To Be or Not to Be…Read TBR Pile Vote September

Sophia's To Read or Not

Each month, I will post up a pair (or more) of books.  I would like you to vote on a choice.  Yes!  You will have the job of telling me what to read from my pile each month.  I welcome your vote no matter what reason you choose (frivolous, serious or otherwise) that particular book and do share your reason in the comments just because I’m nosy.  I will update everyone at the end of the month in my reading update and will of course share my thoughts on the book itself in my review.

This month, I’m in the mood to cozy up with something with a bit of mystery to it.  As crisp fall nights descend earlier and the leaves rustle in the trees, yeah, I want a few shivers running up and down my spine.  Though, admittedly these are not going to be that scary.

Here they are, your candidates for vote this month:

Like Arrows by Freya Barker

Like Arrows by Freya Parker
#6 Cedar Tree
Romantic Suspense

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit by Juliana Gray

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit by Juliana Gray
Untitled #1
Historical Romantic Suspense



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  1. I voted for A Most Extraordinary Pursuit by Juliana Gray as I thought it was very interesting to see a historical romantic suspense! Sounds like a fun combination of genres.

  2. It’s looking like Julianna Grey is winning, huh? (lol) I like the idea of a historical suspense novel. Sounds unique. Happy Sunday!

    1. I love getting your advice, Renee. I saw a review for the prequel on Anna’s blog and she was very favorable, too. Looks like I’ll get to experience her writing for the first time this month. 🙂

    1. Yes, I am pretty sure I know you and that handsome Native American would have a book date between the two. 😉 I do hope to squeeze in both. Sometimes these votes are more a matter of which will get read first than anything else.