Road to Passion by Piper Davenport #Review

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Road to Passion by Piper Davenport #Review
Road to Passion

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Series: #4 Dogs of Fire MC
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on July 28, 2015
Pages: 228
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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In this fourth Dogs of Fire MC story, Logan ‘Mack’ Reed gets his story with pretty little red-headed pixie, Darien Aherne. Mack is enchanted with Darien from the instant he sets eyes on her and the same goes for her. Mack has to overcome Darien’s private demons and her misconceptions about him and Darien has to learn to see herself better and accept Mack’s club as his family while things heat up for the club when the mob puts them in the hot spot. Things are sweet, spicy, and a whole lot of intense for Mack, Darien, and the rest of the Dogs of Fire MC.

Like others in the series, this one is loosely enough connected so that it could be read out of order if the reader doesn’t mind the inclusion of previous characters.

The story begins with Darien Aherne determined to step out of her staid, mousy niche and experience something more of life. She is an aspiring writer, but her bread and butter job is at an assisted living facility. Surrounded by her colorful and beautiful sister and friends, she feels like the one looking in from the outside. Being blocked from entering the night club, Blush, when the others are accepted doesn’t help her ego much either. So when her sister’s acquaintance Kim says she will get them into the club, Darien agrees to try again.

Mack knows Kim snowed him when he catches sight of the cute little innocent looking pixie trotting along with the others in Kim’s posse. Blush is nothing but trouble for women like this one and Kim knows it. Except when he goes to handle it, he is met by a woman that shakes him to the core. Those eyes, that face, that whole package of sweetness is exactly his type even though this would shock many who think of him as a manwhore.

This is the beginning of something for Mack and Darien. Mack knows he’s not good enough and that he will have to work hard to convince a quality woman like Darien, but what he doesn’t expect is to be confronted by Darien thinking its the other way around. She has it in her head that she is plain at best, boring and nothing about her is attractive. She is also surrounded by a very protective sister and a posse of friends that warn her off about Mack. But Darien is determined to try for her own chance at happiness with Mack and they give their attraction a chance. Meanwhile, a volatile situation heats up between the Dogs of Fire and the mob that spills over into Mack’s private life putting Darien in danger.

Alright, I really enjoyed the last one and knew it would be hard to beat. This one does not actually achieve that, but it was still engaging in many ways. The author is very good at establishing a tone of camaraderie, family, and snarky interaction. The motorcycle club is more like a group of guys and their ladies who came together as family.

As to the characters, I unequivocally liked Mack. He beat a hard childhood to make a success of himself as a lawyer and he found his own version of family in his club. He is loyal to his brothers and stands steady when needed. He is a good guy who wants a mature, deep relationship.
Darien on the other hand, left me unimpressed many times though I didn’t actually hate her. I am not one that enjoys reading about a woman with poor self-esteem even if I can see what caused it. Darien is a later bloomer. Even though she came into her own and others tell her that she is pretty and likeable, she can’t seem to believe it. This causes her to doubt Mack and his honest feelings for her and causes her to be over-sensitive with a hair-trigger on her temper. She was also sweet, fun, and understanding about Mack’s past and what makes him the way he is.

As with others in the series, the romance is fast, hot, and spicy. Not that there is no development, but the ‘I love yous’ come sooner rather than later. Mack enjoyed being with women and Darien is a virgin when they get together. Once she gives up her v-card, she wants to make up for lost time and does with Mack her willing partner who is quite pleased to reveal her passionate nature.

There is a build up to a big action scene and it was hard hitting. I loved that twisty surprise betrayal that happened right before it and that the action felt more visceral in this book.

The epilogue was a nice final touch to make for a fantastic ending tying up all the loose ends neatly leaving me to look ahead to what club member will get his story next.

In summary, this is another solid installment to the series. I would recommend the series to those who like their biker romances on the milder end of the spectrum and enjoy the camaraderie of a group of brothers finding their special ladies.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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20 responses to “Road to Passion by Piper Davenport #Review

  1. Gosh Sophia, this books seems to be filled with so many darn cliches. The good girl, no self esteem meets the bad guy. They get together, sparks fly, she had her v card, they do it like wild rabbits. Do you smell Fifty Shades of Gray, yet? But I’m still super happy you liked it though girl. I just wish the heroine would have had more self esteem because I’m not one for a weak heroine either. Grrr.

    • LOL! Yes, I suppose the cliches are there. Didn’t think of it that way. I was too busy mumbling at the heroine to get out of her own head and wrong thinking. 😉
      I’m guessing this isn’t the book for you. Haha!

  2. I do love those twisty suprises that just grab right at you especially when you least expect it to happen. I have never heard of this one, and this series sure does sound fun.

  3. i haven’t ventured into motorcycle groups as yet. Not sure I want to actually but you do make it seem like they are a family not just a group of crude guys. Very thoughtful review!

  4. I don’t really care for heroines with poor self esteem or weak willed women. I like heroines who can hold their own against the heroes. Thanks for the review.

  5. I’m slowly adding to my MC authors to check out. I have trouble with poor self esteem as well with my heroines. I don’t mind a little but sometimes it becomes too much of an issue. Glad to hear it was a good read despite that and with the quick L word use.

    • I’ve been doing the same way with the MC romances. I planned to try a few more by now, but got distracted with vacation and other books. I really loved the third book in this series and its decent for the milder end of the biker rom spectrum.

      Yeah, a little self-esteem issues is alright for me, too, but I prefer a different type heroine in romance than women’s fiction.

      • It’s so easy to get distracted! I’ve managed to only get I think 2 new MC series in this year *hangs head*

        Yeah I could see being good with different types of heroines depending on the genre and what you’re looking for with it. I don’t read much women’s fiction but every once in a while.

        • I think I have like five new to me MC authors on my TBR pile and I’ve got a few more in 2nd books of series I want to give another go, but yeah…there they sit.

          I’m not a huge fan of women’s fiction, but once in a while I like to see a flawed gal or one who starts out pretty weak get her groove going and triumph. I’m still not keen on the depressing and introspective ones that are the ‘sadder, wiser girl’ without the HEA.

    • Usually this series pulls back from the action, but this one put them in the middle of it. I’ve enjoyed this one for being a mild MC romance with a feeling of family more than club to it.