Sweet to begin, creepy in the end! Sweet as Sin by J.T. Geissinger #Review

Sweet to begin, creepy in the end! Sweet as Sin by J.T. Geissinger #Review
Sweet as Sin

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Series: Bad Habit #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Rock Band Romance
Published by Montlake Romance
Released on July 15, 2015
Pages: 386
Format: eBook

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The Delight

Sweet as Sin started out as a story I was in love with and excited to read and then…BAM…the story took a left turn into creepy land and stayed there to the end. There is a reason the author gives at the end as to why, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make the story any better.

In a reading slump, I gravitated to the cover of this story and had to read it. Who doesn’t want a rock band bad boy falling for the unconventional young woman who wants nothing to do with him or his fame? Kat Reid loves her life after having a harsh childhood. She owns her own house in LA and gets to put on the make up for the rich and famous. The rich and famous she detests and wants nothing to do with even on a good day. After several re-schedules she ends up on set of the music video for Bad Habit doing the lead lady’s make up. But the lead lady, Avery, is out of it and Nico Nyx is on the set. Nico and Avery have been a thing for a while so he whisks her away from the set, but Kat cannot deny there was a sizzle to their meeting.

With that sizzle comes the idea that Kat should replace Avery as the bride in the video. Nico and Kat sizzle and burn hard during the shoot, but Kat still wants nothing to do with Nico. Nico won’t take no for an answer and sweetly starts to court and seduce Kat into his life when all Hell breaks loose the the story gets dark, creepy and about as unsexy as anything.

Grace winced, watching the action outside. “I think Barney just tasered someone.” I was horrified. “What? With a taser?” She answered drily, “No, with his cell phone. It’s a new Android app.”

Nico has so many dirty secrets bottled up and some of them are coming out to bite his ass and take Kat with them. You find out about his childhood which was worse than Kat’s onto a life of running away and keeping secrets that are pretty disgusting at times. The creep factor dialed up so high at this point I probably should have known it wasn’t going to calm down.

Throw in there is some stalkerish tendencies from Nico to Kat. He often traps her against a wall and kisses her roughly to make her bend to his way. Or he will spank her if he feels she did something wrong. While this wasn’t a BDSM book, it started leaning to a disciplinary type story a few times. There were times I wondered who was more crazy as this felt all wrong.

Kat had two great friends, but one kind of rubbed me wrong at times. Grace is a therapist and often throws out advice or objections to Kat. Then you learn she has no memory of her past, but then again no story about how she doesn’t know who she is for real. Chloe’s in a bad relationship but then starts dating one of the cops usually around when things go wrong.

Nico had band members, but you never really saw them in concert or working. While Nico is this big music star, I only saw lyrics from the video shoot. You never see him pouring over lyrics or cords. It all just felt fake.  Since the story was told completely from Kat’s point of view, you never learn about really what Nico feels or wants except for what he blurts out like how he wants lots of kids at one point and doesn’t want to wait.

Nico started to hum “Gold Digger” by Kanye West.

If anything, Kat is in no way a gold digger. Her one saving grace. Her friend also said she didn’t have an ounce of self-preservation at one point and I had to agree. She gave Nico what he wanted, every time and it got old fast. He said she ran all the time, I think she didn’t try to run far enough or fast enough.

Now to put into perspective some of this, the author explains at the end something tragic happened in her life. She finished the story on a much darker note and knew it trying to get help to make it better. While this was different than the original and second plan, it was something I really wished she had tabled and come back to at another time or even started over. It just wasn’t ready in my mind for me to read. I hate to say it, but this wasn’t a great story. It left me in a blah place. And yes, I know about death in the family after losing someone a year ago to cancer. It’s hard and I feel bad, but I can’t lie and say this is a great story. It just isn’t.


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  1. Ah, yeah, it sounds like this one tried to go a few different directions at the same time. Maybe she’ll do a second edition and work out the direction from the beginning so it feels consistent all the way through.
    Sorry it wasn’t a good one for you.

    1. I will try to read a book by her again, but I am really sad this started strong and went downhill fast.

  2. oh wow, yeah I am pretty sure I wouldn’t care for this one at all either. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t a good turn out. I do have a hard time with stories that start out good and get worse. I do have issues with the whole disciplinary aspect

    1. The disciplinary stuff just felt wrong. He had so many issues and need to be in therapy!

  3. I know what you mean, it started delightfully but turned into something completely different. I found Nico had anger management issues, but there were some insights on life here and there that I could relate to. So, I mostly liked it while I couldn”t love it, but there was something good in there that made me want to give the author another chance. And I couldn’t help but feeling sorry for what happened to her – it happened to me too, that’s why I could rely so much on said insights 🙂 Very good review, Shari !

    1. Nico needed a therapist! His anger issues actually scared me. I couldn’t trust him at all. The author had a deAth in her family, which I totally related to, but felt she should have left this script for a better time. Write something else in grief. The creep factor was way beyond what I wanted to read. Yep, incest isn’t something I want to begin to have in my stories.

  4. All those lies and the creep factor make this sound like it wouldn’t be a book for me. And wow what’s up with the switch from sweet to scary? I like it when an author adds details about their jobs to make it feel real, so not having those details would annoy me as well. The romance sounds icky and like it doesn’t fully work, it’s hard to enjoy a romance book when the romance is weird. I also find dark books hard to read at times, but when it starst off that way at least you know what to expect, while with a sudden chance it’s weird. I can understand how the author her situation can change her writing, but indeed maybe it would’ve worked better to write another book.

    1. Yes, I think she should have shelved it or started over because her state of mind had the heroine dying from breast cancer after the first run. She had help restructuring the story to not be so dark, or so she thought. But in the end, it just wasn’t good. I wanted more of what I found in the beginning. The entire family is pretty sick and while I would say Nico is the normal one of the group, but he is the only one holding it together, but he also has control issues along with anger issues. Just wished it hadn’t take the turn it had.

    1. I will try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but this one was just to hard to turn into a good book to read.