fun.  I wanted more when it came to development, but I did find the hero a clever creation.  For those who are looking for an engaging shorter piece this m/m light paranormal romance might fit the bill.


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  • I didn’t got the chance to read shapeshifter story last year and reading your review reminds me of what I’ve been missing out. I need to check it out!

    Vanessa @ Blushing Geek

    • LOL! Hope you get to enjoy a few shapeshifter stories this year, Vanessa. Lots of good ones. 🙂

  • Even if you wanted more on some aspects, it looks like a good one there and I confess that I didn’t know about it

    • Yes, it left me wanting more, but I was glad it was still fun and funny in spots.

  • It’s sounds like it was good even if you had some problems with it. Sure sounds like my kind of story.

    • Yeah, it was definitely not all bad for me. I wanted more, but that was because she did a good job with a creative premise and fun characters. You’d probably get a kick out of Lee, Mary. He’s a riot. 🙂

  • I haven’t read a shapeshifter book in a while and this certainly sounds like a good one!

    • Lee was hilarious. He’s just so unrepentant and true to himself even in the face of tradition and expectation. The world was unique and fun.

  • I really need to check out some of these shorter pieces for the times I am not wanting to start something longer. This sounds like a good story.

    • That is exactly what this one is best for. It’s standalone and its a novella so makes for a nice light one that doesn’t ask for a long commitment.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Sorry you didn’t get as much development as you wanted. It sounds like it was a bit too short for that. It does seem like an overall enjoyable read though, and I do love a good m/m romance. 🙂


    • Yeah, it was definitely a shorty which has a certain level of appeal. I think I was disappointed b/c she’s onto something cool with her werewolf world here. So many questions still…sigh. LOL

      It was cute so I definitely recommend it, Lauren.

  • That’s too bad when an author has a story with such potential but doesn’t use it. It sounds like it could be good.

    • I think the potential part is what got me frustrated. I wanted all the details of the wonderful world and fun characters she mentioned. But yes, I liked it alright and had a good time listening.

  • RO

    Uh…you already know how I feel about shape-shifting these days (lol), but the story-line sounds pretty interesting. I’m also intrigued by the author’s name, and want to know more. Hugs…RO

    • Yeah, you’re doing the non-furries. 🙂 It did have an interesting storyline. I didn’t address it too much, but I love how this middle aged guy felt free to just be him and that’s what I loved most about this story.

      The author name is great, right?

  • The story sounds interesting. Glad you enjoyed it despite the faults regarding development.

    • I think I wanted more b/c I loved what I was seeing so much. It was already a fun, good story. 🙂

  • Well you know I love my shape shifters so that’s a win. However, it’s also got whole “novella that’s underdeveloped” thing as well. Sometimes I can look beyond that if I love the story though. This one sounds pretty good to me actually. Glad it was a fair read for you.

    • Yes, a tad underdeveloped, but definitely loaded with fun. Good way to describe it, Lorna!

  • This sounds like a fun read. Happy for now endings are not my favorite but it seems it worked in this story. I love that you call out the underdeveloped parts and characters bc as a reader you want to know everything, but then again it was a novella, so maybe that’s why it was lacking.

    • HFNs and open ended plots get me a little crazy even if they make sense. LOL

      Yeah, it does no good to review if I can’t show what my true reading experience was. That said, I try very hard not to flip out if a book ticked me off bad (not that this one did, it was mostly cute and fun)- hence the four rewrites of a review to get it more even keeled. Haha!

      Thanks, Evie!

  • That sure seems like a fun and original set-up for a book. Too bad it left you wanting a bit, it seems that the world building and characters aren’t fully fleshed out. Although that does happen more often with shorter reads. I don’t think I’ve read many HFN books, but it does seem like it stays true to his character even if it’s a bit dissatisfying. Sounds like the narrator did a good job with this one. Great review!

    • Yes, I really did want more on the werewolf culture and the explanation for certain throwaway comments and statements, but yes, Lee is still a fancy free guy so the open ending suits his nature.

      Thanks, Lola!