The books that make us throw down…DNF

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The books that make us throw down…DNF


Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Delacorte Press
Released on 1/17/17
Pages: 512
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

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DNF’d at 57% at page 259

After the fifth book, the series got a re-charge on the story line and an infusion of a few other characters stepping out to be part of the main circle of characters. I was enjoying this new series arc and anticipating each new entry to the Fever series. Oh, it wasn’t always breath-stealing amazement, but I was finding a solid story worth pursuing and always wanted to know what was going to happen after each book’s trademark cliffhanger. And, yes, some of the things that annoyed me from the earlier books were still present, but it was balanced with much that did not.

But, this book hit a snag for me. I think the others had so much action and suspense going on that I could ignore some annoyances. In this one, there are action moments, but they are brief at least through the 259 pages that I had read (yep, barely half way and I felt each of those pages). This forced me to really notice those annoying things.

Mac being a jerk to everyone, but particularly Barrons through the other books (though apparently this was explained as not being entirely her fault b/c the evil book was influencing her which I’d buy except, she was just as annoying when the book wasn’t inside her, too). She has lots of epiphany moments and then a new magical gift lands into her lap and she’s back to the inner monologuing and the odd decisions and choices.

Dani/Jada with this huge chip on her shoulder pretending to be all bad mother when she was just a chick in serious denial and avoidance while having two really worth heroes interested in her. I found that scene after Dani learns Dancer’s secret was painful and awkward. It was slammed home to me about her immaturity b/c that conversation was what happens when young teens try to talk around their awkward feelings about uh, um ‘kissing’ and um uh, you know… that uh, other stuff.

So yes, the heroines, Mac and Dani, both were taking turns disappointing me. Any growth in their characters like what they had experienced was teaching them was just not there. I tried to roll with it b/c dire times and all that, but… no, we have to be past some of this stuff by book nine, right?

But, I think the real kicker that I just could not let go and distracted me even more- even when the heroines were driving me nuts- was a plot decision on the author’s part. I am not that astute, people. Other reviewers will talk about books that have plot holes and I sheepishly am the one who shrugs and has to admit that I didn’t notice or I only noticed one here and there. I say this because, right away, after the first crisis and then resolution there is this crazy decision gets made by a bunch of people that are just not that dumb. It’s obvious. And then a few chapters later? Oh, look at that, its come back to bite them in the butt and we have to hit this same crisis again. There was plenty of other choices for conflict in this book so why was it necessary to have such a glaring bad decision on the part of the group of good guys and sorta good guys? Still shaking my head…

So, I discovered that I was in a cycle of picking up the book, muttering, putting it down… rinse and repeat. I actually had to borrow it from the library twice b/c I didn’t finish it before the date to return it. Should have realized that I was dragging my feet and just being stubborn about finishing. Every little thing was causing annoyance. When I get to that point, its best just to pack it in and move on. I’ve seen lots of high ratings on this one so I’m not going to steer folks away from it, but for me personally… finis!

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