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Welcome to The Book Report where we run down everything that happened in the month and update you on challenges, giveaways, reviews and more!

Shari’s Update

October was my month to get ready for the Holiday season on the blog! As I sit here writing, I am waiting on my husband to take me to lunch. Yep, he has a vacation day and since he will be gone for 21 days of November, I need to spend some time with him. I will be single mom for most of November, but I hope to keep up with my challenges.

October is my second favorite month of the year (May is first). I love the fall colors, the Halloween decorations and the crisp chill to the air. I also helps my oldest daughter was born in this month and that makes it extra special. I am sad to say goodbye to October, but November will be ok, if I survive it.

Oct 2015 Blog Ahead GraphicOctober was also BlogAhead month! The general goal is to get 31 scheduled posts by the end of October. I set a goal for 60. Drum roll please….I am at 114 as I write this! I still have two more days to see if I can edge that number up a little more, but it is only going to be a couple of posts unless I get inspired and find 20 more hours in my day.

So how am I doing on challenges….I am marking them off my list. Only 3 have not been completed and I am making huge leaps to get them done!

Can you believe I don’t have a costume. Maybe I will just put on a robe and put my hair in curlers. For added flare I could attached stuffed cat animals to my robe and be an old cat lady. That’s how I roll. This year I have an Iron Man, Ninja, 1950s Pin Up Girl and a Jedi in the house. What are you going as for Halloween?


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I am close to finishing this one as I am about to write the last two (one is already scheduled) reviews for it!

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This was a fun challenge that I overdid. I am hoping to increase how many I get done next year!

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Almost done! Well at the time of this writing there is only one more needed for this…but I already schedule the post to finish this off so another challenge done!

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I over shot this one a couple of times, but it was very fascinating trying so many new things like authors, series and genres.

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I was surprised at how many books I didn’t read in this challenge. I mean erotica is what I love, but I guess I needed a change. Another challenge down!

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This one should have been higher since the majority of what I read is contemporary. Glad I did so well and hope to do it again!

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This number is going to go up dramatically in November with over 20 reviews written and scheduled. When they all publish I will be down to the last 20 book to hit this goal! I better start reading!

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I spent a lot of time catching up for this one. November will leave me with just 14 reviews left to complete this. December is going to be a race to finish!

Sophia Rose’s Update

I’m writing this just before Halloween and I am distracted just looking out the window at the purdy colors. I can see gold, yellow, red, orange, deep purple, brown, and green just on the trees in my sight and it’s such a lovely collage. I’ve been out walking, watching the kids play football and marching band. I’ve had my hit of cider and hot cocoa. I’ve made up three different soups and chilis this month. Ahhhh, autumn!

This was a busy month for Writer Sophia, too. I just finished final edits on my short story that will appear in a holiday anthology, Then Comes Winter. I wrote a New Adult Contemporary Sweet Romance that is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. I had a lot of fun writing it and not so much fun editing, but I got to work with a lovely team of editors who challenge, but encourage, too.

I am looking for reviewers to post on Amazon, GR, their blogs, any of the above, for the December release so let me know if you’re interested. There are 12 short stories and all are probably on the sweeter side and have something to do with Jane Austen. I know that’s not everyone’s cuppa, but if so… (and I can take criticism like a boss so no worries if you are less than impressed with my story once you read it.) 😉

And just a heads up, Writer Sophia will be participating in November’s National Novel Writing Month Challenge where I have 30 days to write a 50K word story. For a gal who can easily write a 2K word review, coming up with that many words isn’t so difficult. But an actual readable novel? We shall see. .. Naturally, this means I will be in the writer cave a lot and not so present in the social media so please forgive me if I go radio silent for large chunks of November. I will still make my review commitments, of course. I can’t give up reading no matter what. Haha! (And I can’t ditch my blogger buddy, Shari the wonderful, either).

Speaking of Shari the Wonderful, did you see all those posts she got set up for the Blog Ahead Challenge? The gal is a blogger beast! She had stuff she wanted to do and I tossed even more at her and she wore those finger tips to the nubs getting it all formatted and in the queue plus had to wrestle with crazy blogging gremlins. Can’t wait to see all the posts she got put together that even carry into next year.

Alright so my reading…

In a nutshell, I went crazy and read 50 books and novellas this month (in prep for NaNoWriMo and book edits and promos). Yep, that’s a 5-0.

Breaking it down: 14 Net Galley (89%), 25 author/publisher requests, 23 TBR pile, 21 New to Me Authors, 14 New Series, 6 End of Series

Challenge Updates:

Austenesque Lovers- 56/51 COMPLETE

Herding Cats Burning Soups’ New to Me- 180/100 COMPLETE

My Reader’s Block’s Mt TBR- 115/150

Herding Cats Burning Soups’ Historical Romance- 109/100 COMPLETE

Brazen Babes’ Interracial- 47/60

The Book Nympho & Hot Listens’ Audio- 16/20

Passages to the Pasts’ Historical Fiction- 36/50

Nelle’s Nightstand’s Curvy Girls- 19/15 COMPLETED

Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes- 50/50 COMPLETED

Books That Stood Out:

Everything I Left Unsaid by Molly O’Keefe, CR- oh the feels and I even forgave the cliffie

Dark Economy by M. Keedwell, M/M H-Rom Susp- fantastic new detecting and romance pair

Fear the Dark by Kay Hooper, Psych Thriller- atmospheric and perfect spooky read

Break Me Down by Roni Loren, BDSM Rom- Is this author ever not on this list? Fabulous!

Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley, CR- Put the reader through fire is more accurate, whew, the feels!

Surviving Ice by KA Tucker, NA Rom Susp- Bittersweet, but powerful series ender

Until You by Jeannie Moon, CR- Deep, Meaningful Characters and Plotting

So, what was your Halloween like? Anyone read a scary book or watch a scary movie for the occasion? Do tell!

October 2015 Reviews

Did you miss a review? No fear! Here’s what we wrote about in the month of October.

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19 responses to “The Book Report October 2015

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Month ahead is great, but we are lucky most time to be a week ahead. I do have all of February scheduled and July/Oct are planned out, so we have a lot coming up.

  1. oh wow!!! I am so impressed by both of you!! I feel like a slacker, October was NOT a good month for me. I fell into a reading rut and did some re reading, so I fell behind on my reading and my challenges. I think its awesome Sophia that you are writing—-AMAZING!! Love that you did so much with Blog Ahead. Hope both of you enjoy Halloween with your families.

    • No, you’re not a slacker. It’s us going a bit crazy. 🙂
      Reading ruts are the worst especially when there is that pile of books making one feel guilty.

      Ah, thanks, Renee. Its a dream come true being published even if its a short story. 😉

      Hope you had/having a fun Halloween, too!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Sophia is awesome to be a published author! I wish I could review her here, but that is a conflict of interest, so I secret read and don’t write a review, lol.

      BlogAhead has really helped us that last two years get things ready for 2016.

      I slacked on reading. I didn’t even count how much I read because it was dismal.

  2. @Shari You did amazing with your blog ahead goal! Wow that’s a lot of posts scheduled! I end the month with 39 posts scheduled, which is pretty neat, although I had hoped to get even more done. Halloween isn’t as big of a deal here yet, although it’s getting more popular each year, so no custome this year, but I did bake some pumpkin muffins. And that’s great you finished most of your challenges. I reached all my reading challenges goals for this year, with the exception of a few monthly challenges I failed early in the year already. So no more monthly challenges next year.

    @Sophia, got to love autumn. I tried lots of new recipes this month. Until earlier this month I didnj’t even realize you are a writer as well. That’s great your short story will be featured in an anthology, is this your second story being published? Good luck with NaNoWriMo! And wow 50 books in a month, that’s impressive. And I am jealous at your netgalley percentage, mine keeps hovering between the 65% and the 69%, while I am dertemined to eventually reach the 70%.

    I hope November is a great month for both of you!

    • I love that you share your new recipes with us, Lola. Look forward to seeing what you made.
      I keep quiet about the writing. It’s a recent thing to try to be published. Yes, this is the second time. I had a short story in the SunKissed summer anthology from earlier this year.
      Looking forward to NaNoWriMo. Yes, wow, I couldn’t believe I’ve read 50 books this month either, but I was on a roll.
      Keeping my percentage up at Net Galley was one of my New Year’s goals.

      You have a lovely November, too!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Thanks Lola! I buckled down and kept to getting posts done. November is completely booked, December has sporadic filled in dates, February is completely booked, but I will probably put more in that month. I wanted to get my two other features completely booked for 2016, but just ran out of time. Halloween is huge in our city. Everyone but I dressed up in my family. I am putting together 5 challenges for 2016. They are all set up for the new year so I am ready to hit the road running. I love new recipes. I just don’t do well with much but baking.

  3. wow you girls had a busy month, i wish i could pack so much in such a short time. good luck on NaNoWriMo! Its awesome that you are also so close at finishing your challenges, i did not do any this year except for the goodreads, maybe next year

    • Thanks, Lily!

      Sometimes you just get in the groove and don’t notice until the end tally.

      Already doing okay for NaNoWriMo with two productive days of writing, thanks!

      And yes, we’re doing well with challenges. I am so addicted. 😉