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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

April is the middle of the birthday marathon in my family. It seems we all like being born in the spring time. Mom’s birthday was two days ago, my brother next week, mine, my son’s, a niece and so on it goes. Throw in there Mother’s Day and the final run on dance competitions.

Also, it’s that time of year to get stuff done on the house. It’s hitting that 12 year mark and things are breaking down like crazy. Unfortunately we have one project that might break the bank this year. So I won’t be buying too many books and knuckling down to read the ones I have.

I have a child who struggles to read. I also struggled to read. She is hitting the age where I figured out how good reading is, but she isn’t convinced. So they are reading a book out loud at school and besides reading problems, she is absolutely not an audible learner. To help, I ordered the book, Freak the Mighty, and read it this weekend so I could discuss it with her. Boy I needed this book to wash my palette. Pretty good book even if it isn’t a genre I normally read.

Blog Ahead starts tomorrow – the mini version. I hope to be writing a lot of posts got get ready for the summer. Join the fun a Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

  1. Read: 12
  2. Reviewed: 9 reviews
  3. Standouts:
    • Rocked by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot – I got this one free from the ARe Earth Day celebration. It surprised me as being pretty good. See I get a lot of free books on ARe and most are crap. This one surprised me so much I bought book #2 right afterwards. The rock star who wants forever and a roadie chef trying to stay out of the lime light. It was sexy, passionate, heart-warming and devastating all in one book. It’s a long one clocking in over 500 pages.
  4. Reading Statistics: 4 TBR, 4 from NetGalley or Publisher, 1 DNF, 3 Free book
  5. NetGalley percentage at 86% – up from last month as I get my reviews written!

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Sophia Rose’s Update

Hidey Ho, Everyone!

April has been a busy month with two family birthday parties, a wedding, yardwork and cleaning out the garage, two fix-it projects, and the usual.  Whew!  Lots getting done and it feels good to have had a whole week without snow or sleet.  But it is Michigan so I’ll keep the winter wear close by just for a few more weeks.

Latest Addiction- ‘Haven’, a SyFy Channel Series involving mystery, intrigue, romance, and magic all in small town Maine.  Yes, I’m late to the party, but it caught my eye and here I am eager to squeeze one or two episodes in where I can.  Anyone else have a newer TV show addiction?

Oh, and guess what?  Would you believe I have been an associate reviewer on the blog for four years as of this month? *whistles appreciatively*  My first post for Shari’s blog was a review of The Rancher and the Rock Star by Liz Selvig.  I remember agonizing over that review because I wanted to get it just right.  Shari was so very patient with my ignorance and it was a rush to see it as a live post.  Do you remember your first review that posted on a blog or maybe up at Amazon or GoodReads?

I’m entering another month long challenge hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and co-hosted by Kristin @ Addicted to Happily Ever After.  The Clean Sweep ARC Challenge.  This one grooves neatly with a few other goals and challenges I have for the year and I’m hoping it will light a fire under my feet when it comes to knocking out many books on my review stack.

My goal is 16 review books.  Wish me luck and let me know if you’re doing it, too!

Alright, so on to books.  I’m turning this in about a week earlier than usual so this will be missing some numbers that will be included with next month.  My reading total was:  28

Reading Break Down:  2 library books, 6 my shelf, 13 Net Galley (92%), 13 author/publisher requests, 1 DNF, 4 audio,  9 new series, 6 end of series,  11 new to me authors

Challenge Updates:

Austenesque Lovers’ – 17/21 books

Delighted Readers’ Books N Tunes- 18/50 books

Delighted Readers’ Series- 4/5 books

Herding Cats Burning Soups’ Read All the Books- New Challenge add- GOAL is all unread Nalini Singh books

Addicted to Romances’ Oldies But Goodies- 10/10  COMPLETE and Moving to Level 2

Delighted Readers’ Literary Pickers- 97/99 books

My Reader’s Block’s Mt. TBR- 66/75 books

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s New to Me – 62/75 books

Hot Listens and The Book Nympho’s Audio – 19/20 books

Herding Cats Burning Soups’ Blogger Shame- 17/50 books

Delighted Reader’s Bad Boys – 20 books COMPLETE

Under the Covers’ Romance Roundabout – 10/12 categories

Brazen Babes’ Diversity – 29/50 books Moved to Level C 

Books That Stood Out:

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, CR, for sheer magic in the prose

The Beast by JR Ward, PNR, infused with fresh plot and a BDB lover’s dream book

Pulling Leather by LC Chase, M/M CR, for making me love a villain

Steel & Stone series by Annette Marie, YA UF, for fantastic worldbuilding, new to me author

Where There’s a Will by Cari Z, M/M Sci-Fi Rom, for making me want a series to never end.

Let Me by Cecy Robson, CR, Oh the feels!

So, you all have a great May and start gearing up for warm weather activities and summer reads.  Let me know if you have any summer read suggestions.

April 2016 Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about in the month of April.

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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Braine TS

Shari- maybe your daughter will like audiobooks or graphic novels more?
Sophia – I remember Haven, I think I’ve seen a few episodes then forgot about it. I do love the setting, it made me want to move to Maine. I actually started researching the town then I realized it’s going to be fucking expensive lol

Sophia Rose

One of my dear friends from college grew up just south of Bar Harbor and I got to go stay with her in Maine for a week leading up to her wedding. Summer in Maine is gorgeous. I wanted to move there, too.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

Hi Braine- she loves graphic novels, but they aren’t on the list of approved books she has to read. So I just keep plugging on the ones I can help her with.

Alyssa Susanna

I swear, April has just FLOWN by! When did we even experience the month!? Usually, for me, it’s one of the slowest months of the year. But now it is GONE! Shari, congrats on the NetGalley ratio, it looks good! Sophia, you are doing so many challenges, WOAH. o_o Keep up the great work, ladies!

Have a fantastic weekend. =)

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

Sophia Rose

Yes, it did go by rather quick. Busy, busy!

Thanks, Alyssa!

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

My roller coaster of time starts in March and ends in June. I just want off the ride at this point 🙂 thanks on the ratio! Working hard to get it up.

Lover Of Romance

oh I hear Let Me is so amazing and very emotional!! I can’t wait to pick that one up. What a busy month you both have had though!! April can be so crazy though especially with spring cleaning and all that. You know when I was a young teen I HATED reading ( I know crazy considering how much I read now hehe ) but then a year later I went from hating reading to reading so much my parents had to ground me from BOOKS (AWFUL) All it took was one book and I was hooked. Hope you get… Read more »

Sophia Rose

Let Me will be amazing for you, Renee!

I was a pretty avid reader. I think I would have felt tortured if my folks had figured out that grounding from books was the worst punishment. 😉

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

My daughter bought a Manga book last night and is reading it. You start from the end of the book and read right to left in comic book style with the words actually left to right reading. I am just glad she is reading at this point, but unfortunately this doesn’t help with the school reading. Just 4 more weeks of school!


@Shari, sounds like a busy time with all those birthdays so close together! I hope I can get some posts written during Blog Ahead as well, it’s always a fun challenge. @sophia, sounds like a busy month indeed! We didn’t got any snow at all this winter, so I had hoped for some late winter weather, but we didn’t got any. We’re currently watching two slightly older shows I think, The Librarians and Star Trek Deep Space 9, both are really good. Wow four years already as an associate reviewers, that’s great! I can remember my first review I posted… Read more »

Sophia Rose

Thanks, Lola!

Winter can be mild or really tough around here from year to year. It is hanging on longer into spring this year, but at least lately it has mostly been rainy and cold instead of icy and cold. 🙂

Oh, The Librarians is new to me. I’ll have to check that out. I like DS9 though I haven’t seen it in years.

It is amazing to see one’s first live post. 🙂

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Whew what a busy month! Yay for your four years, Sophia! It is funny to look back at first reviews 😀

Sophia Rose

Oh yeah, I like to do that to see how far I’ve strayed from the beginning. And to think how much time it used to take me to put my thoughts down in print. Good times!