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Sophia's To Read or Not

Each month, I will post up a pair (or more) of books. I would like you to vote on a choice. Yes! You will have the job of telling me what to read from my pile each month. I welcome your vote no matter what reason you choose (frivolous, serious or otherwise) that particular book and do share your reason just because I’m nosy.

Hot August Nights is an aptly coined name and I love the double-entendre there for romance lovers. Hey guys! Melting yet? Maybe you’re too busy with the fervor of Back to School and all that goes with it.

Alright, so this month, I’m doing a first timer selection that I’m going to call ‘The Unsoliciteds’. Some of you already know what I mean if you do a lot of reviewing. There are those books we receive that seem to come out of the blue because we never actually requested them. Now, it’s a crap shoot whether they are books of interest or not, but sometimes they can be some real gems. We’re about to find out which is the case because you get to pick me a book from my long overdue (hence the reason it’s on the TBR pile) unsoliciteds stack.

Option One

Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley
#6 Colorado Mountain
Contemporary Romance
GoodReads link:


Option Two

Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy
#5 Killer Instincts
Romantic Suspense
GoodReads link:



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  1. I voted for Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley as I like that cover with that house or hotel on the cover and the nature scene and mountains in the backdrop. It looks like a nice place to spend some time. And the author her name sounds familiar, I’ve probably seen her on another blog once.

    As I don’t live in the US unsolicited review copies never has been much of an issue for me, although one lovely author send me a few of her older releases by post once which I never requested, but they all sound fun. I still have to read them though.

    1. Yes, that cover does give it a serene nature look. You probably have seen Kristen Ashley reviewed here b/c I review at least a few of her books each year. I’ve read another book from this series and liked it- small town romance with a little action.

      I didn’t think about how the location/country might affect receiving copies. I guess its good in the sense you don’t have that book staring at you needing to be read, but bad because you don’t get the surprise of a book in the mail. Most of the time, it really is a good thing and I’ve gotten books that I really wanted to read anyway like these two. That’s neat that an author sent you present books.

  2. I have read a book by Kristen Ashley and it was really good. I haven’t read anything by the other author so that’s why I picked Kaleidoscope.