The Book Report June 2016

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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

June kicked off with vacation time! Yes! I needed this, but I can’t say it was relaxing because I was ready to come home to sleep. That’s usually how a Disney vacation ends. We always swear we aren’t going to take it hard because we have been there done that and will be back. We never listen to ourselves and go, go, go until we are ready for it to be over. There are some highlights…One I got our matching shirts done! The back’s of each shirt were individualized to each person’s personality.



While on vacation a tropical storm came through, but it was mild compared to the one we saw 15 years ago, so the girls and I put on ponchos and braved the rain to have girl’s night out at the Magic Kingdom. We had a blast riding all the mountains at the Magic Kingdom along with getting stuck on It’s a Small World right at the exit. We caught the Wishes Fireworks and then got soaked walking back to our resort. It was well worth it to bond with my daughters!


The day after we left it seemed like all Hell broke lose in Orlando. First the murder of a singer. I didn’t know her or her music, but I was fustrated and feeling upset with the state of the world that someone’s life could be cut short like that.

Then the following day 50 more people were massacred in a hate crime with terrorist ties. It broke my heart even further that we as a country can’t love one another. If you want to hate, I say go to a country that wants hate. I want love and only love to rule my country. So much is wrong with what happened. Senselessness gripped me.

Finally the alligator that killed a 2 year old boy. At a resort hotel I have stayed at. All I could remember when I heard about this was my daughter at 4 years old on that same beach throwing a fit in the sand because she couldn’t swim. Never did I dream of an alligator coming to get her even though she was far away from the edge. We stayed at a resort nearby this year on the ground floor next to the marina. Imagine all the what ifs running through my mind as I allowed my kids to stand on the sidewalk and watch the water electric parade. Or when I took one of them to the parking lot nearby to watch Wishes. Or when we were watching the baby duck that kept coming to our door. My heart broke for that family. For a father who tried to get his son back. For a mother who also went out to save her son. When nature attacks, who do you blame?


What chills me is just how close we were to all of this just a few days earlier. How it seems we are in Florida for a lot of bad things like 9/11. Just makes you think a lot.

Something a little less thoughtful…dance recital is done! In the books, ready for summer. I can now relax for a while. Well, maybe just a week since summer classes start the week after 🙁

Back to books! This was a better month for me after May. I worked hard, let the dishes stack and read!

What did I do this month? Besides schedule posts? Well, not much on the reading front.

  1. Read: 16
  2. DNF: 4 – 1 purchased, 3 Kindle Unlimited
  3. Reviewed: 7 reviews for June
  4. Reading Statistics: 12 from NetGalley or Publisher, 1 from author, 2 Purchased, 1 Kindle Unlimited
  5. NetGalley percentage at 85%

Books of note:

  • Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde – due out in late August/early September – wow. Just wow how much this author continues to blow my mind. I can’t wait for more even before it has been published!
  • Wanderlust by Roni Loren – this one takes a step outside of her usual BDSM romances and we get a hot rock star. I just throughly enjoyed it! Due out the end of July.
  • Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen – loved this one. It dealt with some tough topics that I probably needed more clarity on, but also about a second chance at love. I don’t know anything about hockey so I was left in the dark, but otherwise loved the dynamics. Due out early September.


  1. [3 Jun] Dirty Prince by Vanessa Waltz ★★½
  2. [6 Jun] Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James ★★★★
  3. [14 Jun] Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Signh ★★★½
  4. [20 Jun] The Hand of Vengeance by Renee Rose ★★★
  5. [21 Jun] Dating the Guy Upstairs by Amanda Ashby ★★★
  6. [28 Jun] Addicted by Elle Kennedy ★★★½
  7. [29 Jun] Dex by Stephanie Witter ★★★★


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Sophia Rose’s Update

Happy Summer, Everyone!

June has been relatively quiet and steady, but the last Saturday was spent with two of my husband’s sisters and their families eating out at a Middle Eastern restaurant and an afternoon at the ballpark.  It was a scorching hot day and our home team, Detroit Tigers, took it on the chin, but still a fun day was had by all.

I did want to let everyone know that from mid-July to mid-August I head out West for camping, visiting family, and whathaveyou.  I will be unplugged a great portion of that time so I won’t be as present on-line.  Hopefully, I’ll come back with happy stories and no traveling nightmares.  Haha!

This month kicked off a few book challenges that I hope to beat.

First off, I am a COYER (Clean Out Your E-Reader) Challenge rookie for their summer challenge that ends in September.   The challenge began on June 18th and goes through Sept 2nd.  I put my goal down for 36 books.  This is low for me, but I don’t plan to do a lot of reading while I’m on my summer trip.  I’ve already been enjoying participating in the activities through the COYER facebook page and knocking several books off the list.

Secondly, I began the week long Sun N Fun Word Scavenger Hunt we’re hosting here at Delighted Reader.  I started with a western historical book so I didn’t anticipate finding too many summer themed words, but there were a few.  Happy hunting!

As to my June reading, here’s what I’ve got:  48 books read 

This is a lot, but I want to leave Shari well supplied in my absence.

Book Breakdown:  22Net Galley (92%), 21 author/publisher requests, 7 audio, 19 new to me authors, 14 first in series, 4 finales, 10 TBR pile

Challenge Updates:

Austenesque Lovers- 31/50 books

Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes- 30/50 books

Delighted Reader’s Series- 6/9

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Read All the Books- 0

Addicted to Romance’s Oldies But Goodies- 11/20 books

My Reader’s Blocks’ Mt. TBR- 91/100 books

Hot Listens & the Book Nympho’s Audio- 29/30 books

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Blogger Shame- 32/50 books

Under the Cover’s Romance Roundabout- 11/12 categories

Brazen Babe’s Diversity- 37/50 books

COYER-  11/36 books

To Be Or Not to Be…Read Update:

For my May Kick But Ladies theme, you all picked Sins of the Warrior.  Holy Snikies was that one epic read.  Thanks so much.  I’ll probably still slip in Pale Moon Walking as that looked fab, too.  We’ve got a pretty close race for the guys’ theme between my Marine and my cowboy.

Enjoy your July and for those in the US, Happy 4th.

June 2016 Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about in the month of June.

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  • RO

    Let me first say that I love these kinds of posts! They give us some insider tips into your world that is just so cool! Shari, those t-shirts are so amazing and I wish I could have been in your suitcase for the Disney trip. I can imagine it makes you tired though. Like you, I was saddened by the tragedies that happened in Orlando, and still have trouble wrapping my arms around it. The lives lost, those injured and the people left behind to get through it, just brings tears to my eyes. Like you, I just wish everyone could just love each other and get along. Sophia, I used to be a baseball fan as a kid and went to see the Orioles a lot, and even had some tailgating fun, but those days are gone.(lol) Glad you had fun at the Middle Eastern Restaurant and the actual game, even though your team didn’t win. It’s great that both you guys were able to spend some family time, and get some reading in. Hugs…RO

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Hi Ro! Thank you for loving this post. We do it once a month. We used to it weekly, but it became too much for me to keep up especially if nothing really happened in a week. We a huge Disney Fans in this family. Normally we only go once a year, but this year was a huge exception. We visited my Dad at Christmas and got annual passes. Then we traveled with the dance team for performances in March. We thought June would be our final time to go, but no, my 15 year old wrapped daddy around her finger and begged to go back for her 16th birthday in October. So I am designing new shirts for that trip! Next year won’t be as busy traveling to Disney, I promise!

      The tragedies just compounded day after day and make you realize your blessings when you were in the same city just days before. We were even there for 9/11 and I mark my days at time by the tragedies that happen. I wish so much for peace and acceptance. Love is love and I don’t want anyone to judge anyone else for it. We were at Disney for vacation, but it over lapped with Gay Days in the park. We got so many looks because of our red shirts, which is the color shirt they wear on Gay Days. So what! I support them and why give me a look when its just a color and I support them with any color shirt I chose.

      July will be better! We can only hope and pray.

    • Thanks, Ro!

      I enjoy the update style posts, too. Keeps everyone connected.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Thanks for the updates and great vac pix Shari!!! LOVE the Tees 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Thanks Debbie! I love my Cricut and how I can make these t-shirt. I also made t-shirts for the acting class during the dance recital. Now to dream up sweet 16 shirts!

  • Sounds like you both had a good time and read quite a bit. Shari, I loved the pictures.

    • For sure, Mary! 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Thanks Mary.

  • What a great month you have both had here!! Love the pics Shari!! Looks like you going to have some fun summer time Sophia!! Enjoy your well earned break. 🙂

    • Thanks, Renee! I love her pics, too. Those shirts are great.

      Yes, I am excited for my annual trek to camp and visit with family. My brother is talking about camping in Oregon along the coast and I’ve never been to that part so it will be nice.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Thanks Renee! We had a great time. I try hard to make memories of our trips that will stick with the kids. I want them to remember our time as a family. It was amazing spending the night with my girls having fun. Especially since my younger daughter hates rollercoasters! She rode 3 in one night just because we were having so much fun. I should post the picture of Splash Mountain. I look terrified while she has her arms around me.

  • Aw, Ryan’s face is that first picture is priceless! But yeah, so many tragedies down there. That is scary to think about, how close you all have been to the water. Glad you guys had a nice trip, though. We went to D-land in January and it was pouring rain. The great thing was there was absolutely no lines!

    Have fun camping, Sophia! Are you coming out west to CA? I’ll be camping at the coast mid-July.

    • Thanks, Christy! I think we’ll be camping along the north coast of Oregon because it was my brother’s turn to pick and that’s what he wanted. I’ve camped in several places along the California coast and it’s gorgeous so I know you’ll have a good time.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      LOL, Ryan doesn’t like taking pictures so we thought he was pouting as we grinned at the photographer. Unbeknownst to all of us he did a different pose with each picture she took. We didn’t even see them until later that day and I can’t stop smiling each time I see them knowing it looks so happy but was probably doing a nananah to us all.

      Sad about the tragedies. Just makes you appreciate the times you have. We went to D-Land last year and it was cold. I love the rain at the parks because half the people leave and I can ride without waiting. I wish it had rained more nights as my husband wanted to go with us, but my son was done.

  • Glad your vacation was blast and that you left before things got crazy there, it was all so sad. Sophie, you had a great month, hope your vacation is wonderful. I cannot wait for mine.BEACH Time!

    • Looking forward to our trip. I love the annual trek to go camping and spending time with family.

      Yay for beach time. You have fun, too.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Thank you! It was a crazy sad week after we left. Is is crazy to think I just booked our vacation for next year (not to Disney World this time) and my husband was talking me into more trips? Our oldest is only 3 years away from college, so I think he is trying to cram in all the family trips before she goes off to college.

  • @shari sounds like you had a amazing vacation even though it wasn’t relaxing and those matching shirts look great. It’s sad that so much sad things happened while you where there, so many tragedies.

    @sophia, glad to hear this was a quiet and steady month. I hope you’ll have fun during your camping trip and I am looking forward to hear your stories when you get back. I haven’t been as active on the facebook group as I would’ve liked, but maybe I’ll do better next month.

    I hope you both have a great July!

    • I was glad to have a quiet month before it gets crazy getting ready for the trip and then camping. I’m always exhausted after taking a camping trip. 🙂 Haha, and right about the time you are going to get more active; I’ll be getting less active during my trip.

      You have a great July, too, Lola!

  • Nice month, ladies! Hope you have a good time camping and visiting, Sophia!

    • Thanks, Anna! One more week and then I’m off to commune with nature. 🙂