The Great Pick Up Line with Queen of Clubs: Tori by Katie de Long #TGPUL #Giveaway

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The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Queen of Clubs: Tori by Katie de Long

Originally, he thought to name me Goddess, but I slapped him hard and scolded him for daring to qualify me, as an attempt to minimize me. The release I offered him, the pleasure, was not due to some objectified ideal of me in a Grecian robe, breasts bared, a mostly-gentle hippie divinity, or Mother Nature flattening a small town but leaving the real devastation for religious end-of-the-world theories. It was me as consumer, destroyer, cracking him open like a geode. Goddess confined me to sex, not to power. I had a particular pet peeve for that title, and wasn’t going to let it go easily. His boner nearly tore his pants, and I hoped it hurt. He offered me a pile of money in apology, and we hit it off from there. That became our first scene.

Queen of Clubs Tory by Katie de LongQueen of Clubs: Tori by Katie de Long

The exotic dancers and employees of the Queen of Clubs walk a fine line, with only wits, beauty, and market savvy to keep them from toppling into the shark pit. Ride shotgun through lapdances, romance, and sexual awakenings. Don’t worry, these girls won’t ask what your hands are doing under the tip rail. In Queen of Clubs: Tori, a dominatrix decides to take her relationship with a regular to the next level.

Queen of Clubs: Tori is a standalone novella length work, and contains some mature language and explicit content, including mild BDSM.

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  • Phew, this is a woman who knows what she wants, I like that !

    • No kidding! A dominatrix at a strip club…interesting dynamic.

    • No kidding! A dominatrix at a strip club…interesting dynamic.

  • Brittany Strickland

    If his boner breaks through his pants, I think I would be scared haha! I love the idea of a dominatrix at a strip club! This is going on my TBR.

    • Yeah, he’s definitely suffering. I thought that aspect of the story about the Domme was interesting too, Brittany!

  • Whoa! She means business

    • No kidding! I could just hear the whip lashing through the air.

  • Wow…that is intense. Not sure if I will read this one, since I am super picker about the whole dominatrix thing, but it does sound intense. Which I do love those intense and wild stories.

    • I’m picky about Domme books too, but once in a while I’m curious enough from the blurb to give it a go.

  • Thanks for the introduction Sophia. I didn’t know about this Author or ever heard of the book before. Normally whe I find a book interesting I download the free sample on my Kindle, if it grabs me, I buy it. I might give this one a go. I don’t read much, I mostly listen now since almost everything is on audio, but I do occasionally indulge in a good read 🙂

    • Oh you’re very welcome, Loupe! I still need to check her stuff out too. I’m still pretty much a visual book person though I am enjoying my recent plunge into audio. My goal is to average about one audio review per month at the blog. Shari does audios too. Maybe there will be more eventually. 😉