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30The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Grand Master’s Pawn by Aurora Springer

Athanor Griffin, the Grand Master, speaks:

His fingers brushed her face, and he murmured in a soft, urgent tone, “No more questions, my talented Violet. We have unfinished business.” He pulled her head down and their lips met again.

She didn’t resist. His lips were warm with the intoxicating taste of power, better than in her dream. Under his kisses, the cunning devil poked at her mind again. Violet yielded, her task was to learn his mind. Parting her lips, she released her shield, and he slipped in.

Grand Master’s Pawn
by Aurora Springer

Grand Master's Pawn by Aurora SpringerOne young woman challenges the super psychics ruling the galaxy, and finds an impossible love.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, achieves her dream of exploring planets by becoming the pawn of one of the twelve Grand Masters, despite her forbidden psychic talent. She believes her secret is safe because the Grand Masters never appear in public and communicate through avatars.

When life-threatening cracks in the vast web of interplanetary portals disrupt civilization, Violet agrees to investigate the cause. At the same time, her trusted tutor, Mother Tingu, explains that her father’s death twenty years ago was no accident. Tingu suspects the perpetrator of both crimes comes from within the ranks of the Twelve, perhaps even Violet’s own obnoxious Grand Master. Violet must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

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About Aurora Springer

Aurora Springer is a scientist morphing into a novelist. She has a PhD in molecular biophysics and discovers science facts in her day job. She has invented adventures in weird worlds for as long as she can remember. In 2014, Aurora achieved her life-long ambition to publish her stories. Her works are character-driven romances set in weird worlds described with a sprinkle of humor. Some of the stories were composed thirty years ago. She was born in the UK and lives in Atlanta with her husband, a dog and two cats to sit on the keyboard. Her hobbies, besides reading and writing, include outdoor activities like gardening, watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing.

Aurora has published science fiction romances in two series, two novellas and short stories. Her first series, Atrapako on Eden, describes the interactions of humans on the terraformed planet of Eden with scaled aliens from the hostile planet of Vkani. She has published two books in this series: The Lady is Blue and Dragons of Vkani. Her second series is the Grand Master’s Trilogy: Book 1, Grand Master’s Pawn, Book 2, Grand Master’s Game, and Book3, Grand Master's Mate. Her FREE short story, Gifts of Jangalore, is set in the Grand Masters’ Universe. Her standalone novellas are: A Tale of Two Colonies and Captured by the Hawk.


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  • Between the teaser quote and that blurb, I’m super interested in reading the rest of this story.