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8The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Home Truths by Louise Forster

‘Thank you,’ she smiled up at him. ‘I thought opening doors for women was a lost art.’

‘You have met my grandmother?’ The beginnings of a smile tipped the corners of his mouth.

‘I get your point.’ Jennifer pulled the key from her back pocket. ‘Thanks for driving me home,’ she said, facing the door. ‘I’d ask you in but…’

His broad hands gently squeezed her shoulders. Calum turned her to face him.

Oh my, he’s going to, isn’t he…again. Her heart thudded. The hot, intense, slightly mystified look he gave her, as if she’d been missing all his life and now here she was, melted Jennifer’s bones. He drew her in closer until they were almost touching. His eyes locked with hers. Then she felt the warmth of his big, strong hands slowly caress all the way up her neck to gently hold her face. God, kiss me quick before I die.

He dipped his head. His lips brushed hers. ‘I’m going to kiss you again, Jennifer. Any objections, take it up with me tomorrow… over breakfast.’

Home Truths
by Louise Forster

Home Truths by Lousie ForsterA small-town romance about secrets, community and the family we make for ourselves.

London-based chef Jennifer Dove loves her exciting, fast-paced life and she has every intention of returning to it ASAP. This trip to Tumble Creek — middle-of-nowhere Australia — is just a blip, a trip out of time, to visit her sister and niece and farewell her beloved Uncle.

But barely hours into her stay, she disturbs an intruder in her uncle’s house, is questioned by police, and finds a pair of fluffy pink stilettos in the bedroom. Things are not all they seem in Tumble Creek, and much as she tries not to, Jennifer is sucked in to the mystery surrounding her uncle. Who is his girlfriend Veronica, and why is she not here? What are the locals hiding? And why can she not get sexy local Calum McGregor out of her mind?

All is not what it seems in this sleepy, small town, and as Jennifer unravels its mysteries, she might just be tying herself to Tumble Creek forever.

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Home Truths by Louise Forster #Giveaway

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  • Sweet kiss good night.

    Oh yes, mystery and romance in Small town Australia? Sign me up for that. 🙂

    • Louise

      Thank you Sophia. And good luck 🙂

  • James Robert

    Thanks so much for the opportunity at winning these great giveaways

    • Louise

      Thank James, Good luck! 🙂

  • Tia

    Mystery and Romance, Australia, and family…..I’m IN!!

    • Louise

      Thank you Tia. A review excerpt: ‘I
      found this plot engaging and multifaceted with many situations all
      coalescing into our character’s lives.’

  • You had me at puffy pink stilettos.

    • Louise

      Thank you Rsbrandt, those pink stilettos get around. 🙂

  • That was a great excerpt.

    • Louise

      Thank you Mary.

  • Great excerpt and the book sounds good too. A small town setting, a chef as main character, a mystery and set in Australia? Sounds like a good book.

    • Louise

      Thank you Lola. Yep, there’s a lot going on in Tumble Creek. 🙂

  • Oooh small town romances are the best!!

    • Louise

      Thank you, Braine. Good luck too. 🙂

  • Oooh small town romances are the best!!

  • Maranda Hymes

    I like the name! Jennifer Dove, I always get hung up on names when writing.

    • Louise

      Hi Maranda, thank you. Jennifer Dove popped into my head and that was it. I sometimes search hard for a name that fits the character, but this one just kinda happened 🙂

  • H.B.

    I love a mix of mystery in my romance books. This sounds right up my alley.

    • Louise

      Thank you H.B. 🙂

  • Jo Stinson

    cute cover

    • Louise

      Thanks Jo. 🙂

  • A foodie book, mystery, romance and small-town in Australia? This sounds terrific!

    • Louise

      Thanks Kimba, it’s great to get feedback of what readers look forward to in a romance 🙂

  • I like books that have a somewhat food theme to them.

    • Louise

      Thanks Mary 🙂

  • JenM

    I love books set in Australia so I’m definitely up for reading this one.

    • Louise

      Home Truths has a lot of lovable Aussie country characters 🙂

    • Home Truths has a lot of lovable Aussie country characters 🙂

  • Louise

    Thank you everyone for taking part 🙂

  • Thank you everyone for taking part 🙂

  • Louise

    Thank you Shari and Sophia. The response to my pickup line has been wonderful.