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16The Great Pick Up Line featuring
A Sporting Chance by Rhyll Biest

Pulling the chocolate koala she’d bought at the bar out of her jeans pocket, she caught his disparaging glance. “What?”

“Stuff’s bad for you.”

She gaped at him. This from the man who’d served her microwaved fries? “And I suppose your body’s a temple?”

Luka smiled. “Interested in the hours of worship?”

a-sporting-chanceA Sporting Chance
by Rhyll Biest

Mount Tully’s surliest bartender, Jane Ransom, has her steel-capped boots planted firmly on the ground, so there’s no way she’d risk her independence to accept a saucy bet from the sexy but bossy pub owner, Luka Belov…is there?

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  • Buahaha! Hours of worship…hilarious comeback.

  • haha that is awesome!! I can see their bantering is pretty entertaining.