Top 10 Books Shari Read In 2012

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It’s hard to believe it is so close to closing out 2012. As I was getting this post together, I realized that most of my favorites weren’t from the normal Best Selling authors. Surprise, I love new authors and even some authors who never get the praise they deserve. Enough, let’s get too it!

Top 10 Books I Read In 2012

whosyourdaddy10. Who’s Your Daddy? by Lauren Gallagher

This book surprised me. I don’t like first person narrative, but you still got to see inside the mind of the three main characters. After a night of too much to drink and some bad choices, the heroine is pregnant but unsure who the daddy is. An established gay couple, who are really bi-sexual, now must allow a woman in their lives and adjust to the thought of a triad and a new baby. Before AADNOLA, I had never heard of Lauren Gallagher. Now she is on my list to read a lot more of!

MyLiege9. My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair

Cherise Sinclair has been on my auto buy list for a couple of years now. She writes such engaging BDSM stories where you feel like you are the sub in the book who has found her true Dom. My Liege of Dark Haven takes you into the world of Xavier and gives him his HEA with an unlikely candidate. Professor Abigail Bern needs a published article to keep her job. Throw these two together and you get explosive BDSM scenes that leave you panting for more!

TakingAShot8. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton writes contemporary erotic romance like no one I know! She takes ordinary people in an ordinary setting and makes them extraordinary. This wraps up the love lives of the three Riley children this series started on. Jenna is running the family bar and wants nothing to do with athletes, but one hot hunky hockey player won’t let her say no. If you haven’t read this series…why haven’t you started it! Seriously hot!

LiberatingLacey7. Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

I had never heard of Anne Calhoun before then one day on Twitter someone recommended this book to me. An older, divorced woman meets a younger police officer. Thinking it is just one night, the two are surprised when the relationship continues. Heartbreaking and emotional. I was blown away with all the deep emotions it evoked in me. It was sensual, emotional and kept me turning the pages unsure if there would be a HEA for these two! A must read!

PlayingForKeeps6. Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson

R.L. Mathewson hit me broadside this year with her Neighbors From Hell series! Most of her books are 99 cents still, so I recommend picking them up. One Sunday I picked up Playing for Keeps and I couldn’t put it down. How I loved the hero I still don’t know. He really isn’t lovable but for some reason, I ended up liking him a lot. He is bad mouthed, egotistical and I wonder if he has an eating disorder. Loved it all!

NobodysHero5. Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters

I put off reading Nobody’s Hero for a long while not really looking forward to reading about an older man with a younger woman. Just didn’t strike me as interesting. Oh, how wrong I was on so many levels. It turns out I adore Adam…totally adore him! Karla is a young woman he met when she was a teenager. She has loved him through the years, but he keep resisting her because of age. These two have such an explosively hot relationship!

StillIntoYouCover4. Still Into You by Roni Loren

This is actually a novella, but it hit home with me. I love stories of married couples who are rekindling their love life. Sometimes, like Still Into You, they have reached a boring part of their marriage and it is on the brink of being over. What would you do to save your marriage? Allow your wife a free pass for a weekend? Admit that maybe a career isn’t everything? This just hit all the right buttons with me.

Forbidden Fantasies3. Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin

This story hit me when I was least expecting it. Again a married couple with kids. Nothing wrong but the wife starts reading some erotica and BDSM books. She was raised in a pretty strict environment, so reading these books makes her feel like she is cheating on her husband and wanting more to their love life. The husband senses something is going on, but he can’t figure it out, suspecting his wife is having an affair. You have to read it to see how the real life emotions play out and just how it strengthens their marriage and relationship. Also, there is a Christmas add-on story, Forbidden Fantasies Christmas…and my name gets mentioned in it too!

RogueRider2. Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione

While the Lords of Deliverance series doesn’t end with the last Horseman finding love. How can you say … this story ripped me up, chewed me to mush, caught me on fire, made me sweat and left me crying for more? Oh, I just said it. There is of course demons, angels, horsemen, babies, sexy naked horsemen and devastating memories. This isn’t a stand alone book and I highly recommend you read the Demonica series as well. But if you only have time for one series, definitely read the three books before this one in the Lords of Deliverance!

aboutlastnight1. About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

Oh, Ruthie Knox, I want more City. Take a banker and a bohemian turned good girl and you have an explosively hot story! This year I have read five Ruthie Knox novels and I can’t get enough of her, but About Last Knight evoked emotions of love, lose, mistakes, sexuality and upbringing gone wrong. She didn’t shy away from the hard hitting emotions that make this an awesome book. I want more City … why can’t he have a younger brother!

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Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

I love Ruthie Knox and Larissa Ione.

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose

Glad you read several good ones this year. This makes me want to sit down and figure out what my favs this year were.