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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

Vacation ended up being great and no one needed to come home early for an emergency!

The week we got back, my son reminded me daily that we promised him a puppy for his birthday. We had a few stop and go moments, but ended up with an Australian Cattle dog. We named him Pluto and he really is larger that I wanted in a dog. This weekend he ate something he shouldn’t so we are watch to get it to pass. Oh, the joys of being a pet owner. Our older dog, Mason, seems to love having an other dog to play with, but tires easily.

Reading took a backseat to vacation, dog hunting, work and my kids being home from school. It doesn’t seem there are enough hours in the day for it all then add in the new pup wakes us up around 2 am to go potty and I have been having a hard time going back to sleep. So that seems to be my reading time now.

So onto July we go and I hope to buckle down and get some reviews written!

My Reading Breakdown:  1 NetGalleys (95%), 0 author/publisher requests, 1 DNFs, 0 audios, 4 Kindle Unlimited, 5 purchased books.


The Series That Never Ends: 0/6 (0%)
Bad Boys of Romance: 7/25  (28%)
Literary Pickers: 12/25 (48%)
Books ‘N Tunes: 9/25 (36%)
Review Writing: 14/25 (56%)
Reading Challenge: 71/135 (53%)

Sophia Rose’s Update

Summer Greetings, all!

It’s been a summer of fits and starts around here.  The cold-weather loving side of me is blissed out to still see temps in the 60s and 70s over the last week or so, but I do feel badly for the sun worshipers who love to get out and swelter and play in their pools, sprinklers, and cottages by the lake.  We go back up to the 90s soon enough so I’ll just enjoy it while I can.  Three grad parties down; 2 to go!

I’ve wrapped up work tasks including final edits on my story, part of the Rational Creatures anthology that releases in the Autumn.  Woohoo!  My garden has gotten lots of attention and I’ve persevered cleaning up and clearing out and it feels great.  Just in time for my trip west to visit with family and do some camping in a couple weeks.  Yep, I’ll be off the online grid for the last half of July and looking forward to it.

COYER Summer Challenge got its start on June 9th.  It has already been a blast participating in the Facebook Group activities, visiting other COYER Challenger reviews, mini challenges, and checking those books off my TBR list.  My goal was 20+ books and I’m at 22 at the time I’m typing this.  Woohoo!  And, looking forward to BINGO, Scavenger Hunts, themed challenges and more as the summer event continues.

So, books!  My reading total was 35 this month.

Reading Breakdown:  9 Netgalley (98%), 12 author/publisher requests, 1 DNF, 6 audio, 17 TBR shelf, 2 library books, 13 new to me authors, 7 new series, 2 series finales

Challenge Updates:

Unconventional Book Views’ New Release:  100+ books COMPLETED

Delighted Reader’s Series That Never Ends:  9/13 books for JD Robb’s In Death series

Simply Angela’s Outlander:  ½ books

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Read All the Books:  13 books left from Nalini Singh

M Reader’s Block’s Mt. TBR:  87/100 books leveled up to Mt. Everest

Austenesque Lovers: 40/50 books

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Blogger Shame:  6/9 books

Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes:  30/50 books

Delighted Reader’s Literary Picker’s: 99/100 books

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Blog All About It:  8/12 topics

Caffeinated Reader and Hot Listen’s Audio:  43/50 books

Angela’s Guilty Pleasures’ Library Love:  10/12 books

Under the Covers’ Romance Roundabout:  13/15 categories

Books That Stood Out:

Vampire’s Faith by Rebecca Zanetti, PNR, Great new season starter

Broken Promise by Tara Thomas, RS, Best for last of the series

Vengeance in Death by JD Robb, RS, Deep feels, Riveting murder case

All-American Cowboy by Dylann Crush, CR, Saddle up for a sensational first in series


Hope your early summer is treating you well!  What’cha reading and how are you staying cool?

This Month’s Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about.


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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

WOW, I have read a lot but never so many books. God bless you both. I have to get more on the ball I guess. I like the hot weather. I am so sick of cold! =) Have a great week! I have to catch up with your posts. I have been really busy this week.

Mary my #SundayRoundup #25!

Sophia Rose

Hey, Mary! Glad you could stop by. Yeah, being busy can cut into social time, but that’s alright. Life happens. Hopefully you’ll get in some good reader gal time this month. 🙂

Carole's Random Life

Shari – You have a new puppy! That is exciting. I have 3 dogs and they are a lot of work but they bring me so much joy.

Sophia Rose – Congrats on completing your final edits! Being off the grid sounds great in so many ways. Enjoy your time with family!

Sophia Rose

Thank you, Carole! I’m really excited about both things. One more week and ‘I’m outta here!’ LOL

Sophia Rose

Thank you, Carole! I’m really excited about both things. One more week and ‘I’m outta here!’ LOL

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

We have two dogs and a cat, but I am allergic to cats, so I spend most of my time with the dogs. The puppy is getting along pretty well, we just need him to try to stop dominating my son. We have training for him this weekend.


@Shari, that’s nice you got a new dog for your son. I hope that thing he ate that he shouldn’t have will pass. That’s fun your older dog enjoys having another dog to paly with. That’s good you still got a few books read as well. @Sophia, we had some cooler weather as well lately which was nice, but now it’s back up and it’s way too warm for my taste. I hope you have a great camping trip later this month. You sure read a lot this month and that’s nice you started some new series and some new… Read more »

Sophia Rose

I’m looking forward to my camping trip and visits with family, for sure. And, I am really missing those cool days I mentioned. Soooo hot right now. LOL

Yes, it was a nice mix of old and familiar with trying new authors and books. I do like that.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

He ate two corn cobs and threw up some of it. Two days and he as gone, but we can’t tell if the cobs passed or not. He is acting like everything is fine. Might be taking him back to the vet tomorrow for another xray.

The Book Disciple

Shari-oh I hope the puppy is doing well!! I love dogs!
Sophia-I too love the cooler weather!!

Sophia Rose

Oh man, I am missing those cooler days I mentioned. It’s been sweltering for several days now with no relief in sight. Thank goodness for A/C!

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

The pup is acting like everything is ok. I moved my office today to the basement, so I need to see how he will handle being down here with me during the day.

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Aw a new herd babe!

Sophia that’s awesome on your cleaning and purging. Hope you have a great vacation!

Sophia Rose

Yes! It feels great to drop off several items for charity, to the second hand shop, the library, and still have a big pile for when I do my yard sale (probably in the fall so I can survive outside and not melt from the heat). 😉

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

Yep new heard baby! Need to get a picture of him posted, but he is one sweet guy.