Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist #Review

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist #Review
Tiffany Girl

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Genres: Historical Romance
Released on May 5, 2015
Pages: 544
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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After enjoying the first two books in the World’s Fair books, I was keen to dive in to this latest one that has ties to the World Fair, but has shifted the setting to New York. The blend of historical backdrop, character building, strong story line and the author’s writing makes this such a fantastic reading experience from cover to cover.

The author provides lovely photos, drawings and notes to enhance the reading experience, too.

The story opens when Flossie Jayne learns her father will be unable to continue sending her to the art institute and she will now be staying at home sewing fashionable gowns with her mom meanwhile her father is off to the races, literally. However, another option is given her when Louis Comfort Tiffany stops by her art school looking for female artists to help finish his stained glass chapel World’s Fair exhibit when the male workers go on strike.

Flossie makes a clean break with her parents determined to show them that she can do it all on her own. She moves into a boarding house, begins her job and tries to ignore the jabs from others about her New Woman status. She doesn’t feel like one of those New Women, but because she wants to work and she lives alone that is what she is considered.

Reeve Wilder isn’t impressed with the chatty magpie who has moved into the room next to his and sets about disrupting his whole world. She pushes everyone out of their comfortable existence with her parlor games, table questions and insistence that everyone is family. He writes his articles about these New Women and begins a serial story to let off a little spleen when Flossie really angers him.

Through ups and downs, heartaches, loneliness and daily life, both Flossie and Reeve grow as people and grow to appreciate each other, but trouble interferes and they part though both look back with lingering feelings of regret and wishing for a different outcome.

The late nineteenth century was a bustling, exciting time and I enjoyed getting this story set during this period of change and industry. The details of the work and life as a Tiffany Girl, the life in a boarding house, the life of a newspaper reporter and writer, and the general historical times was so well done. The balance with the story was perfect.

The story was split view between Flossie and Reeve. I enjoyed having both as narrators and getting to know both. They come from very different backgrounds and see the world so differently. I confess that at first, I liked Flossie, but I saw her pretty much as Reeve did when she was digging into his business and forcing him to accept her managing ways. It was as Flossie grew and gained experience that I truly appreciated her. She meant no harm and she really wanted to do good by all who she encountered. She did good by Reeve even if he was reluctant for the changes she brought.

This was a story that the romance was less prominent though it was there. The reader and other characters figures out quickly what it takes Reeve and Flossie a long time. They are adorable together and I enjoyed the way their relationship unwound through the story.

All in all, this was wonderful from cover to cover. I would definitely recommend it to Historical Fiction readers and readers of Sweet Historical Romance.

My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Nice review:) Everyone seems to be loving this book, I’ll have to look into it further.

    • Hey, it’s what all the kids are doing. Haha! I read my first book tied in with the Chicago World Fair that she wrote last year and got hooked. They are a bit different from my usual.

  • This is a long book! I saw an interview for this author yesterday and liked the sound of the story. Flossie is a girl beyond her times, also the whole theme fascinates me

    • Oh yeah, I loved reading the interview too. This was my third book by the author and I love her writing. I didn’t know much about the turn of the century social history of big-city America so she did a good job of fleshing that out with her Chicago World’s Fair series.

  • I saw this book on Herding Cats her blog last week and she really made it sound good, combined with your review I think I might have to check out this author next time I am looking for a historical romance. I like how the romance sounds like it builds slowly and I like it when we get both point of views in a book. Great review!

    • Oh, definitely! I think Anna and I discovered Deeanne Gist’s Fair Play at the same time and both went a little reader girl crazy over her writing. All three of the books are sweet historical romances that build things slowly. I would love to see what you think if you read it or one of the others.

      • LOL we did. It’s been so nice having someone else to fan girl with over them 😀

        • 🙂 It was such a fluke that I even picked up the first one to read, but it’s so fun to have someone else say ‘yes, I felt the same way over xyz’.

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed this one too Sophia. I loved Flossie right from the start. I think because I related to her wanting everyone to be social and part of the group? lol

    • LOL! Maybe that’s it, I didn’t relate to Flossie as much as Reeve. But she won me over with her sweet warm heart. I did related with that hard lesson she learned about being average and accepting it. I think I was about her age too when it happened.

      • It is a very hard lesson to learn. That part really hurt my heart reading it. Did your copy have the photos in it? Mine didn’t. I tried to get a copy last night at B&N so I could have all the pretties and darn them they didn’t have it in store so ordering from Amazon now. 😀

        • Yes, I got the pictures and sketches. Bummer that yours didn’t. Was it the NetGalley arc? That’s what I had.

          • I had a print arc that I think went out I guess before they had those picked out. So no pictures or author note at the end just the tk thing they put in and omg I am so freaking curious about what she said. lol

            • Bummer! Her notes at the end were really cool. As usual, she explained where she fudged a bit, but mostly was accurate with stuff and explained so much about the background and the real characters. I guess some really new stuff was just unearthed after all this time that led to her even able to tell this story. Yeah, you’ll love it when you get the extras.

              • Can’t wait for it to get here. She mentioned in her interview about things just being found out a few years back. That’s just crazy. Makes you wonder what else has been hidden over the years.

                • Yes, that is the exciting part. Will someone come across some old family letters and papers that change what we know about something in history? Always a thrill!

  • This seems like such a sweet romance and I love the fact that it’s historical romance. 🙂 Flossie (I lurve her name) seems like a very intruicing character. I too love split views so we can get the more personality from differnet characters. 🙂

    • It was very sweet and wasn’t really the driving element of the story for most of it. The two were antagonistic or busy with their own lives until well in when it strikes them both at different times that they are attracted. I was very glad to get both POVs since I gravitated toward one character instantly, but only liked the other one after spending time in their head.

  • I am happy you reviewed this as it and the series recently came on my radar…now I know I need to add it…wonderful review!!

    • I really liked them. The characters are good, but I admit it was the details about the Fair and the times that really hooked me.

  • Lindy Gomez

    Flossie sounds like such a sweet character. It would be interesting to read about the 19th century and Flossie’s career as a Tiffany girl, as well as Reeve’s career as a reporter. I love when we get the dual narration of both characters, and can get inside of their head. Excellent Review Sophia 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • That was the neat part. Learning about who they were outside of the romance as well as together.

  • I really can’t wait to read this author soon, and this story I find so unique and set apart from anything else I have read…and believe me I have read a ton of historical romance. And its always interesting when authors focus on historical context like this one.

    • I think you would really adore these, Renee. There are three that have to do with the World’s Fair: It Happened at the Fair, Fair Play and Tiffany Girl

    • I think you would really adore these, Renee. There are three that have to do with the World’s Fair: It Happened at the Fair, Fair Play and Tiffany Girl

  • vvb reads

    I’ve got this on my tbr list. Love the World’s Fair theme. Glad to see you liked it.

    • Most definitely liked it, Velvet! Look forward to seeing what you think.