Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon #Review #NeverEndingSeries

Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon #Review #NeverEndingSeries

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Series: Dark-Hunters #25
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by St. Martin's Press
Released on September 3, 2013
Pages: 848
Format: eBook

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The Delight

A story that can make me cry is a keeper, but with caveats. Styxx’s story is as dark as his twin brother Acheron’s. Bethany had my heart, but also sometimes my scorn at her actions. Read on to find out more.

All through Acheron’s story, we all probably held a deep hatred for Styxx, so when I started this story, I was forcing myself to read it. How could he redeem himself? I didn’t think Stryker did, so in no way did I think Styxx could do it. Boy was I wrong. How the author weaves these two stories together is interesting as we took everything Styxx said and did wrong and we never saw what happened in his life.

The story begins when Styxx and Acheron were young boys and right away you want to cuddle these two innocent children. Styxx wasn’t the bully you thought he was when he took Acheron’s wooden horse, but he was protecting him from being blamed for stealing it. Through every action, Ryssa (their older sister)  comes across as a royal bitch. She never sees anything good in Styxx. At night they would lay back to back, feet bent to each others feet. As twins they shared everything. The Gods who were looking for Acheron put voices in his head, but not the loudness that was put in Styxx’s head. Styxx could hear everyone’s thoughts which gave him incredible headaches and nose bleeds. While everyone thought Styxx was his father’s beloved son, it was quite the opposite. And every pain brought down on Acheron, Styxx felt it too. Not only was his life line tied to his brother’s, he pain was too.

When Acheron is taken away, Styxx is often confused by the pains he feels from him. At one point Styxx’s father thinks he is possessed and gave him to the priests to exorcise. He is burned, beaten and violated until finally his father brings him home when Apollo persuades him to, but Apollo wants the boy. Yep, good ole Apollo is into guys.

The first really violation on Styxx happens when his uncle takes him hunting and camping with a group of his friends. They drug him and violate him over and over. We are talking a teenager here of young age being raped and raped by his uncle and friends. This is when Styxx realizes what Acheron is going through and we see him try to save Acheron by fleeing fast ahead of his uncle only to have Acheron betray him. Once again drugged and sold as a prostitute with is brother.

And so the story continues with so much sexual violations I can’t even begin to understand. Styxx tries to kill himself and finds out he can’t until Acheron is dead. And that is when he comes upon a blind maiden fishing. She is beautiful and she can’t see all his scars. The two continue to meet for a time and gently fall in love. He tells her is name is Hector so she connect him to the prince everyone talks about.

Unbeknownst to him, Bethany is a Goddess of two pantheons, Atlantis (her mother) and Egyptian (her father). She is searching for Acheron for his father but often skips away. The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, she has not been happy for a long time nor smiled. She also hides this fact from Hector (Styxx) as she knows how much he hates the Gods who have forsaken him.

There is a great war where Styxx at a young age does what no other Greek has, almost made it to the heart of Atlantis when he is called back. But during this time he kills Atlantean’s that Apollo loves. So he gets bitch slapped by Apollo, meaning Bethany has no claims on him. At some point they both reveal who they really are, but they love each other so much, it matters little.

There is a lot more to this story but I don’t a blow by blow to the story in the past. Suffice it to say Styxx is betrayed by everyone except for Bethany, but at one point I think she should have done so much more. Bethany gets pregnant and Styxx is going to marry her when Acheron dies violently leaving Styxx dead as well. But good ole Acheron is brought back by Artemis and so Artemis takes him off to a island. An island he spends eleven thousand years on, by himself as Artemis says she will provide for him, but as with Arty, she forgets he even exists. When he is brought back he knows what Apollymi has done to her pantheon, killing is wife (even if not officially married) and unborn child.

There is so much more to this story and just how much these two love each other. The often just cuddled, talked and dreamed of a life together. The both accepted each other and had no qualms loving each other. It was a sweet love. One that Styxx desperately needed and Bethany needed as well. Now eleven thousand years later they need a miracle to ever be together considering Bethany and the child are dead. You know this author had a plan to get them back together.

Now in the future, I get to start hating Acheron. He is so forgiving of each of his Dark-Hunters, but his brother, he can’t even find time to talk as he has what he feels is all the information. He condemns Styxx and I don’t now how Styxx can handle it. Eleven thousand years and no one give a shit about you. I would have caved in. But he can’t die until Acheron does.

While the future isn’t as brutal as the past, he is used unfairly. He finally has to retreat once again to be alone. To find himself. He just wants to be left alone. And that is what was breaking my heart.

Deep down while I loved this story I also think it went too far and too long just like Acheron’s. There is only so much abuse I want to read about. There is a happy ending, but the struggle almost did me in to get there. Oh, oh, and Ryssa…can’t I cut that bitch? I thought she was selfish in Acheron’s story but then again she didn’t have much power. This time, I wanted to cut her up and make her feel an ounce of either brothers’ pain. Dear old dad….someone needed to assassinate him and the uncle.

I can’t give this five stars for so much violence, but I can’t discount just how truly I felt for Styxx and his one moment he wanted peace and happiness. A great addition to the story line, but I really have to say I am done with 800 page books. They take everything out of you.

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  1. 800 pages and #25… I’m willing to read that series, have been for a long time now, but now I’m a little afraid of what’s expecting me, lol !

  2. Kenyon is a brilliant author and like everyone else, I was a fan of Acheron the book and ended up crying like a baby through much of it. While reading this awesome review, I could feel the tears welling up again that a child could be so victimized by his own family over and over again. Despite loving Kenyon, I’m not sure I could take this book on at this point. Kenyon really knows how to bring out the feels. Hugs, Super Shari!

  3. I have been debating whether or not to read this. I loved Acheron’s book but it was really tough getting through it. And I know Styxx will be just as tough. So I am waiting until I am in the mood for something like this. Great review though. I had issues with Rissa too.

    1. Styxx’s story plays parallel to Acheron’s and though Styxx came off as a horrible character, you don’t know what happens to him in reality. Styxx’s story is just as dark as Acheron’s. It took a lot for me to get through all the abuse he took as it was kind of worse for him with Acheron also scorning him.

  4. Styxx was my 3rd try on audio and boy was that a mistake! I totally DNFd this because it was too much to listen to. On the plot side, I felt it was Acheron retold. Bravo to you for finishing this one.

    1. It broke my heart over and over. I love Acheron, but he was totally in the wrong with Styxx’s story. I don’t know how I held on through so much abuse. It is not something I even want to ever read again.

  5. I loved and hated Styxx, the novel. It is a very traumatic read. It tears your heart out and stomps on it. I don’t think I could read it again though. Your review almost brought me to tears just remembering it! I haven’t been up to reading more of her novels lately. I DNF’d Son of No One as uninteresting, although my sister says it brings a lot of explanations to the surface as her worlds merge.

    1. I will never read it again. Once was all I could take and that almost did me in. I just wanted to cry and find out why she had to do this to these characters. I think I could have totally handled a lot less abuse in my reading material. I am taking a break from this series for a bit. This book did me in.

  6. This book…this book did me in emotionally for days. I hated Styxx when I first started reading this book but by the end I just wanted Acheron and Styxx to be happy. I loved this book and Acheron, these two huge books might just be my favorites of all time at this point. I’ve never read any two books that sent me into an emotional roller coaster the way these two did, this one even more so than Acheron. So glad you finally read it.

    1. I don’t think I have recovered after reading this. I wanted nothing but happiness for these two. Roller coaster is a mild comparison. My heart was stomped on with these two. I have to take a break from this series for a while.

  7. Yeah, this one tore me up and totally had me hating Ash with a vengence. How can you forgive every dark-hunter but not your own brother? smdh. I agree it was long, girl….long. But I’m glad she was able to tell Styxx side…there are always two sides…always.

    1. I was surprise at just how much I hated Acheron in this book. While his life was Hell, he never once thought of his brother after their separation. I just wanted to kick him the balls for that. Way to long and way to much violence. I could have done with maybe 25% of all the violence visited on these two. In the end I forgave Acheron, but won’t forget what he did.

      1. me too Shari! I was like at the end thank goodness for Tori, because yeah…Ash need a good kick in the balls for real!

        The violence was enough to make you just bury your head and not pick it up in a very long time..goodness, I kept saying how the hell can two people go through so much? just…idk. Oh and I so agree with you about their sister…what a total witch. Just selfish and spoiled, she didn’t grasped anything that happened with Styxx or Ashe. Like she was caught up in her own selfish ways….hate to say it but I’m glad she didn’t make it to the present. Man that whole family was screwed the hell up.