Their Second Chance by Milly Taiden #Review

Their Second Chance by Milly Taiden #Review
Their Second Chance

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Series: Red Hot Lovers Box Set #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Malachite Publishing
Released on March 17, 2015
Pages: 210
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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When I got this box set for review, I debated how I was going to do it. There are eighteen full-length stories in the set and for a few reasons it is not possible to review it all at once. Even I can’t do 18 novel-length books in a week, haha! And can you imagine the length of the post? Shari would shoot me for sure. The authors graciously understood this and suggested that I could review at least one right away. I have decided to read at least one or two a month and eventually plan to get them all read between other review commitments. This may take a while as you can imagine. I think it will actually be a good thing because for one, I’ll be able to do justice to each story with a full review and it will definitely keep the box set in everyone’s mind longer.

Most box sets have a theme of sorts and this one is pretty much: Romance. The romances range from first kiss to second chance, from gentle paced straight contemporary to hard-paced suspense. It’s a big variety which is right up my alley. I’ve actually never read a book by any of these authors so that is a huge draw for me as well.

And so, onward to the first story which is a beautiful and dramatic second chance romance for a hurting couple who couldn’t figure out how to recover from the loss of their baby until it is almost too late.

Nick and Ariana met in college, fell in love and married. Their relationship was built on friendship and camaraderie. They not only loved, but respected each other as they pursued their dreams separately and together. Then the stresses of infertility, starting up their businesses, and an interfering mom caused everything to unravel until the day Ariana lost a baby and couldn’t deal so left her beloved husband. Now, they are facing a divorce that she initiated, but finds herself so reluctant to finalize. An unforeseen circumstance that leaves them locked in a room together gets them talking and the two haltingly begin communicating again and working toward a new chance. Nick wants it and Ari does too if only she can trust in Nick’s love and commitment and sternly force her fear away, they will make it work this time.

As I mentioned this one is both beautiful and dramatic. Beautiful in the sense that infertility and loss are tough things to face and because Nick, no matter what, was there for his wife and really stepped up when they decided to work it out. He courted her beautifully and stayed strong through all her doubts and his mom’s criticisms. And dramatic because Ariana can be a hot mess. She lets her fears and Nick’s mom really work a number on their marriage and her own stress level. Can’t say that I was fond of Ariana even though I felt for her going through the losses that she did. She grew throughout this story and I loved that in the end, she was able to stand up to Nick’s mom. I liked that the author set it up so both characters took turns at the narration.

It was a gently-paced standalone story that focused entirely on the rebuilding of Nick and Ari’s marriage. I would recommend this to Contemporary Romance fans who don’t mind things getting a pinch on the spicy side.

My thanks to the authors for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I had the same problem with 2 other boxed sets I reviewed last year : I reviewed the stories one by one and regrouped all the reviews in one final post of the boxed set (all stories listed with the covers and links to their actual review) 😉 Well, enjoy !

    1. Aha! I do remember that you did this with the paranormal set. That’s a good idea to do a wrap-up post at the end. At the rate I’m going this could be next year. Haha!

  2. Kudos for getting such an awesome haul to read, but I can only imagine that adding it to your already big list can be a little rough. The book you chose to review sounds like a good one with an amazing storyline. Hugs…

    1. Yeah, this was an emotional one from the beginning. He was really strong for her even when she really hurt him pushing him away when he was grieving over their baby too.

  3. Wow! 18 full length stories is a lot to review! I think the way you are going to review 1-2 a month is perfect. Nick and Ari’s story deals with such a heartbreaking topic. Nick sounds like such a wonderful main character. I love when a man stands by his wife and becomes a rock for her and courted her. It’s great when a character undergoes growth, and in Ari’s case, it sounds like it was much needed. I love spicy contemporary romance! Thanks for sharing Sophia 🙂 Great Review!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. Yes, that plan seemed much more doable especially since I have other review commitments, too.

      Oh yes, these two were hurting so badly and I loved it when they finally started talking and restoring their marriage.

  4. second chance romance is one of my all time favorite tropes!! I love how it brings quite a bit of emotional depth to a story. Whew 18 stories…I can just imagine how long the post would be…although I have a feeling Shari would …eventually forgive you lol. This story sounds pretty wonderful and the hero sounds awesome. Wonderful review and hope your having a great week.

    1. Me too! I love seeing the new chances and where they can go that the first time around just wasn’t read for.

      Yeah, she probably would forgive me out of shock that I read that much all at once. Haha! but I don’t plan on testing that theory.

  5. I read Their Second Chance over a year ago. I found Nick & Ari’s story and their struggle with infertility quite touching. This sounds like a very nice boxed set. 18 stories…wow!

  6. I got to meet Milly Taiden and didn’t even realize we had a review so recently of hers! Now I have to try her out myself.

    1. I think this is an older story that she originally wrote under a pen name and brought out for this set. Lately she is doing shifter romances. I think I have one on my TBR pile. She visited Eve Langlais FB release party that I attended and she was a lot of fun.