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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

February being over just means spring is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. Be gone winter.

Slower than normal reading took place as we had our first dance competition. Oh, how I am ready for dance season to be over already. It seem to rule my life and I don’t dance. The time I spend sitting in the auditorium should spell out reading time, but it never does. So here’s to hoping March is a better month!

Reading, oh reading. I need to work more on my challenges!

I have read 10 books towards my yearly 2015 challenge. Well February put me a good three books behind on my yearly challenge. Sad. But I was happy to see I got at least 10 books read this month! Maybe it will be a sprint to the finish on who many books I get read this year!

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I have read a few, now I just need to write the reviews to get it logged!

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Still finding new music.

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All those weird things you can find!

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This has been so easy to do. I think I will reach my goal soon.

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Guess I need to step my game up and read some more.

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More reading and reviewing coming.

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We shall see this number grow…I promise!

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March will rock you when you see my numbers on this … just wait.


Sophia Rose’s Update

Coldest February on record for us here in Southeast Michigan and I’m pretty sure we’re going to break some temperature records for March. I’m thankful for heat and the items I have that allow me to stay warm- fireplace, hot cocoa, cozy throws, toasty PJs… What are your coping items to ward off the chill? Anyone wear a knit hat inside? Haha! I did for one day when heat was off. We had to have our furnace fixed, but thankfully we have a repair plan through our provider. And is it a sign of age when your repairman looks like a cutie still in high school?

I had a few extra days to curl up with my books since they closed school due to sub-zero temps so I knocked out quite a few books this month.

Total: 49 books

Breakdown: 20 books from TBR pile, 19 Net Galley (86%), 13 Publisher/Tour Requests, 9 Author Requests, 19 first in series, 4 end of series, 21 New to Me Authors, 2 Audios

Things I Have Noticed:

  • I read a lot of books with blue covers this month. Do you notice stuff like that?
  • Tsu has some very funny people or should I say people who post funny things?
  • I managed to line up four books with 500+ pages in a row for review (What was I thinking!?!) I need to pay better attention to this. And to release dates- since I managed to grab a dozen books all releasing on the same day.
  • Shari was a sheer genius (or my chief torturer since I added several books to my wish list) to come up with The Great Pick-Up line

Challenge Updates:

  1. Austenesque Lovers TBR- 10/20 books
  2. *Delighted Reader’s Literary Pickers- 90/50 books COMPLETED
  3. *Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes- 20/10 books COMPLETED
  4. Herding Cats Burning Soup’s New to Me- 50/100 books
  5. Delighted Reader’s Series that Never Ends- 1/10 books
  6. My Reader’s Blocks’ Mt. TBR- 52/75 books
  7. Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Historical Romance- 25/60 books
  8. Under the Covers’ Romance Roundabout- 9/12 Categories 88 books
  9. Brazen Babes’ Interracial- 12/36 books
  10. The Book Nympho & Hot Listens’ Audio- 5/10 books
  11. *Passages to the Past’s Historical Fiction- 11/10 books COMPLETED
  12. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust’s Cliché Klatch- 26/50 books
  13. Nelle’s Nightstand’s Curvy Girls- 5/10 books

*For those that are completed, I am moving on to higher level or will continue to add to the level I’m at if there is no higher level

Books That Stood Out

-Look Again by Marliss Melton RS- excellent narrator, David Brenin

-Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs UF- engaging storytelling in short story form

-A Minor Inconvenience by Sarah Granger M/M HR- beautiful balance between historical setting and the romance

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews UF- a delicious series I’m glad that it is long and I have so much more to read

A Single Kiss by Grace Burrowes CR- kudos for crossing to new genre with élan

The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen Insp-HR – Why did it take me so long to read her stuff? Strong writing, plot, character, and backdrop

-Becoming Rain by KA Tucker NA- Engrossing and intense, now auto-buy status

-Soulbound by Kristen Callihan H-PNR and Brash by Laura Wright CR- because, just because


To Be or Not To Be…Read TBR Pile Vote

Last month, you chose A Single Kiss by Grace Burrowes for me and as you can see it made my list of an outstanding book. It was a very emotional book for me and not an easy romance. Nice choice, guys!

This month, you all made this a really close race so that up until the last minute I really wasn’t sure which book I would be reading. Maybe it’s a hint that I need to manage to read both this time around. Haha! Well, I can certainly try. Okay, but for realsies The Two Gentlemen From Altona by Lisa Henry and JA Rock won. Several of you voted for the donut, buahaha! I will make a special note of what the donuts have to do with the story when I find out. 😉

The Two Gentlemen from Altona by Lisa Henry




February 2015 Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about in the month of February.

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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Braine TS

Wow, you two are my champions! I wish I can read as much as you two. Good job in knocking off books, and Sophia, lining up long novels is a challenge. Good luck with that!

Sophia Rose

I know, Braine! I really wasn’t thinking and then it was dive in and hope for the best. Haha!

Lover Of Romance

Looks like you have had a great month guys!!! Sophia you read so much!! Love it. I used to read like 3 books a day, and I look back and I think how on earth did I do that?? LOL I do hope that it warms up soon.

Sophia Rose

Yes, how did you do that, Renee? I read about one a day. haha!

It snowed today. This means that it warmed up enough to snow here. 😉 Progress!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Sophia your reading makes me so dang jealous! Holy cow jealous. And yeah ready for Winter to pass the baton. I’d totally be on board with warming up just a little.

Sophia Rose

I’m actually okay with winter, but its these sub-zero temps we’ve been sporting around here. We did snap into the 20s today so I’ll take what I can get. 😉

Lola R
Lola R

You are both doing pretty well this month! I am actually 4 books ahead with my Goodreads reading challenge, not sure how that happened.

We had a mild winter, my way of coping with the cold is long socks and multiple layers. And hot cacao and tea ofcourse!

And yay the donut won! I am really curious what the donut relevance is now, looking forward to your review!

Sophia Rose

Thanks, Lola!
Getting a lead on your challenge is good. Helps when you hit those ugly- ‘I can’t decide what to read next nothing sounds good’ moments.

Layers work for me too. Yum on hot cocoa.

Haha! Yes, I want to see what the donut has to to do with the story too.

Sophia Rose

Thanks, Lola!
Getting a lead on your challenge is good. Helps when you hit those ugly- ‘I can’t decide what to read next nothing sounds good’ moments.

Layers work for me too. Yum on hot cocoa.

Haha! Yes, I want to see what the donut has to to do with the story too.

Mary Kirkland

You both have done a wonderful job so far this year. I’m keeping track of how many books I’ve read this year and I’m up to 35 books. Tsu is a funny place.

Sophia Rose

Thanks, Mary!
Hope your books have been mostly good ones.
Yes, I just laugh and laugh at some of the posts people share on Tsu and probably some that aren’t meant to be fun even if I find them to be.


I think you are both doing wonderful and we only have 2 months under our belt!

Sophia Rose

Thanks, Kimba! I can’t believe we’re in March already. Whew!


I can’t wait for Winter to be over…I’m so done with the snow and ice and cold…

You ladies did awesome…great job!