Ruthless by Gillian Archer #Review

Ruthless by Gillian Archer #Review

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Series: True Brothers MC #1
Genres: Motorcycle Club Romance
Published by Love Swept
Released on April 12, 2016
Pages: 259
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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Yeah, I have a secret liking of bad boys who really know how to love someone once they get over their own hangups. So when I start reading, right off I am a little put off not really knowing what was going on and it’s all in first person. Jessica’s on a blind date with octopus man. He tries to make a move on Jessica and turns into someone who doesn’t know the meaning of no. Never fear the Zag is here to make the guy learn the error of his ways. Never fear, we do get both sides of the story with Zag and Jessica.

So it makes no real sense why Jessica asks Zag out because he is kind of big and scary with a huge motorcycle, but she stays the course and asks him out for a drink. This leads to her going home with him. They part ways only to have him call her again and they kind of become fuck buddies. Jessica knows he’s part of a MC, but she’s not part of that world. Then a situation happens and Jessica’s life if put in danger from a few different angles, so Zag makes her his old lady.

The suspense is a little off putting as she now has a shadow following her to protect her. This works out real great, not and at times I realized she was going out without a shadow even if it didn’t always work out right. Jessica is suspicious of what the MC means and what they do. Of course women aren’t privy to most of it, but this MC isn’t quite so bad. Some members need their asses kicked though.

Wowee! The sex was often quick, hard and passionate. Zag never left her unsatisfied even if he wasn’t much on conversation. His life hasn’t been easy, but he’s in a good place now and just has to realize Jessica is the right woman for him. Jessica has had a privileged life with a mother who loves to matchmake, but really has no talent for it. While Jessica isn’t embarrassed to be with Zag, she is cautious on how he will deal with the people of her life.

Through most of the book I didn’t think I would finish it. It turned out not to be too bad, but still not something I truly enjoyed. There were a few gaps story that make it less than enjoyable and I just couldn’t write them off and move on. Zag is a hunk, he has some issues, but in general he doesn’t let them rule him for long. Jessica doesn’t understand the pull to Zag, but when she embraces it, she becomes happier. These two were made for each other.

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    1. The good part is the MC isn’t into anything illegal. The hero is a stereotypical man who doesn’t say much. The female is kind of flighty at times and has friends to match.

    1. What I find funny is I used the same photo for my Bad Boys of Romance Challenge.

    1. I have read way to many MC romances lately and need a break. This one wasn’t bad. The MC is pretty much above board for the most part, just Zag irritated me for half of the book. The heroine irritated me for most of the book. But as far as MC romance, it wasn’t too bad.