Sweet, Young Delight: Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Sweet, Young Delight: Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann
Let's Talk About Love
Narrated by Adenrele Ojo

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Genres: New Adult Romance, YA Contemporary Romance
Published by Tantor Audio
Released on July 18, 2018
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

I spotted this book getting some attention a while back, but didn’t get the chance to investigate it closely at the time.  Then, the audio version released and I caught sight of the blurb for the first time.  Well look at this… a bi-racial, asexual heroine struggling with all the usual troubles that a fun-loving college gal who must decide on her career along with quirky friends, boisterous family, an ex, and a new chance at love.  My interest was piqued and I dove in happily.


Alice has just broken up with her girlfriend Margot when Margot confronted her about the lack in their sex life.  Admitting that she’s asexual had Margot out the door so now Alice fixated on coming to terms with who she is, but also dreaming of a special person who will accept all of her including her preference for romance without sex.  In the meantime, she is fighting off her mom’s plan for her to choose the law as her career when she doesn’t want it, her bestfriend’s jealousy over a new friendship, and a blooming crush on a guy she meets at the library where she works.  They have a lot of fun, but it gets complicated when deeper interest sets in and she’s faced with sharing the truth about her sexuality once again.

Let’s Talk About Love is dubbed a YA and it has that feeling much of the time though the characters are college age.  It’s got a fun-loving and sweet quality to it even while touching on some deeper topics.  The cultural references got me to giggling a couple times.  I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t mention how well the author blended so many layers of diversity together from the sexual orientation to the ethnic background- or, at least, I thought so.  The focus on ordinary and average lives and life issues kept the book’s pace gentle and meandering with little blips of excitement.  I enjoyed Alice’s perky personality, the humor between friends and love interest, the close impact of family, and even Alice’s journey of personal growth.

There were a few niggles that kept this from being more enjoyable than it was.  I confess that I did get bored a few times because not a lot was going on and things took a while to develop.  I also felt that the ex was vilified when I actually thought Alice was wrong to hold back the truth as long as she did or look down on her ex for wanting a relationship involving sex.  Her best bud, Feenie, raised my eyebrow now and again with her jealousy.  Then, Alice’s new love interest, Takumi, had some stalker tendencies that made me uncomfortable a few times.  They sound like a big deal mentioned altogether, but balanced against all the flirty, fun, humor, and personality of the story, it wasn’t as bad as it seems.

I enjoyed this book in audio format.  Adenrele Ojo was a first time narrator for me.  I thought she was fantastic.  I saw this story so clearly the way she delivered it.  Her pace, tone, genders, accents, and emotional timing was so good.  She did all the light banter well.  Her work definitely added depth to the book.

All in all, I had a good time.  It made me laugh and smile and even better, think.  I can’t say for sure if it described the people well, but I thought it rang true for the age, situation, orientation, and ethnic groups the characters represented.  I would definitely read/listen again to more from the author and the narrator.

My thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  • What an interesting premise for a story. I don’t think I’ve read one with this subject matter before.

    • Yeah! It sure grabbed my attention, too. It was cute.

  • I should try again audio format but it’s so long to listen to them

    • I know what you mean. When I listen on Audible, I can change the speed, but I can’t do it for the other audio players I have so it does feel slow.

      • I wonder if faster it wouldn’t be too complicated for the English part for me. Maybe I should try that

        • Hard to say. It probably depends on the narrator’s original speed of reading, the writing, and stuff like that. For those that the narrator is reading slower, I set the speed at 1.5 and if the narrator isn’t as slow, I set it at 1.25. If they are reading really slow, I’ll go to 2. Sometimes I even change the speed throughout the book depending on the part I’m reading. I like that the speed increments allow for a gradual change in speed like that.

          • ah yes it really depends on things

      • Northwomn

        Really? All 5 audio players I use allow speed changes. Audible, Ibooks and Overdrive, and volumes and OneClick digital. Which one doesn’t allow speed changes? Anne – Books of My Heart

        • The old iPod mini I have and still use. 🙂 Audible and Overdrive are fine, but when I convert the MP3 review ones to play on my iPod, I have to tolerate just the one speed. Oh well!

          • Northwomn

            OH I have all 5 on my iphone which is where I listen. I could listen on my Kindle fire but I never do. It’s always the phone. Mine is old enough I can still plug in earbuds if I forget my bluetooth ones.

            • Yes, that is handy. 🙂

              I’m so behind, but its fine since I am terrible with techy stuff. My phone is older and won’t hold more than two listening apps at a time and it has a jack for earbuds, too, but I do have the iPod so I’ve got all my audio venues covered.. One of these days I’ll go Bluetooth. 🙂

  • I just got this sent to me as a recommendation today. Can’t remember which-Book Bub or GoodReads or Amazon. I’d never heard of it and then you review it today too. Coincidence! It’s certainly a different premise and actually think in real life she would be in for a lot of heartache. I’m sorry it was slow in parts with not much happening.

    • What a hoot! It’s funny how that happened with the recommendation and then my review.

      You’re probably right. Definitely unlikely, but I’m glad to get lost in the make believe. 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    Yeah, Alice doesn’t seem to treat her ex well. It’s fine to want a relationship with sex, just like it’s fine to want a relationship WITHOUT sex. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you liked it for the most part.


    • I was just a little surprised b/c she wanted to be treated well for being Ace, but didn’t look well on her ex for wanting a physical relationship.

      I did have a good time with it and I’m not usually a fan of college-age romances.

  • I’ve seen this great cover around and it looks like a good story. I’m not particularly a YA reader, but this looks quite different to the usual genre storylines

    • Yes, its not a typical YA. Other than some youthful quirks, this should probably thought of as more New Adult when a reader goes into it. It was fun and heartwarming though a few troubles for good conflict. 🙂

  • I love that cover!! The story sounds okay, but I love the cover a lot!

    • Yes, exactly. Fun at the laughter spots, but okay for big expanses of it, too.

      Totally cute cover. 🙂

  • that cover! gorgeous :0

    ah, here we go with the labeling again…lols. Glad it was still an enjoyable listen for you! Great review Sophia

    • Yes, it’s such a fun cover just like the heroine. 🙂

      I don’t normally get into college age romances, but I thought this one was sweet and fun lacking the typical drama.

      Thanks, Sharonda!

  • New to me author AND narrator. Sounds interesting though I think those niggles would niggle me, too. lol Especially how the ex was handled. That’s a big thing to have kept such a secret in a relationship.

    • Yeah, it was a cutie, but the niggles would probably catch your attention. The keeping her expectation and orientation secret struck me as wrong through and through. Strong relationships can’t have that sort of secrets and I didn’t blame her ex for getting upset about it.

      • Seems reasonable to me for the ex to have that reaction and not be okay with the holding back of that info or staying in that type of relationship. That would be a big thing for someone to accept even if they love the other person. Huge part of most romantic relationships so, yeah, can’t blame her there.

        • That’s what I thought, too. A relationship isn’t going to work if you’re not on the same page with the sex part.

  • I don’t think I’ve read a book so far about a character who is asexual. Nice it has that fun loving and sweet feel, while also touching upon some deeper topics. I can see how your niggles kept you from fully enjoying it. I like a slow pace, but there has to be enough going on too. And the situation with the ex is a bit weird indeed, that she’s asexual seems like a big thing to keep a secret for so long and it seems reasonable that her ex wanted sex. Thta’s an important thing to be on the same page about. That’s good the narrator was a good one.

    • LOL, yes, there is slow paced and then there is ‘we’re not moving at all’.
      I thought it was too important to keep hidden even if I understood her fear of rejection. Not saying anything was putting them in a place to fail at some point.
      Yes, really good narrator.