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Posted June 24, 2015 by Shari in To Read or Not to Read / 21 Comments

Sophia's To Read or Not

Each month, I will post up a pair (or more) of books. I would like you to vote on a choice. Yes! You will have the job of telling me what to read from my pile each month. I welcome your vote no matter what reason you choose (frivolous, serious or otherwise) that particular book and do share your reason just because I’m nosy. I will update everyone at the end of the month in my reading update and will of course share my thoughts on the book itself in my review

During this high point of summer, I have a keen desire to read something historical so I’m offering you two choices of that persuasion. Both are new to me authors. With that I give you…

Dream of Lilacs by Lynne Kurland

Candidate #1
Dream of Lilacs by Lynne Kurland
#16 de Piaget


The Soldier’s Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye

Candidate #2
The Soldier’s Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye
#1 Comrades in Arms

As to last month’s choice, Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley, you picked a real winner and I had a great time with the sassy fun and creative world of that one. I’ll have to decide whether to continue on and read the newer ones or go back for the earlier part of the series. Decisions…decisions…



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  • okay I didn’t even look at the other book…because I LOVE Lynn Kurland!!! she writes some of the best books I have ever read. I haven’t read her recent releases though, but seriously I am pretty positive if this one is anything like her previous books you will adore this story!!

  • Renee didn’t want the historical romance ?! There’s going to be an earthquake soon, lol 😉 I chose the soldier’s secret for a totally bad reason : the guy on the cover is so handsome ^^

    • Cover lusting totally counts as a viable reason, Iza. Haha!

  • S. Scheer

    I love dreams so picked the one with that in the title.

    • Word association totally works! Thanks, S Sheer!

  • Oh yay! I’m so glad on the Ashley. She’s got so much awesome happening in that series.

    I’m with Red. I wanna know that soldier’s secret! Yum!

    • You and me both, sister! He looks broody enough to be keeping a real humdinger.

      And yes, your lovely lady author totally came through and won me over.

  • I reviewed dreams of lilacs – was irritated by the cover and the word lilacs: There were none in the book, the gate is victorian and the book mediavel, and at the time (the author told me) there were no lilacs in France.

    • That’s hilarious! Now I’m curious what that title and cover are all about. Maybe the publisher’s art department ran wild.

      • I believe she said the title was from her agent or publisher. There was no good reason for the cover.

        • I always feel badly when that happens. It’s sad to think that an author has to relinquish so much of that decision when it affects them, too.

  • Lindy Gomez

    I voted for The Soldier’s Dark Secret! Historical romance is fun and sexy, plus I like the cover, and the title has piqued my curiosity!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • I know! It had me at ‘Dark Secret’ and the ‘Soldier’ doesn’t hurt either.

  • I voted for The Soldier’s Dark Secret as it’s the first book in a series and it sounds fun! I am glad to hear last months pick turned out to be a good one :).

    • LOL! Yes, ever once in a while, I actually pick up the first book in a series. I used to be so regimented about that and always read books in order, but then when I started reading review requests, I loosened up. Sometimes that backfires on me trying to jump into the middle.

      I confess to being very intrigued by that title and the blurb. You gals pick really good ones for me to read each month.

  • Benish

    Dreams of Lilac sounds really interesting – I voted for that one 🙂 I look forward to your review though, regardless of whichever you read. <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    • Thank you, Benish! They do both sound interesting which is why I like to read the winner’s choice so I don’t have to pick. 🙂

  • I’m such a cover girl, lols. I went with The Soldiers Dark Secret 🙂