The Job Blower by Melinda DeRoss #AfternoonDelight

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
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The Job Blower by Melinda DeRoss #AfternoonDelight
The Job Blower

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Genres: Comedy Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on June 10, 2016
Pages: 166
Format: eBook
Source: Author

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Camilla Jackson hasn’t quite found her niche in life yet, but she hasn’t stopped looking.  Along the way, her adventures in working, life, and romance are a painful, humorous, and heartwarming.  I enjoyed this romantic comedy that begs the reader to laugh with it and not take it too seriously.

Camilla is humiliated and emotionally bruised as she leaves her job at the law firm.  What will she do now?  With an incomplete education in law, no real marketable skills, and a tendency toward unforeseeable accidents, work will be hard to come by.  A job is a must.  She could live at home with her family, but the pitying disappointment from her parents and smug snarky teasing from her sister are not worth it.  Camilla has enjoyed living on her own in her little apartment even if it comes with a pervy old man neighbor.

Right, so first things first.  Pity party with the besties and then a brief, but fateful encounter with a handsome hottie in the park.  But the hottie wore a ring and it’s time to earn some money.  Pet shop?  Why not!  But no, that didn’t take long.  Waitress, well alright.  And there she encounters Mr. Carter Evans, investigative journalist and grieving widower again.  Only this time, he asks her out.  And Carter doesn’t see her as a misfit and failure.  If only he can let go of his past.

Life is interesting working at a hair salon (Yep, she’s done it again), helping Carter interview and investigate a local high profile kidnapping, and working on a relationship.  Is Carter right?  Or will she blow it again?

This was a light, fluffy story that was a fast, engaging read.  I felt sorry for poor Camilla and her mishaps even as I chuckled over each mess she got into without even trying.  She’s giving and well-meaning so it makes it easy to cheer her on.  Her dilemma of not quite having come into her own when surrounded by friends who are already settled makes her endearing.  The romance with Carter was quick, but I did love seeing her help him heal and make him laugh again while he gave her confidence because he liked her just the way she is.  They are a passionate pair, but the author teased things out and didn’t have them tumbling into bed too soon.  The mild suspense plot was a nice touch to make things interesting.

All in all, this was fun and a nice distraction for a hot summer afternoon.  Those who enjoy romantic comedy, light contemporary romance or cozy mysteries should take a look at this one.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • This sounds like a fun read! Sounds like she has multiple different jobs over the course of this book. And it’s nice there is a bit of romance and suspense as well. I already feel bad for Camilla and her bad luck, although it does sound comical to read about. Great review!

    • Oh yes, this poor girl couldn’t seem to catch a break. I think the way you love animals that you would appreciate her pet store experience and then her bringing home a pet from the experience. 🙂

  • RO

    I’ve got to admit that the title is super catchy, and I like a story about life’s mishaps that doesn’t take itself to seriously. Laughter makes the world go round, and loved your review! Hugs…RO

    • I chuckled so many times and this girl was so plucky. She had her down moments, but didn’t stay down. It was a nice feel-good one.

  • Sounds like she’s had a rough time keeping a job, poor thing. She sounds fun though.

    • She really did. It was funny, but sad. None of the accidents were her fault.

  • Melinda De Ross

    Thank you so much, Sophia, for the lovely review! I’m glad Camilla and her (miss)adventures brightened your day. 🙂


    • I giggled a lot and I love a book that can make me do that. 🙂

  • I have such a dirty mind, Sophia Rose! Each time I read the title of the book, I was sure it said the blow-jobber *snickers*.
    I think I’d enjoy this one when in need of some good laughs 🙂 Great review!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    • Buahaha! What a hoot! Now I blame you became my mind is there now, too. 🙂

      • That’s OK, you can totally blame me for your dirty mind 😀

  • This one does sound like a nice read for a summer afternoon. I do like light and fluffy especially after reading gritty reads.

    • Yes, exactly, Angela. It was just a fun easy quick read. I like to alter my reading like that, too.

  • This does sound like a fun summer read. I love you were able to enjoy protagonist and even a laugh at her mishaps!

    • Thanks, Kimberly! Yes, it hit the spot for this time of the year and my mood. Giggling was done. 🙂