Review: Wondering Sight by Melissa McShane #SweetDelight

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Review: Wondering Sight by Melissa McShane #SweetDelight
Wondering Sight

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Series: #2 The Extraordinaries
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance
Published by Curiosity Quills
Released on January 19, 2017
Pages: 322
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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I was eager to return to The Extraordinaries world of elegant Regency London, an ongoing war with France, and oh yes, people born with magical gifts that made them a bit of something extra.  Wondering Sight shifts the spotlight to a new intrepid heroine, Sophia Westlake, who possesses a different magical gift and a new adventure of her own.

Wondering Sight is book two in The Extraordinaries series, but it is written in such a way that it can be read out of order or standalone though I would encourage the reader not to miss the first and exciting book, Burning Bright.

The story opens with Sophia Westlake dismissed from her work for the Army in disgrace.  Only a select few know about her disgrace- a dream that did not turn out true implicating one of the army’s weapon’s suppliers in a crime.  Sophia is a Seer and an Extraordinaire at that.  Her gift is powerful and never wrong.  She can’t fathom how Lord Endicott got away with his scheme and made her look bad.

Now back in London and forced to meet Endicott in society, Sophia is determined to prove she was right and take down Endicott.  She is convinced that a slippery character like him would have more than one scheme afoot.

Her friends, Cecy and Daphne worry about her entering her Dream state too much and Endicott is aware of her pursuit of him and taking steps.  A mysterious and interesting man wants to hire her for Seer work and just happens to be around each time she needs rescuing.   Driven harder each time she is thwarted, Sophia is so determined to catch Endicott that her pursuit of justice just might slip into revenge.  Only, the hunter might turn into the prey if she isn’t careful.

Alright, Wondering Sight was vastly different from the earlier book, Burning Bright.  The two stories occupy the same world of Regency times blended with magic, but this one takes place mostly against the backdrop of the London Season and the war that was prevalent before is distant background here.  There is some excitement, but this one is more of a mystery than adventure.

Sophia’s gift was mentioned in the first book, but now the details about how the Seer magic works is detailed out.  Sophia is a powerful Seer and can slip into dreams to gain present or future scenes.  She can also touch an object to see visions.  Sophia is an impulsive and emotional type who leaps into thought, words, and actions which gets her into trouble more often than not.  She is written with deep flaws and much of the story she is oblivious, but slowly she is forced to see them and grow though it is only near the end when she teeters over a real abyss of trouble that she finally listens to her friends and the man she loves.

This one had a cunning plot.  The villain and even his scheme is known, but this leads to a cat and mouse game that gets deadly.  And the story that was evenly paced really started picking up speed near the end for the exciting finish.

Like the first book, I loved the world of magic users and the camaraderie of friends and a little romance.  Sophia is a Seer, but her best friend Cecy has the magical ability to connect with others through mindspeak and her new friend Daphne is a Bounder who can teleport from place to place or ‘skip’ to longer distances.  There are also Movers who use telekinesis, fire magic wielders, shapers who can alter their appearances, and more.

I had a good time with this second outing in the series and can’t wait for the next installment hopefully involving the precocious Daphne.  Those who enjoy their historicals blended with some magic, some romance, and a cunning adventure should give this book/series a try.

My thanks to Curiosity Quills for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Oh I just got Burning Bright this week as you shared it was free on Facebook. I am really curious about it after reading your reviews for book 1 and 2. So I am happy I was able to get book 1 :).
    The blend of fantasy elements and historical elements sounds well done! That’s neat both books are pretty different even though they take place in the same world. I like how you describe Sophia and it can be great to read about a character like that who has some flaws, but slowly realizes she has them and changes and grows through them. Great review Sophia!

    • I was glad to see you got Burning Bright, Lola. 🙂 I think you’ll really like it. It’s my favorite of the two that are published.

      I got frustrated with Sophia quite often because she was really focused on her own embarrassment of getting a prediction wrong so that she ignored friends, her health and common sense just to prove she was right and not paying attention to the danger of poking at a criminal who had access to magic, too. But then she started learning from her mistakes and that made me like her and the story more.

  • Now that’s a historical that I could read. I like all the elements that this one has.

    • Oh yes! The magical element is very strong and the suspense keeps it exciting. It’s fun to have the historical background set with this. The first one was more my favorite, but this one was pretty good, too.

  • RO

    I haven’t read historical in a while, but I totally love how the plot sounds, with a little bit of magic mixed in. Very unique and really enjoyed your review! Hugs…

    • Yes, it was a fun blend. I’ve enjoyed both of them so far and can’t wait for book three. Her heroines are fun and feisty, but not too wild for the times. Thanks, Ro!

  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh this sounds really good. Thanks Sophia Rose

    • It was a fun blend of historical romance and magic, Debbie! 🙂

  • Sounds like a really good story. I’m not a huge fan of historicals, but the magical elements could really help me. Maybe one day. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • The first one didn’t feel so much like a historical in the usual sense and was so fun with the action on the ship, the pirates, etc. But this one does get back to London society and ball rooms more. But yes, the magic makes the difference. 🙂

  • If you could only read one of these which one would you pick? I just went to Amazon and I couldn’t make my mind up. I am not big on war but the first one does sound good. I will take your recommendation. Thanks!

    • Hey Lorna. Definitely book one. The heroine was more to my liking and the plot is more intense and full of action. 🙂

  • I really love the fusion of genres like this. It sounds amazing.

    • Me, too! I’m glad its a series and I can’t wait to get her young friends story and particularly see more of her magical gift in action.