1. Ooo that’s hard! I’ll have to think on that one. I know there are some series I’m behind on but not sure if they’d be quite long enough for what I have left. I shall ponder this a bit and be back 😀

    The linky list is down by the way ladies.

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve got two series in mind, but I have to decide between them. Oh, and when you consider, don’t forget those series that look shorter b/c they only count the novel-length ones, but have tons of novella-length stories in between the novels.

      Yeah, I saw that about the links. I’ll pass that on to Shari.

        1. I just remember the Shiloh Walker and Cecy Robson series are only on a certain number, but that doesn’t take into consideration the novels, but hey, it looks like Shari’s lowered it to five anyway. 😉

          1. Oh which Walker are you thinking? I’m too up to date on most of hers I think but am going to tackle the JD Robb series. I didn’t realize I had so many left to go. Wasn’t 10 but with the number drop I can do it. I think there are 9 I have left if you include 2 novellas in there. I might try some Julia Quinn but not 100% sure on that yet. I have a LOT of hers to get to.

            1. Oh, I just meant the Secrets & Shadows one we are reading that has those novellas all at the beginning before it even gets to book one. Eventually I want to get to her pyschic FBI ones.
              I’m considering the In Death series too except I need to start them, but then I’ve also got the Psy-Changlings by Singh and the Glory St. Claire by Bartlett just sitting there waiting for me too. Decisions, decisions…

              1. Ahhh yes. I do enjoy those. I’m caught up on that one from Walker other than 2 of the intro novellas that I’m not too keen on starting. I need to finish her FBI psychics one. I read book 4 of it and really enjoyed it.

                LOL I hear ya on everything just waiting! I need to do the last half of Singh’s as well. And she has a bunch of novellas to go with it too. I really love the novellas in that series.

                1. That’s what I’ve heard about her novellas too. Maybe you were the one who said it. Haha! Truthfully, I’m very much in the mood for all those series right now and that’s why I’m having trouble deciding.

                  1. LOL it very well might have been. I don’t know why but I just love the novellas in them 🙂 I know that feeling well too. I have like 4 books right now I want to read all at the same time and it’s so hard picking which one will be next.

                    1. That’s when the eenie, meanie, minie stuff starts for me. I’ve even gotten desperate enough to convince myself to read a chapter in each to see what one grabs me soonest. Pathetic, I know.

      1. Thanks Sophia! I finally figured out how to create my own sign up after fighting for a while on ones out there. Now I need to update the others.

        Sign up for as many as you want…I lowered the requirement to a minimum of 5 books and that can include novellas. Too many rules make it too hard so I am trying to make it easier for everyone.

    2. I guess my free account expired on the linky thing. So I switched to a new one, but it looks clunky. It will do for now. I am also reducing the amount of books to 5 instead of 10. After some thought that seems to be easier.

      1. Ooos now that I can do! For some series that’ll be a lot easier I think. Most of the longer running ones I have on my list I’ve already done a number in them and was going erg I just dont think they’ll fit. I’ll raid my goodreads list this weekend 🙂

        1. Glad I could help! I just signed up for 3 of them since I lowered the requirement. I may never read another book outside of challenges this year, lol.

        1. Hey, sorry to ask, but can you sign up again? I created my own sign up and display form since I was having so many problems today. Hopefully this will work better for us.

  2. Hello! I did a big round of Reading Challenge updating this morning right before going to sleep (I work third shift and do day sleeping). I was going to add a comment, but forgot, so here I am now. Thanks for hosting this challenge. It sounds like it’ll be interesting fun. And also, it’ll keep me on track since I love starting series… and then end up not getting around to the rest of the books.

    Happy reading and good luck to everyone!

  3. I really hope it’s okay, but my list is going to be mostly Audiobooks. I have been really lucky in getting a bunch of the Virgin River series in audio and so those are what I will working on. Since I have only listened to 2 out of the 20 in the series, I have quite far to go.

  4. I’m not sure if there is a way to fix my links, but I accidentally deleted the original post for my reading challenges. I have a new post HERE. If you are able to delete the other entries, then I will re-enter with the correct link. 🙂 I’m so sorry for the trouble.

    1. Hi Cassandra! They should all be updated now! I know how that is. I think I delete more than I ever get published at times.

  5. I just realized that my series is technically Science Fiction, but my mother (who has read the series) assures me that there is a romantic element that is important to the plot and what not. Can I still use this? :s