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The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Shades of Sepia by Anne Barwell

“Is this seat taken?”

Ben looked up from his coffee and nearly choked when he saw who had spoken. “No,” he managed to splutter as he struggled to catch his breath.

“My apologies,” said the guy Ben had tried to photograph earlier, his casual tone implying the way he disappeared and reappeared, seemingly out of nowhere, wasn’t unusual. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“You didn’t,” Ben started to say, then amended it at the raised eyebrow he got in response. “Well, yeah, you did.”

His companion chuckled. “Unless you’re in the habit of choking on your coffee?” He sniffed the air. “It smells good, so I’m presuming it wasn’t the taste.”

“Yeah, it does, and no, it wasn’t.” Ben mentally kicked himself for sounding so lame. Up close, it was harder to ignore his body’s interest in the man sitting next to him. The English accent wasn’t helping. Ben had always had a thing for English accents. He gripped his cup firmly in his left hand and held out his right. “Ben Leyton.”

They’d been watching each other for nearly a week, so it seemed silly not to introduce himself. He ignored the warning whisper in the back of his mind that he’d maybe just given his name to some kind of stalker.

“Simon Hawthorne.”

ShadesofSepiaLGShades of Sepia by Anne Barwell

A serial killer stalks the streets of Flint, Ohio. The victims are always found in pairs, one human and one vampire.

Simon Hawthorne has been a vampire for nearly a hundred years, and he has never seen anything like it. Neither have the other supernaturals he works with to keep the streets safe for both their kind and the humans.

One meeting with Simon finds Ben Leyton falling for a man he knows is keeping secrets, but he can’t ignore the growing attraction between them. A recent arrival in Flint, Ben finds it very different from his native New Zealand, but something about Simon makes Ben feel as though he’s found a new home.

After a close friend falls victim to the killer, Simon is torn between revealing his true nature to Ben, and walking away to avoid the reaction he fears. But with the body count rising and the murders becoming more frequent, either, or both of them, could be the killer’s next target.

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  1. This book sounds interesting with the serial killer who kills in pairs of both vampire and human. That pickup line situation sounds awkward, in a good way.