Review: Wolf’s Capture by Eve Langlais

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Review: Wolf’s Capture by Eve Langlais
Wolf’s Capture

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Series: #4 Kodiak’s Point
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on January 6, 2015
Pages: 236
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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Brody has been such a fun side-kick to the others through this whole series that I was glad to see him get his own book. It was something a bit different for the series since much of the story takes place with Brody and his lady love locked away by the evil villain who is hounding the people at Kodiak Point. The back and forth banter and snarky humor in the face of his captors kept this story from getting edgy. I honestly don’t know how the author does it. She pairs her humor and hot passion with settings and situations that could get pretty dark and scary- and they are if the reader stops to analyze, but yet, the opposite is true too because they are also a fun romp.

The books in the series would best be read in order to follow the series arc. There are several references to events and people from the other books that make much more sense after getting their stories and this one has some big clues about the faceless master villain that would spoil it for the earlier stories too.

The story opens with carefree adventure seeker, Brody the wolf shifter, wistfully wanting things to get exciting. Unlike his buddies, he tends to thrive on excitement and danger. And like many who have wishes of that nature, life gets interesting in the form of being lured by a mysterious beauty into captivity by a sadistic mastermind set on his secret plans that involve Brody getting cozy with the cute female he dubs Bait.

Layla has a special gift that makes her a hot commodity. She has lived in captivity most of her life being passed from master to master when the one before is bested by the stronger one who rips her away to be his. This latest one is the worst yet. She hates him and hates being used as a tool, but what’s a gal to do when over fifty escape attempts had led to failure and punishment. The latest shifter captive of her master will die in pain like all the rest or so she assumes even though he cockily promises her different and tells her to trust him. Trust, yeah right! She unloaded that weak trait along with a few others several escape attempts ago. Honesty forces her to admit that her reaction to him is different from all the others. She is strongly attracted and she wants to believe when he says that he can get out.

I had a good time with this one. The characters are just so great to read along with as the the story plays out. Brody has always been a favorite, but paired with the wise-cracking Layla and the repartee they get up too, I had a blast. Her humor in the face of the life she has had just made it even better.

Naked or not, Brody bounded from the bed and took a stance in front of her. Did he think he could protect her? With what? His superbly tight butt? Maybe Johnson would rise to the occasion and smite the guards.

Layla from Wolf’s Capture (Kindle Locations 1105-1106)

She spits in the eye of the sadistic slime that has most men shaking in their boots. It’s neat to watch her slowly open up to Brody and his charm after all she has been through. And charm, he has in spades. Brody sees the danger, but he also sees it as part of his life’s adventure. He’s also not afraid to say what he feels and put himself out there when he feels it.

And the villain? Oh yes, serious clues were given here so that what he is and what he’s up to is coming out. Series fans will love these reveals. Travis’ book is going to get mighty interesting I think. Assuming Betty Sue lets her baby out of her sight.

All told, this was another fantastic story in the Kodiak Point series. Those who enjoy hot and spicy shifter romantic comedy should definitely pick these up.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Melanie Simmons

    You can always trust Eve Langlais to bring humor to her stories. I downloaded this one this morning.

    • I’ll bet your having a blast reading it already, Melanie! 😉

  • Jessica Hale(Parsons)

    i had this on pre-order so it arrived on my kindle today 🙂

    • Hopefully it will be a good time of sass and steam for you, Jessica!

  • Trust in Eve Langlais to make anything sexy, sinister, and funny! I should read Kodiak’s claim, her work are always quick reads for me.

    • Exactly! And yes, they are quick and fun reads for when things are busy.

  • Thanks for the warning about reading in order, as you know I am on a UF/paranormal kick and added this..since I like that it is both sexy and humorous.

    • This series is a lot of fun and so worth getting them all. They’re quick reads too.

  • I really need to read this series. I keep seeing as these amazing reviews and I do love a good shifter romance.

    • They’re just so fun and a good foil for all those serious UFs and PNRs out there. Hope you get the chance to snag one soon, Angela.

  • Lola R

    Never heard of this series before, I love books about shapeshifters, so I’ll might check out this series. I noticed the first book is about a bear shifter, I haven’t read a bear shifter book before.

    Were all the books in this series a 4 star for you?

    • This is a fun series! Each book has a different shifter type- Kodiak Bear/human, Moose/Arctic Fox, Polar Bear/Human, Caribou/Cougar, and then this one with a wolf/gifted human. Yep all a four star read for me. They are really fun, Lola!

      • Lola R

        I added the first book to my to-read list :). The different types of shifters interest me as I mostly read about wofl and cat shifters so far. This sounds like a fun series!

        • And the writer is great, don’t forget that 😉

  • Just read Carbiou’s gift and need the others 😉 This is a funny and sexy series !

    • Yes you do! Each book is such a treat and they’re all pretty fast reads.

  • Every time I see your review’s I keep reminding myself to grab the first book and start it 🙂

    I will soon!

    • I feel that way when I read reviews about older series too. ‘I’m going to get to this. I really will’. And I mean it. Hope you love them when you can get the time to squeeze one into your schedule, Sharonda!