So many things wrong! Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks #Review

So many things wrong! Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks #Review
Darkest Before Dawn

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Series: KGI #10
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Berkley
Released on October 27, 2015
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

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The hero Hancock has been in past books in the series. Me, well, I forgot who or what he was and while he is  the hero, it didn’t cause too many problems not remembering him. Since I didn’t really like him, it was something I didn’t even cry over or go back to find out who he was. I just didn’t care.

Hancock and his team are former Titan’s that have been after their villain for years. The last two times they have gotten close, they chose to save an innocent instead of taking out the bad guy. Now they are closer than ever to getting to him again, but the one hiccup is another innocent must be sacrificed for the greater good. (FUCK THAT!)

The story starts off with a literal bang as the relief center Honor Cambridge works at (somewhere in the middle east) is bombed by New Day. Getting all the patients out, Honor runs back in to help save her co-workers only to be crushed by a wall that in reality saves her life. She frees herself and uses a level head to pack and hide from the men who want all the clinic workers to show their power. Spending days sleeping an nights walking, Honor evades the terrorist until an American approaches her to save her, or so she thinks.

Hancock and his team have been sent to retrieve the American woman who has escaped and evaded the terrorists. Not to save her, but to turn her over to the bad guy they are after so they can kill him. They know she won’t survive and that she will have a long lingering death. Hancock evades her questions, never lies, drugs her to keep her quiet, but never gives her the truth. All through their escape Honor shows the men she is one of the best people, but also innocent of the ways of the world. They grow to respect her and all have problems turning her over to finish their mission.

And that is where I was so furious with the story. It’s one thing to hold onto this hope that turning over an innocent will save thousands, but when they and especially Hancock meet her, they don’t change their minds. They intend to let her go to a man who will rape her, beat her, hurt her and then turn her over the terrorist who tried to kill her to begin with to have even more torment. The team all knows this, but Hancock leads.

After Honor is brutally attacked by their current bad boss (no rape, just attempted), Hancock comes clean with what’s going on and Honor starts to get cold and internal in her thoughts. It’s for the greater good right? But as she is preparing her mind for what is going to happen, she starts defending Hancock’s actions and that he is a good man. *PUKE* Seriously, I don’t have that kind of attitude and fuck Hancock to think he can use her like that.

So Honor is a virgin and she doesn’t want her first time to be in a rape so she asks Hancock to make love to her.

And I would hate myself if I hurt you. I would despise myself. It would kill me if I hurt you, Honor.

Seriously, he says this in the middle of having sex with her and he plans to turn her over to be raped, beaten and degraded. I just couldn’t find it in my heart to like either of them after this. Oh, and they forgot the condom.

After this I was kind of over the entire story. Even if he decided not to do it, he kept holding onto his convictions way to long and Honor kept defending him for them. So sad that she was willing to be a martyr for her man.

Things happen that are supposed to make you change your mind about Hancock, but it was too late. Honor gets her torture, but is never raped. The end came and I was ever so glad to be done with these characters. They just left me with a WTF feeling.

The KGI group makes an appearance briefly in the latter part of the book. While I love some of these guys, it just seemed flat and uninteresting.

So I have read every one of the books in this series except for one. I have loved the earlier books. The latter books keep becoming something that just leaves me cold. And so I must say, I am done reading this series. I just can’t take any more of the heroines being sappily innocent and sweet while the men want to dominate what they think and feel. It doesn’t feel like a passionate love but more like a take over of someone who has no thoughts or feelings.

Discussion Starter

So I love sweet and innocent heroines, but also women who are strong and go get ’em. When does the innocent and sweetness go too far? What’s the line of being an martyr or being a strong heroine? Do we want martyr’s in our romance?

Can we forgive hero’s for being idiots? Do they go too far at times that even as a reader you can’t forgive them? Is the greater good really greater?

About Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today and bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy. Her other chart toppers have included erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and Scottish historical romance. She lives in the South with her husband, three children and a variety of pets.

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    1. The four or five books were wonderful. Probably 4 star average. When it started with a weird paranormal angle for 2 books, that is when it started going downhill. There is one book that deals with a rape victim, which was extremely hard to read.

      The biggest problem with Maya Banks books lately is that they seem redundant. They think the same things over and over. They say the same things over and over. They fall deeply in love that is seems to be all consuming and irritating when the men become all dominant and alpha and make the female look weak. I am ready for some strong females for once.

  1. I’ve recently gotten into Maya Banks historical romances. Have you read them? I’ve read three and LOVE them. BUT THIS! This seems awful. I love sweet and innocent heroines, too. But this is too much. A woman can be sweet and loving and innocent and not a complete pushover and martyr.

    1. I have read one of her historicals, but I a not a historical romance fan. This was just to painful to read as it wasn’t good. It evoked all the wrong emotions from me left and right.

  2. Wow, yeah! While it makes for an interesting situation in a story to have the hero sacrifice the heroine to save the world, it doesn’t make for good romance per se especially if the internal struggle and explanations happen too late. I don’t mind a sweet and innocent heroine, but not one that makes excuses for someone else’s wrong thinking. That’s not innocence that’s lack of intelligent thinking and a whole lot of horny thinking.

    1. I loved the heroine until she started defending the hero’s actions. Nope, I don’t care who you are, you aren’t going to say that about him and then start getting ready to be brutally raped, beaten, humiliated and then killed. Some of that ended up happening anyway and that left me with a no way am I going back to this series.

    1. I am so over this entire series. I don’t get why Maya Banks writing seems to have gone downhill the last year. I thought it was just one book, but ever since then, I haven’t like one of her books.