The books that make us throw down…DNF

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The books that make us throw down…DNF


Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Delacorte Press
Released on 1/17/17
Pages: 512
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

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DNF’d at 57% at page 259

After the fifth book, the series got a re-charge on the story line and an infusion of a few other characters stepping out to be part of the main circle of characters. I was enjoying this new series arc and anticipating each new entry to the Fever series. Oh, it wasn’t always breath-stealing amazement, but I was finding a solid story worth pursuing and always wanted to know what was going to happen after each book’s trademark cliffhanger. And, yes, some of the things that annoyed me from the earlier books were still present, but it was balanced with much that did not.

But, this book hit a snag for me. I think the others had so much action and suspense going on that I could ignore some annoyances. In this one, there are action moments, but they are brief at least through the 259 pages that I had read (yep, barely half way and I felt each of those pages). This forced me to really notice those annoying things.

Mac being a jerk to everyone, but particularly Barrons through the other books (though apparently this was explained as not being entirely her fault b/c the evil book was influencing her which I’d buy except, she was just as annoying when the book wasn’t inside her, too). She has lots of epiphany moments and then a new magical gift lands into her lap and she’s back to the inner monologuing and the odd decisions and choices.

Dani/Jada with this huge chip on her shoulder pretending to be all bad mother when she was just a chick in serious denial and avoidance while having two really worth heroes interested in her. I found that scene after Dani learns Dancer’s secret was painful and awkward. It was slammed home to me about her immaturity b/c that conversation was what happens when young teens try to talk around their awkward feelings about uh, um ‘kissing’ and um uh, you know… that uh, other stuff.

So yes, the heroines, Mac and Dani, both were taking turns disappointing me. Any growth in their characters like what they had experienced was teaching them was just not there. I tried to roll with it b/c dire times and all that, but… no, we have to be past some of this stuff by book nine, right?

But, I think the real kicker that I just could not let go and distracted me even more- even when the heroines were driving me nuts- was a plot decision on the author’s part. I am not that astute, people. Other reviewers will talk about books that have plot holes and I sheepishly am the one who shrugs and has to admit that I didn’t notice or I only noticed one here and there. I say this because, right away, after the first crisis and then resolution there is this crazy decision gets made by a bunch of people that are just not that dumb. It’s obvious. And then a few chapters later? Oh, look at that, its come back to bite them in the butt and we have to hit this same crisis again. There was plenty of other choices for conflict in this book so why was it necessary to have such a glaring bad decision on the part of the group of good guys and sorta good guys? Still shaking my head…

So, I discovered that I was in a cycle of picking up the book, muttering, putting it down… rinse and repeat. I actually had to borrow it from the library twice b/c I didn’t finish it before the date to return it. Should have realized that I was dragging my feet and just being stubborn about finishing. Every little thing was causing annoyance. When I get to that point, its best just to pack it in and move on. I’ve seen lots of high ratings on this one so I’m not going to steer folks away from it, but for me personally… finis!

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I was born and raised near Sacramento, CA. I have read since I was four years old and developed tastes that run the gamut of literature. I went away to college and have a degree in education, a certificate in family history research, and a certificate in social work. I worked for a non-profit agency with low income families for 20 years which included being responsible for the children’s library and promoting/teaching adult literacy. I have lived in Southeast Michigan for the last 18 years and I am currently a book addicted homemaker with a cat and husband who keep me grounded. Recently, I made it a challenge to review each book that I have read as a favor to author friends who said reviews are important. I have done reviews for Good Reads, Amazon, eBay, and Smashwords, but mostly at Goodreads and Amazon.

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  • oh too annoying to read for me too then. Too bad the ended crashed and burned

    • Yeah, it was just not working for me anymore. I figured it was time to call it quits.

    • Yeah, it was just not working for me anymore. I figured it was time to call it quits.

  • RO

    YIKES! Sorry this didn’t work, but you give really good reasons of why. This reminds me of a movie I watched on Netflix that was in the early 1900’s, and at first it really kept my interest. Then when someone was shot, the main star said “call the paramedics”. Say what? That jarred in my mind for hours so I had to confirm my feelings, and confirm that the word wasn’t even used until the 1970’s. Well after the time period for this movie. I was so done after that.(lol) Happy Friday! Hugs…RO

    • Yeah, and use your cell phone and the 911 operator when you call the back in the day, too. LOL! Oh man! Yes, that sort of glaring detail would distract, me, too.

      And, that is just what this issue was like. They leave an obvious way of escape to an enemy they have just spent trapping after lives have been lost no less. They do this whole elaborate escape proof plan and then all but leave the key to the cell behind for their enemy. It was just so frustrating when the bad guy escapes and goes wrecking havoc again

  • I feel your pain and have been there far too many times except I’m too dumb to quit!

    ” (yep, barely half way and I felt each of those pages)”

    • Nah, not dumb, just something is still there for you and keeping you interested. That’s great, but sadly, my interest went kaput.

  • I gave this one 3 stars, so I wasn’t overly impressed. Mac just drove me nuts in this one! Plus, it was so repetitive with the Book chapters: “WE ARE DESIRE, LUST, GREED, AND THE PATH WE CHOOSE TO SUPREMACY.” I was like, who the heck cares?! I skimmed portions or had my audio on 2xs speed to get through this book. Plus, I was super annoyed that we didn’t get Dani and Ryodan as a couple! I guess I was generous with my 3 stars, lol! Sorry this didn’t work out for you either, Sophia Rose.

    • LOL, yes, those absurd chapter headers were uber annoying, Rachel. I didn’t mention that and should have.

      I wanted Dani and Ryodan, too. I guess the next one goes back to Dani’s story, but then they’re not all together in it. Maybe she eventually gets with him. I might cheat and skim it when the library gets that one in (I know, skipping and skimming are bad, LOL).

  • think I read the first 2 books and really enjoyed them, but I heard after the Dani books it started to get very blah

    • I lasted a little longer, but now I’m sitting the rest out like you. 🙂

  • YIKES!!! A DNF, well we all have those for lots of reasons! I am sorry you didn’t like it. I have yet to read anything by this author, but I have several of her books on my TBR list. I can’t stand repetition in a book. You said it once, that is enough. =)

    • LOL, yep, I went a long time since the last one and I really thought I was going to make it, but after a few months of being reluctant to pick it up and then slamming it down after reading something that bugged me? I just gave up.

      Yes, the doing and saying stuff over and over is insulting in ways to the reader, I think.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh wow, you know I stopped reading after I think Shadowfever, wasn’t that one suppose to end the series at first. I just never picked it up again bc I was afraid of being disappointed. it seems sometimes when an author continues a series due to what fans want instead of following the author’s muse it suffers.

    • That is a good place to stop if you don’t want to end up in the middle of a new series arc. Good point about ending it when the author felt done instead of pushing past.
      I went on and I’ve completely read the three after it with this being the fourth and the new one coming out this year as the fifth without a sign that the new series arc is coming to an end. There are things I really wanted to know, but I just couldn’t get past the annoying parts. LOL

      • Debbie Haupt

        Well I guess I’ll keep them on my wish list and i hope the next book answers some of those questions

        • I might do the bad thing of skimming and skipping to get my answers. LOL

  • I don’t remember which one it is. I liked the original series but I didn’t really like the one about Dany. I have another one to read at home though

    • Yes, the original series stopped at book five, Shadowfever and then started a new story with Dani in book six, Iced. After that, she started sharing the lead character with Mac particularly in these last few.

  • Haha this is the one I haven’t read (and the books after it) now I’m like hmm should I even? I haven’t touched the series in a long time now though

    • Oh man, decisions, decisions….
      If you haven’t read book five yet, that is the finale for the first series arc. If you keep going after that, book six through the latest release of book ten are all on a new series arc.

      • I just checked, it looks like the last one I read was #6! I think I have #7 but didn’t actually read it yet lolol I didn’t like the whole Dani being main and think that might be why I quit kinda

        • Yes, she really was different and not like Dani at all. I tolerated it for a while, but just got tired of her pretend ice queen act- and it is an act b/c its her way of refusing to deal with the trauma in her past. I should feel badly for her and I did up to a point, but refusing to deal isn’t brave or a survivor trait after the course of three books-.
          Anyway… LOL I don’t blame you for calling it quits.

  • I appreciate the honest review. Their does come a point when you just have to but a book down. I’ve had a few this year that dragged and I was putting them down, picking them up, repeat… or other ones that had issues that I couldn’t get over, so dnf they went. I will say I haven’t picked up this series or author yet. The first book is on my TBR.

    • Yeah, I used to never DNF. I would push and stress and finally finish and it would ruin my reading mojo for a time. Now, I will sometimes try longer than I should, but I’m doing better about setting them aside.
      I found her unique Urban Fantasy world and the suspenseful action was worth picking up the earlier books. I’ll be interested to see what you think if/when. 🙂

  • Oh man, I hate when this happens. I know the feeling but I am never brave enough to give up on books like those.

    • I admit that there are still elements that I want to know. It is possible that I will sneak back to that shelf at the library, pull it down and skip and maybe do the same on the next book that released after it. I hate not knowing where a plot thread is going even if I can’t stand the rest of the book. Haha!

  • This is a series I have yet to try. How sad.

    • Oh boy! Her Urban Fantasy world is one that took my breath away. I loved it and I loved the gritty action and danger as the younger, naive Mac stumbled her way along in those first few books. As long as you stop by book five, you won’t be compelled to keep going for the next five. LOL

  • This is a series that I am just pretending ends at book 5. I love the first 5 books so much! They are some of my all time favorite books. Then Iced happened and I just can’t anymore.

    • I let curiosity get the best of me and kept going. There was good and bad, but now I’m irritated and done. LOL

  • I read up until Iced and although I have the book, I’ve just heard too much bad. I read them back to back and loved them. It’s a shame she had to ruin it with a subpar continuation of the series. I don’t blame you for not finishing it!

    • You stopped in a good place. I had been gifted copies of books six and seven and rec’d an arc of eight so I figured I’d keep going. It was alright- nothing great, but there were a few things that I found annoying. This one was finally the one that I just couldn’t push aside the annoying stuff.

  • Oh no! Gutted to hear this about this book. I need to catch up on the series but haven’t been able to psyche myself up for the emotional upheaval.

    • Yeah! I tossed in the towel, but I’m rooting for you with working yourself up to face the next one. 🙂

  • It looks so promising from the cover. I’ve never read this author before. If I can’t get with the characters and they get on my nerves, it’s hard for me to connect to anything they are doing. Sorry you were disappointed in this one.

    • There are some really gorgeous covers in this series, for sure.

      Yeah, when it was really intense in the last few books, I could ignore my quibbles with the heroines, but this one had some gentler segments when I couldn’t ignore it. Oh well! 🙂

  • I’m learning to let go of reads that just don’t go anywhere with me too. Can be tough when so many people hype it.

    • Yes, this is for sure. I’ve had big fans make sharp comments b/c this series is so popular, but oh wel…

  • It happens. We aren’t going to like all the books all the time.

  • Oh goodness. Having to borrow twice and still only half-ish way. Yeah. She’s one I’ve quit at this point, sadly :/

    • It was a real struggle to push through the pages. I’d read a few, get disturbed, wait, read some more, go to another book, come back… nada. Oh well. I’m joining you in the ‘tossed in the towel’ group. 😉

  • I quit this series before the first Dani book. I thought the series wrapped up well with Shadowfever, so never picked up any more.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • That was a good place to stop. You got the feeling of it all being finished and aren’t left with curiosity. I am definitely that, but I just got too frustrated. 🙂

  • Bookworm Brandee

    I’m sorry this was a bust, Sophia. I’ve not read one past Iced but not because I didn’t enjoy that one…just time. But I get your issues with this one and I’m not sure I can overlook them either. I got over Mac irritating me at the beginning of the series…character growth, you know? But she’s reverting? And being a snot to Barrons? Grrr! And Dani…anyway, I hope your current read is much, much better! 🙂

    • Yes, that’s just it. Mac seemed to have gotten past so much and then she faces a new challenge and the behavior was reverting back to what she was like before. And Dani. She’s got issues she refuses to deal with, takes it out on others, and blame shifts. I got so frustrated with the pair of them.

      Moved on and picked up something else. Whew, better! 😉

  • Sorry to hear you had to DNF this. I kept following your reviews for this series as I stopped after Iced and wasn’t sure whether to continue. I think I’ll just stick with that decision and not continue the series. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It’s been helpful in helping me decide whether to continue.

    The first 6 books were so good and it is just seems such a shame the series went downhill so much with this book. It seems sad the characters behave so differently in this book and then the lack of action and that plot decision that didn’t work. I can definitely see why your struggled with this one and it seems a good decision to DNF it.

    • Yeah, it was the last straw. They were starting to act like they did several books ago and it annoyed me to see the flaws there again. The plot- action wise, and the setting are great as well as several surrounding characters, but the two heroines were just not very likable.
      I feel only a little bad for quitting. But, probably for the best. 😉

  • Sometimes we just have to DNF. Sometimes I come back to the book later- sometimes it just isn’t the right book for us. 🙂

    • Yes, exactly, Jess! I have a pile of ‘maybe later’ books and a few have turned out to work amazing well once I’ve let some time pass while others, nope, time did nothing for my mismatch with the book. 🙂

    • Yes, exactly, Jess! I have a pile of ‘maybe later’ books and a few have turned out to work amazing well once I’ve let some time pass while others, nope, time did nothing for my mismatch with the book. 🙂