Stepbrother Hero by Krista Lakes #Review

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Stepbrother Hero by Krista Lakes #Review
Stepbrother Hero

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
Released on May 31, 2015
Pages: 251
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Oh a lot to get off my chest about things. Ok, what’s with the stepbrother craze in books lately? It borders on ridiculous…kind of like all the billionaire books. So anyway, I haven’t read many of them, so I decided with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I would try one after my last failed attempt. And I still don’t understand it. Like, I have two stepbrothers. I never grew up or lived with any of them. I never found them attractive, but if I had, would it have been weird since I was 23 when my father married my stepmom? Ok, I am a little off topic here, but this is kind of what happened in the book.

The story is told completely from Hayley’s point of view. Some things are skewed and then some things just don’t make sense because of this.

Hayley and her best friend, Rachel, had crushes on the popular boys in high school. When Hayley’s dad marries Ian’s mom, that crush went out the door in hopes, but never ended in reality. Hayley wasn’t trying, but when she tutored Aiden, he asked her out and kissed her, but to the anger of Rachel. Say end of that friendship. So now a high school Hayley is the stepsister to Army boy Ian.

Fast forward a few years and it is the night of Hayley’s 21st birthday. Somehow she graduated college earlier and has come home to live in her father’s house along with her stepmom, Jenny, and Ian. She’s drunk when Ian finds her walking the roads. Nothing happens, but old desires roar their ugly heads. Oh, and Hayley is a virgin, but since her room is right next to Ian’s, she has gotten to listen to all his wonderful sexual exploits….and cue the creepy music….he once was engaged to Rachel! Gross!!!!

So through the entire book there is portrayed a since that Ian wants a family in the worst way and getting engaged to Rachel was just one way to make it happen. He wasn’t particularly in love with Rachel either. Oh, no, Ian has been in love with Hayley for a long time, but knows he can’t have her since she is considered his sister.

As you guessed it, lust overcomes Ian and Hayley and they have wild monkey sex…without a condom or birth control. Subconsciously I swear they both wanted a pregnancy. In fact they never use birth control for two weeks. Once again cue music in the form of a lullaby. Well, I digress. These two don’t have a lick of common sense between them. They are both living in the house with their parents. There is some special entrance to Ian’s room, but I guess if he wants to shower he has to exit his room and travel back into the house, but also Ian and Hayley’s room border each other’s. Oh, Oh, Oh, and somehow you can hear everything from Ian’s room into Hayley’s but not vice versa. Strange right?

Through this all, Hayley’s dad, Sam and Jenny are having a hard time with their marriage. They go off to a retreat to work on it, thus leaving some time for Hayley and Ian to bump uglies. They come back to announce they are divorcing. This is when Jenny becomes a world class bitch and Sam decides to hide in the basement.

Ian is deploying in a month for a four month tour, so Ian and Hayley think they just have to wait out the the divorce then they won’t technically be siblings any more. Well, there is a total curve ball thrown in to all these plans and I can’t tell you what it is without spoiling the book.

So, while Ian is in the army, you don’t get much on the military front. They never use a condom or birth control, so you know what will happen soon. They are both kind of stupid and I just can’t express that with giving away points in the book. Ian is way to cocky at times and Hayley seems quite unmotivated to make a living. It all just came down to immature people making little people with no plan for life. But hey, they all wanted to be a family with kids. Never mind how you will support those kids.

Hopefully the next generation isn’t going to really be this way. I seriously hope my kids aren’t living with me when they are pregnant. I love them, but I hope they can be self sufficient so I can spoil my grandkids, not raise them. So did I find this sexy…sometimes, but mostly I was worried about everything they were doing wrong and morally I just didn’t like them.

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  • I don’t understand the step-brother craze either. I guess it is a taboo and that is why people like it. ?? If a story comes along that sounds interesting enough, I might try one, but I don’t know. Not my thing. Great review.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      The stepbrother craze is getting out of hand. Authors want to make it taboo, when the good authors just don’t bother to put stepbrother into the mix. Gina Showalter did it in her Heartbreakers series and you don’t hear everyone getting upset over that. Why? Because it wasn’t about the taboo of step siblings but two people who weren’t related getting together.

  • they killing me with these kind of reads too…I just don’t understand it. I tried one, won’t be reading any others. But folks love the taboo and now we got this craziness. This one sound a mess though…

    • Shari Delighted Read

      If they put stepbrother in the title, they are trying to make it a taboo dirty subject when in reality if written right isn’t. It’s for the shock value and to make you feel sneaky by reading it. Silly authors.

  • This one sounds like a What the Heck mess. I don’t get the stepbrother thing, either.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      This was a mess. Take the stepbrother thing out of the equation and just write it as a romance. These authors have got to start writing stories and not making readers feel like they are reading taboo subjects.

  • This one sounds like a What the Heck mess. I don’t get the stepbrother thing, either.