Road to Peace by Piper Davenport

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
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Road to Peace by Piper Davenport
Road to Peace

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Series: #6 Dogs of Fire
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on September 13, 2016
Pages: 217
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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Another delicious Dogs of Fire installment and I have a new biker guy to adore.  There’s just something about a tough guy going all soft for a young girl and growly protective over her and her mom and I am in book love.

This is the sixth installment in a series about a group of riders who are more than club and brothers, but family.  Each story in theory could be read standalone if the reader doesn’t mind the obvious feeling that the group around the new couple have already had their stories and are an ongoing part of each new story.

In this book, Connor ‘Hatch’ Wallace is the knight on white horse when he helps a stranded woman, Maisie Mann, get her car started.  He is immediately attracted, but shuts that down really quick knowing about the baggage that can come from relationships and ‘nice’ women particularly of the polished put together type like this one.  His ex did a number on him and never again.  His long term relationships will be for his younger siblings that he raised alone after his mom died and his dad went to prison and to his brothers in the Dogs of Fire MC.  Only, he keeps encountering this sweet, soft-spoken woman and her daughter who are irresistible and get inside under his skin.  A dangerous incident that puts Maisie in the hospital ends his resistance.  He is all in.  Now he needs to persuade Maisie.

Maisie fell in love with her childhood sweetheart and was with him until he died.  It has been ten years and she still feels lost without him.  Her best friend pushes her to move on, but Maisie is content to live for Poppy and doesn’t think there would ever be a second shot at the deep love she felt for her husband.  But then big, rough biker, Hatch, is suddenly there and with each new encounter, she opens up to the idea of something special where she least expected it.

This could have been a rather good story of a biker and a business woman getting a second shot at love- and it was that, for sure.  But with the addition of a best friend dealing with severe mental health issues, grief, and even modern class issues, this story dug deep into a bit of something more making it unputdownable for me.  Up until now, I would have said that Ace and Cassidy’s story was my favorite of the series, but- new fav has emerged with this sweet yet passionate romance between Connor and Maisie.

Connor has some alpha protector in him and is quite capable of doing violence for those he loves, but he also wants what he fears the most- he wants his own relationship and family though he is afraid of being burned again.  Maisie is the Brit with the stiff upper lip and balks at engaging in another go at love.  She has a need to do things for herself and bristles whenever Connor tries to protect her, but she is all in when she pushes him to share his thoughts and feelings instead of shutting down and backing away.  I enjoyed that they acted like mature adults even while working through their issues.  And the pair of them were on fire together once they came together.

All in all, this was an absorbing read that I can highly recommend for the lovers of biker romance who want spice without going too dark.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Debbie Haupt

    I kind of have a love hate relationship with biker romance, but since you like this one I may try number one in the series. Thanks Sophia Rose

    • I can understand the love-hate thing. These are more mild and sweet on the biker romance spectrum- hot sexy scenes, but sweet on the biker culture. If that helps. 🙂

  • I really like that this tackled tough subject matter and the added depth it provided.

    • Yes! It had its steamy moments and a suspense piece, but it was also one that had character and thoughtful times.

  • Oooo, I do love a good alpha male! I have not read a biker romance in quite some time. Who was it – Kate Ruggle? She has a biker series available? I might be wrong about that, but I want to try that series (that I can picture in my head but know no titles. LOL.).

    Great review, Sophia! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • She doesn’t have a series, but her second Search & Rescue series book, Fan the Flames has a firefighter-biker for the hero. Loved it!

  • A tough guy who’s very protective of her girl and mom?! Who wouldn’t love that. I’m glad you enjoyed it Sophia!


    • Yes, exactly, Vanessa! Makes me go swoony.

  • Hiya Sophia, you are SO not the only one that gets all swoony-fied when a guy that is so tough goes soft for a girl 🙂 GOSH. SO IN LOVE WITH THE SOUND OF THIS BOOK. But I just bought like a whole bunch of books so I think I’ll have to hold off for a while to get this one! <3

    • Yes, be still my heart, Keionda. 🙂

      Oh, I bought a stack a few weeks ago so I haven’t let myself pick up any more except review books. But the sales are soooo tempting.

  • I really want to try more novels like that about riders. I did try one but I wasn’t impressed so I want to find a series that could win me a bit more. Maybe this one

    • I am rather picky about the motorcycle romances I pick up b/c I don’t mind alpha men, but I do mind when women are not treated respectfully or are abused so I prefer the ones that are more about camaraderie and brotherhood and romance.
      This series has some hot scenes, but also good romance and family stuff, too.

  • oh I am with ya on that one. I love the whole tough guy and sweet girl routine!!! It just works for me so much.

    • Yep, yep, I was in love the second he shared that pizza dinner with Maisie and her daughter and he gave that little girl equal attention.

  • This sounds great! I love that they both have had a lot to deal with in their past but are moving forward. I can’t resist a tough guy falling in love!

    • These are pretty good particularly if you want a biker romance on the lighter end of the spectrum. Yes, they both have to overcome their past and yep, big alpha guy falling for a sweet lady and her daughter hit me right in the romantic heart. 🙂

  • oh a second shot at love romance, this looks like a fun ride 😉 I like how unlikely matched they are.

    • A very fun ride, Lily. Love the unlikely pairing, too.

  • For some reason I can’t stand that feeling of knowing the other characters already had their story, so i prefer to read series in order. But I did recently read a third book first in a series and it did work out, even though I had a bit of that nagging feeling of missing something because I hadn’t read the first two books.

    The romance in this one sounds really well, with the gruff guy and she being so sweet. And both being wary of giving love another try. Those unlikely pairing scan be the best to read about. And those difficult topics sounds like it adds some depth to the book. Great review!

    • I used to be so good about only reading books in order and I still tend to do that, but if I accidentally commit to a review book that I didn’t know was part of a series I feel like I should read it. Sometimes that works and others, yes, I feel like there are a whole bunch of people and situations that I missed on. I try to give people their options to decide for themselves.

      Oh yes, this was a sweet yet passionate romance for this pair who really were unlikely yet they worked so well. The added difficult stuff was a plus to me b/c it made it about real life and people.

      Love that you share your thoughts on the reviews, Lola.

  • Okay I need this one. Need it bad! lol The bits with her daughter and him and gah yes. Need.

    And I’m visiting old posts. *flails* I had them all bookmarked to visit and lost track of them. They all popped up again when my computer did a restart. lol I was like dayum!

    • LOL, glad you could visit and see this one because yeah, this was a swoony one. I was in love with the story for that alone.